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        and Ferrari watch brand PERREGAUX, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   twelve years ago,, in Chinese famous historical and cultural heritage — the Tiantan temple, the first Fala Lee officially entered the China. Ten years later, PERREGAUX to commemorate this historic moment, "the ten anniversary of the launch of Ferrari — Formula One world champion" limited edition chronograph watch. But only for sale in mainland China, is true for Chinese create watches.         it uses sport watch, equipped with GP3370 core, 42 hours of kinetic energy reserves, 30 meters waterproof. On the surface is a yellow shield Ferrari car logo, carbon fiber surface with three red like the timing disk Ferrari vehicle plate,, the Ferrari racing features embodied most incisive. The table back specially engraved Ferrari car since 1993 into the ten anniversary of Chinese message, at the same time, engraved with the 1999 ~ 2002 in Formula One racing four times in a row won the F1 Championship car. PERREGAUX for the first time in table side engraved limited number, different from the most of the limited number of moment behind practice,, embody its unique significance.         PERREGAUX and Italy Ferrari car factory cooperation for many years, launched a series of "formula one world champion" watch. In fact, the relationship between the two is very subtle, the incumbent president of PERREGAUX table Lugli  Mr. Macaluso when he was young is a racing car driver, and won the European Rally Championship and the Italy long distance racing championship. In 1992, he took over the PERREGAUX table, love sports and art he did not forget to gallop in the arena of taste, then try to deduce the meaning of watch speed: PERREGAUX Ferrari emerge as the times require table series. Until now, Lugli  Mr Macaluso’s office also placed on a Ferrari engine.         not long ago, held in Shanghai "to Ferrari salute" complex Tourbillon table conference. Enzo is the founder of · Ferrari Ferrari car factory, PERREGAUX this complex Tourbillon watch named "to Enzo · Ferrari tribute", that PERREGAUX close relationship with the Italy sports car brand. This table is a perpetual calendar Chronograph moon phase and complex, a riot of colours of the disk, interaction and colorful wild Ferrari car color. The surface carbon grey, red Enzo · Ferrari signature and PERREGAUX logo. Constitute the Ferrari shield badge, several color applications often appear in the Ferrari body in the month circle the four years. In addition, calendar function indicator also includes 12 position of the calendar disc and 6 position of the week indicator, they all pointed to a pointer Ferrari red. The most prominent is the 3 position of the phase pointer, to gather the dazzling Ferrari yellow. The four indicator on the axis, are equipped with two pointer. Therefore, every. is sevenfriday watch replica

        Vacheron Constantin BRACELET LADIES WATCH watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches watch strap clings to the woman’s wrist to surround the three circle way, through the process of jewelry Jiangxinduju piece,, form the telescopic strap. After the movement carefully decorated, equipped with side discharge escapement device. The golden number and stars, plus gold pointer dial,, make more lively.

Consumption tax levy on the part of Rolex watches prices rise 5%

        consumption tax levy on the part of Rolex watches prices prices 5% watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches the Oriental Network August 29th news: Shanghai this month, the market Rolex table name part styles will rise again, or an average of about 5%. This is the reporter from the Hong Kong listed companies to obtain Xinyu Hendry and Amy table Chinese Switzerland signed exclusive agency agreement meeting news. "Since April began to levy consumption tax, the current Hushang most watches prices have been rising, rising to about 6%." The relevant personnel Xinyu Hendry watch company told reporters, "a few months earlier, million watches are mostly still in succession to rise in price. The one this month, the mainland city of   on the field part of Rolex watches will also rise in price, the average increase of about 5% in." It is reported, after May, TAG Heuer, OMEGA,, radar, Kadiya, and Vacheron Constantin part of the high-grade brand have been raised about 5%. On the same day, the Swiss watch brand owner Amy Desco Shanghai branch relevant responsible person said, "at the moment we have not raised prices, but the consumption tax must have an impact on the watch prices, is expected in the future will continue to gradually adjust the price. This price adjustment is expected to have an impact on our sales will not,, because this kind of customers to the brand loyalty is high,, and currently in the Chinese area, our sales to maintain rapid growth of 70% a year." Industry insiders said, even before the introduction of the consumption tax, Chinese market sales of imports of high-grade watches retail prices have also been rising,, with imports Switzerland watches as an example, there are 5% to 10% of all brands of average annual increment. "This is because the mainland market, demand for high-grade watches every year in the heating, so the retail price in itself have a greater increase in space."

Star and watches luxury feast

        star luxury watch brand feast and watches,, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch is fashion weathercock in today’s stars, their basic necessities of life are affecting family of fans, star endorsement of the product will undoubtedly have a special effect, then the article to have a look these Waner have bearing on the wrist.

OMEGA 1200000000 yuan at Mission Hills

        OMEGA 1200000000 yuan at Mission Hills name,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, at the beginning of the new year sapphire watches, has been "China villa overlord" reputation of the Mission Hills came again the explosive news: Mission Hills Golf Club has successfully won the right to host the 2007 – 2018 12 consecutive World Cup of golf, by many European and American authoritative media have hailed as "Beijing’s bid after another Chinese sports event"! At the beginning of this year, there have been "China villa overlord" reputation of the Mission Hills came again explosive news: Mission Hills Golf Club has successfully won the right to host the 2007 – 2018 of 12 consecutive World Cup of golf, by many European and American authoritative media have hailed as "Beijing’s bid after another Chinese sports event"! Even more shocking is the world’s top watchmaker OMEGA, after learning of the news, quickly and Mission Hills formally signed a total amount of up to 1200000000 yuan day price contract! From the end of many international famous brand in the talent showing itself, become the title sponsor of 12 consecutive World Cup tournament. Mission Hills Golf World Cup in the end is a kind of event, OMEGA is worth lavishing down 1200000000 heavily? Smart whether Phoenix already heard the mission hills will host the world cup of golf news, thus decisively buying billion Yuan Wang, sit huge appreciation effect to enjoy the event economy? "OMEGA Mission Hills Golf World Cup" in November of this year will be officially started. OMEGA and Mission Hills has signed this day price contract, in the world of sports history are extremely rare! As high as huge sponsorship of 1200000000 yuan, and possibly even has surpassed OMEGA as the International Olympic Committee global partners to provide to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsorship amount. More difficult to imagine, this 1200000000 yuan is just the cost of sponsorship, OMEGA achieved good market effect,, by supporting the promotion of funds may also be up to more than 1000000000 yuan! However, an economics of event economy deep research still insist that, OMEGA will become the biggest winner in the future the 12 session of the world cup of golf. "Golf World Cup as one of the world’s highest level, and the only one to form the country against the top golf events, the Olympic Games has always enjoyed the reputation of nobility,, its influence in the global elite is no less than the Olympic Games or the world cup football!" The economist analysis pointed out: "OMEGA in the future China marketing strategy has in fact is very clear, is through the two top sports event on the target customers formed a strong cover. The two top competition, one is Olympic Games, another is the Mission Hills Golf World cup!" Mission Hills won 12 consecutive World Cup of golf games,, this has created an insuperable historical world of golf. However in many insiders opinion, "always struggle to be the first" Mission Hills Group not only to this. Mission Hills is likely in the next 12 years passed, with huge investment will golf world cup to become the world’s most influential international sports event, and then drive the golf become"

Fashion without losing match cars and watches elegant

        fashion and elegant perfect car and watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   cars and watches is the man heart love since ancient times, their origins can be traced back to the invention of the automobile or even a hundred years ago at the beginning of the. In recent decades, the automobile brand and watch brand to cars and watches launched more meet the eye everywhere. The car and watch the match of machinery, has become a fatal temptation the hearts of every man. TAG Heuer F1 (Formula 1) series       since 1986,, TAG Heuer launched F1 (Formula 1) series. 1992 to 2003 is designated as F1 Championship official time table; 1985 was designated as all Mckellen F1 team official time table. Since the beginning of 1950 witnessed the first F1 Grand Prix, TAG Heuer has been in this long famous sport occupies a commanding position.       trace the history of       one thousand mile annually across Italy ancient Tuscan Valley (Mille Miglia), not only is the world’s largest antique vintage car race, and noble and full flavor, laughing all the way, rose flowers and ancient Rome historical landmarks associated,, many more celebrities participation, attract the attention of many passers-by. In many contestants, Xiao Bangbiao’s boss, Xue Fole (Scheufele) and his children is somewhat special, because they are not only the event sponsors,, and every year launched a "one thousand mile" watch. These tables for the vintage car enthusiasts to buy more than, in the global big table store also will have a few only displayed in the cabinet. Similarly, Rainbow table boss Lange (Gerd-Rudiger Lang), a twentieth Century five, the sixty’s manufacturing antique Jaguar vintage car enthusiasts, to the famous Swiss Clausen (Klausen Race) road race, also launched a series of watch Clausen. By their cost is not a small personal hobbies, develop a lucrative series products, can not help at how smart they. Audemars Pigeut Millennium MC12 Tourbillon chronograph,, launched   to tie in with the Italy automobile brand Martha Lahti MC12 Limited car;     in fact, the second half of the nineteenth Century, the car in the first invented, was once Europe and the idle rich people’s plaything. These people driving around in the game all day, can accurately record in seconds, even 1/10 seconds watch naturally become their necessary tools. With the increase of vehicle velocity, vehicle competition is becoming increasingly fierce, slowly pulled out his watch and time has become impossible, the most fashionable racing drivers began to watch strapped on wrist, occasionally glancing. The watch was so spread out from the car hand, pay attention to the efficiency of the military thought.

The aesthetic time years inlaid jewelry wonderful watch photos

        aesthetic time to time inlaid jewelry awesome photos watch brand watch, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   also think it will package are synonymous with simple superficial? Have a look this year the newly introduced jewelry watches, the combination of art and technology exquisite absolutely will let you be struck dumb.         jewelry table development so far, have already gone beyond the necessities of life, represents the ultimate luxury. The woman seeking the new mentality requirements, jewelry table appearance is gorgeous,, but so do not underestimate the connotation of jewelry table. It is not just a simple "watches and jewelry", in order to obtain uniform diamond purity grade, not only need to spend years looking for, but also hundreds of hours to cutting and inlay, different cutting method, the gem light differ, but not conflict, mosaic precision movements, extremely difficult. Sapphire, champagne gold, ceramic, titanium, mother of pearl…… With each kind of material are obtained after repeated test.         other breakthrough: round outside the elegant       circular watch natural shape, from the technical difficulty processing point of view, the round is the most consistent with the principle of mechanical power core. Square table is more difficult to design, need to address from the dial pointer arranged a series of problems to the waterproof, placement of stable movement and so on, watch other irregular might be experiencing technical coordination problem more. But with the watch technology progress, watch the appearance is gradually to jump off the original mode of circular, elliptical, barrel shaped, triangular or even more irregular curve watchcase competing, so, more convenient decoration beauty jewelry table.   gucci Signoria watch       Signoria watch designed by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, a saddle shaped chain block chain streamlined connected by multiple, watchcase and square vivid form a sharp contrast, the saddle so revolutionary should be used to make this watch acclaimed Gucci. 200 diamond chain block is point will be its exquisite noble played most incisive.       Longines elegant watch series       2007 Longines elegant watch series is the use of case 18K platinum building of rectangular or oval shaped, with hand carved on both sides of the contemporary exquisite decorative pattern,, showing a limitless elegant temperament. Veliger exquisite black pointer is protected in the scratch resistant sapphire crystal surface treatment, surface with white leather strap,, each design will be the pursuit of aesthetic value as.       technological breakthroughs.

Swiss watch on collective prices surge

        Swiss watch on collective prices surge watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Swiss watch the annual collective prices seems to have been the practice, already be accustomed to the industry, but this practice in this year is somewhat "licence", from the beginning up to now only the first half of the year, many Swiss watches such as OMEGA (OMEGA) has adjusted the price of two, but rarely the price of Rolex also could not help but began to price adjustment, a few Swiss watch price range is about 5%-20%. However, with the previous rising sales and better the situation is different, have the watches sales company said, during the period from five to June, the Swiss watch sales fell 20-30%. "This year, the Swiss watch rose in some fierce." A clock management company said, just two weeks ago, OMEGA issued a price adjustment notice, a portion of the table section of the 5%-20% prices, a price is in 13300 yuan watch price reached 14500 yuan, and the other a cost price 76700 yuan watches price reached 81600 yuan. And the price is OMEGA this year, has second times the previous year, OMEGA will only tune once. "Not only the price increase, even with high discount." A OMEGA watch dealer said, all the original OMEGA counters can enjoy 8% off discount, now the lowest can only reach about 5% off,, although not the sale price, but the guest bill at a time when more expenditure. Not only is OMEGA (OMEGA), in fact almost from the beginning to the present, the Swiss watch stopped price. Two months ago, Amy, Tudor has price adjustment in place, the price range at around 5%. June Breguet also apply for price adjustment, price increases in 5%-11%, because the price is quite expensive, the price also is especially obvious, a price 295600 yuan watch price reached 311800 yuan. And on Tuesday,, the price adjustment notice zenith, TAG Heuer single also down, are planning to raise prices 5%-10% from the beginning of the week. After several rounds of price adjustment, many watches the price has been higher than 1 years ago has greatly increased, as OMEGA watches, the release of the new basic is in 30000 yuan of above, while the previous 20000 table -4 million is the best selling, want to raise the price of intention is very apparent, and hundreds of thousands of clock slightly the price adjustment, at several million, 300000 watch, after adjusting the price of three or four, become 400000 yuan. "Swiss watch ‘movement’ in the market monopoly, determines its price is very easy to rise." According to industry sources, the Basel Watch Fair, many Swiss watch brands have launched a movement of their own research and development, due to the increase in R & D of mechanical watch, raw materials are also rising, at that time it was predicted, many Swiss watches will collective prices. In fact, the rapid reaction to the terminal market prices. Among them,, especially in some gold price increases even more, because of the international gold prices have soared, led directly to make gold watch, Rolex and other brands have also forced not.

The ten famous pen collection

        collection of ten famous pen name, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch below we introduce you to ten famous pen universally recognized "". If you intend to choose a life, believe it is not a coincidence.           the most abundant: MontBlanc (Montblanc)         to some extent, Montblanc now has become synonymous with high-end writing industry. It owns nearly 20 series of the brand, almost every year to launch new products. This point with some ten years before the launch of a new brand of different products. Mozart series is Montblanc newly launched a limited product, main line art.         Montegrappa   most art:       Montegrappa was the writer Hemingway and pazos love,, now it is         is still king Schumacher open heart good. Montegrappa forte is the pen do like works of art in general. This is the 2004 Athens Olympic Games launched to commemorate the classical Greek limited pen, with sterling silver pen cap and a pen body Temple column end enamel painting of ancient Greek map, forging a other masculine, but material and lines and full of feminine beauty.           the most expensive: Aurora (Aurora)         Aurora is a century of Italy chief pen manufacturer, has the first museum of modern art in New York writing instruments. USA magazine "famous luxury RobbReport" recently awarded Aurora "king of kings" of the title. Full of extravagance of the Vatican series is to commemorate the Rome Pope Paul S specially developed, Global Limited Edition 99, including 2 in the China domestic sale. The series uses the manual polishing.           the most comfortable: Sheaffer (Sheaffer)         Sheaffer invented the world’s first ink pen, and can adjust the rubber is placed in the pen barrel (information, quotes) bag brand. Before the 60’s of last century, Sheaffer has been leading the writing pen industry standards. The Balance series is one of the successful series brand Sheaffer’s history, its unique technology of forging a pen body and a pen, writing has to feel holding out of the ordinary. &  .

Dior Purple Rubber Diamond Chronograph

        Dior Purple Rubber Diamond Chronograph Watch Brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches after Dior diamond rubber sheet series following the 2008 Spring launched the most eye-catching to red and blue after classical charm, in 2009 the new Purple Rubber Purple Diamond Chronograph section has a grand stage. When the rubber strap is endowed with purple luxurious life, beyond self personality instantly into my heart. Whether in passion, hot motion or at a luxury party, it is the attention focus of admiration.         Purple Rubber Purple Diamond Chronograph         "king of the color purple,," — Christian Dior         only when you really into purple world, you can understand why it can become Dior’s favorite color.         purple, is 09 years the fashion of the main color. Purple is the crystallization of red and blue. When the active and passive red blue encounter, warm and cold fusion in the twinkling of an eye, transform the most brilliant purple. The blood flows in the two distinct but highly fit force, forging a swoon soul aura, let a person be overcome by one’s feelings in this CC temptation drunk.         Dior purple crystal series         refraction Youran violet Dior christal Purple Rubber watch, as a partner, elegant, gentle docile to the wrist, comfortable feeling and exquisite fashion avant-garde dynamic design, most incisive let purple play unlimited potential. Purple new, continued success story of 38mm rubber chronograph,, show Dior style and bold purple charm. After the Dior christal Amethyst Crystal Amethyst jewelry watches, continuation of Purple Legend in Dior watch, and Dior fall 2009 fashion series complement each other, come down in one continuous line with Dior haute couture brand spirit.         Dior christal Purple Rubber 38mm senior jewelry watches Purple Diamond Chronograph, bezel set with 76 clear and pure crystal diamond, the unique Pyramid shaped diamond cutting process exhibits exquisite and three-dimensional sense of another. The glowing charm violet dial, shines with dazzling color, let people in a trance, forget the time limits. 14 to month