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        Hong Kong people for liking Rolex table, from the 1600 big calendar watches is not difficult to see. Usually steel workers in 1570 core assembly, the basic price in 10000 yuan, very stable. Authentic Rolex watches prices this watch prices reached 20000 yuan,, turnover Hong Kong people for liking Rolex table, …Continue reading


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        necklace must be the first attempt in the men’s individual decorations. Antique necklace will be back to a time 40000 years ago. In the prehistoric necklace is made of animal bone, soft animal, hand polished stone tools and animal teeth. This is after a long time, beads necklace is the first …Continue reading


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        avant-garde design fusion art forward-looking,, 150 years of watchmaking power ONLY WATCH charity auction Mikrograph movement is technical innovation era is sufficient to make the whole world horological collector be overwhelmed with admiration for. Hourly frequency up to 360000 Mikrograph is currently on the market to run the avant-garde design fusion …Continue reading


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        six one is coming, the children were excited, than children excited is the businessman. The reporter was informed that,, in order to make good use of "six one" this day, supermarkets are planning a series of interesting activities. Mom and Dad were "preferential" "" it is understood six one is coming, …Continue reading

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        founded in 1981, GUESS, was originally started from a cowboy, longing for the America style Marciano four brothers, from southern France came to the freedom of heaven, but things are not so smoothly, in the 1970’s           founded in 1981, GUESS, was originally started from a cowboy, …Continue reading

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        senior watch is interesting field, seemingly design beautiful watch easily, but hidden behind the complex technology and mechanical logic, want to enter the palace,, but also a firm pace, need to invest huge cost. CARLF.BUCHERER Bucherer is such a halfway out of     senior watch is interesting field, seemingly design …Continue reading


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1 pense «pourquoi vouloir s’appuyer?” La raison, puis a commencé à perdre du poids Beaucoup de gens utilisent souvent «perdre du poids” accrocher dans la bouche bord, mais cela ne va pas à maigrir vers le bas. “Vous voulez porter des vêtements ne correspondent pas”, “un corps lourd se sentait fatigué facilement”, “chaque dayWhy une …Continue reading

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