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    请详细介绍下OMEGA的星座,海马,超霸,,碟飞和特别这四个系列各自的特征和他们之间的区别,百科里的介绍不用复制过来了,谢谢~星座最好认了 表盘上有个星星的就是 星星下面有英文字母 请详细介绍下OMEGA的星座,海马,超霸,碟飞和特别这四个系列各自的特征和他们之间的区别,,百科里的介绍不用复制过来了,,谢谢~星座最好认了 表盘上有个星星的就是 星星下面有英文字母Constellation OMEGA的零售店门口墙上挂着会转的那个表盘就是星座的 星座系列一般是注重时尚和样子的 海马是Seamaster 主要是潜水用的 一般都带有排氦阀门 用来调节表的气压的 超霸Speedmaster 一般以测速和记时用的一般都三个耳朵 好几个小表盘 碟飞De Ville 可以说是豪华板的 一般都镶嵌钻石 卖的不是功能就象VERTU的电话一样 还有奥运系列和博物馆系列 奥运系列也好认有5环的就是 博物馆系列 Are generally retro and don’t understand can give me information supplementary question, and I don’t necessarily see to want to give you help you usually careful observation can be …Continue reading


How about Casio I bought in the bride watch shop



Casio model problem

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; today we went to the selling watches the place under the place is discounted the fancy a Casio Watch I asked the salesman type told him I was ef554f-7 is what F1 racing series but I returned home after the Internet search but seemingly without this type …Continue reading


How to keep watch and watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; watch how to storing the version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy the service life and wear charges edition watch whether the proper use and maintenance of watches, such as wearing a watch to take a bath, watch the appearance of dirty, strap …Continue reading


Watch brand rankings have more changes

        watch brand rankings should be nothing new changes! This can look for the site,, I know a do watch business website (52 watches wholesale network), if there is a new change, they should know, do business must understand the market dynamics. Watch brand rankings should not be any new changes! …Continue reading


Longines watch how the shell surface

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; business students, now already very common, I and friends are such a situation, the reason I here shiver,, just want to communicate with you about ~ – ~ potato net theme slogan said: each people are their own lives, director of the entrepreneurship of College Students, …Continue reading


CASIO mechanical watch the price is how much ah

        this type of table and is divided into the following 4: 1:LTP-2069D-1AV stainless steel bezel, Cartier watches, black dial 2:LTP-2069D-2AV stainless steel bezel,, blue dial 3:LTP-2069D-4AV stainless steel bezel, pink dial 4:LTP-2069D-6AV stainless steel bezel, purple dial and table this type is divided into the following 4: 1:LTP-2069D-1AV stainless steel …Continue reading


Casio Guangdong where there are sold to ask where to sell Cas Guangdong

        excuse me,, where is this watch that sells DBC-610GA-1D Casio in Guangdong? Thank you! This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary,, please buy Premium. This stuff is quite difficult to find ah,, it is recommended you day shoot find excuse me Guangdong where there is …Continue reading


How is Casio How is Casio Who

        Casio? Who used it? Talk about!! This version does not support the Chinese English translation, such as the need, please buy the fee edition genuine words naturally good, large enterprise. But too much imitation goods. The most famous brand in the price of the most cost-effective in short – – Casio …Continue reading


For Casio to use instructions………

       ……… 88680+com is beautiful orange watches discount official website,, inside all watch brand is complete, diverse styles,, in every price range can have a very wide range of choices. Can Baidu Search about the beautiful orange watch, the first one is. Landlord……… 88680+com is beautiful orange watches discount official website, …Continue reading

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