Rolex race with time

        Rolex: the race against time watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch antique table is being more and more collectors favorite, for its collection, is not only a nostalgic complex collection, or a history of art collection. In the many brands,, Rolex with its unique solemn, practical, no significant exquisite design flashy, deeper collectors favor.           in 1905, the German Hans · ring at the Astoria with the British Davies in London cooperation opened "B& W" company "Rolex", which is the predecessor of the company. In 1908,, ring at the Astoria in Switzerland La Schade Finn registered "Rolex" trademark, "B& W" which was changed to "Rolex".           they may never thought this name has now become one of the world’s top ten lists. In 1914 1915, Rolex issued by British Observatory continuous accurate A-level certificate. And for the next 15 years,, Rolex to accurate, strict testing has been in a leading position.           1955 Rolex watches invention of the pilot, so that people in different time zones accurate time measurement. The same year, the development of Rolex for deep-sea divers diving tables available, which reached 100 meters water depth.           Rolex professional watches at present mainly in the following categories: Explorer II (EXPLORER II), with 24 hours of red auxiliary needle, in order to facilitate the adventurers distinguish night and day; submariner (SUBMARINER), waterproof to a depth of more than 300 meters; yacht master type (YACHTMASTER), provided with rotate the outer ring, convenient calculation time; Greenwich type II (GMTMASTER II),, the rotating outer ring and 24 hour pointer, not only display the two time, it can be moved to another hour hand independent time zone, without having to move the minute hand and second hand; cosmograph (COSMOGRAPH), is a multifunctional watch, can satisfy the engineering, sports and business and other. Each one has its own unique charm. Now, with the watch, a lot of time just to time, more of the time is a kind of fashion, symbol is a kind of identity.           in the last century, the era of mechanical watches, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Today, outstanding craftsmanship and technology still makes Rolex keeps watch industry leading position.  

Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux (map)

        Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch Basel 09,, Tissot introduced new square table Quadrato Valjoux — a case: 316L stainless steel case: Blue crystal glass table glass movement: ETA automatic chronograph movement Valjoux 7750: 100 meters waterproof

Strap and maintenance a recipe – belt article

        strap and maintenance a recipe – belt piece of watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch apart from mixing with the belt, is another large strap. Leather strap not only looks elegant fashion sense, in the cold winter wear up more feel warm and comfortable. However, leather strap maintenance is not easy to is many table fans feel the pain, this print will tell you the correct belt maintenance idea, let your strap can accompany you long, after all, there are thousands of yuan price is not cheap, spectral strap! 1 um… What is that smell? Making meticulous, elegant style leather strap has been the subject of numerous table fans welcome, the overall appearance, in addition to the table itself to grow that head, match the strap will make the wearer appear more temperament, but strap odor generation is the biggest problem of belt wearer. When the strap produce peculiar smell, with a toothbrush with a soapy water scrub dirty place, quickly, and then a slightly damp cloth to wipe. In order to avoid soap water seeping into the cortex,, the whole process is best done in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can put some oil in the strap of leather, leather oil has a protective effect on the strap, which can make the maintenance work is more complete. The 2 belt hard when Leather Watchband wearing long, in addition to produce peculiar smell,, "hardening" is also common symptoms. If the band often is in damp environment will accelerate the rate of hardening it,, sweat will be eroded cortex, let strap deformation, hardening and even rupture, be rather baffling to cause the watch lost or hurt. Therefore, in addition to the usual diligent maintenance,, do not go in the strap hardening twists it, timely replacement strap is also absolutely necessary. With a little money for the beautiful and pleasant appearance, and can avoid the unnecessary loss, shoot two hawks with one arrow, what is there against it? Us.. sting. Warns 1 docile comfortable belts are the most attractive place, but the maintenance is not easy is a big trouble. Recommended that consumers in the winter to wear a belt, summer or after exercise are easy to sweat, can not wear is not worn, if really must wear will wipe the sweat to wear, to extend the period of use of leather strap. 2 kinds of belt material, can generally be divided into alligator, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and small leather, no matter what kind of material wear a long time will produce odor, so do keep dry cleaning and maintenance of the belt is the only proper course to take. If the strap should be immediately with a cloth wet wipe, if there is dust should be brushed (if the wet cloth is needed to clean dry). In addition, if long time by the sun also causes strap metamorphism, also need to pay attention to the local. 3 belt table don’t always wear, such as two table above can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilation environment can prolong the service life of wear bracelet, different tables (band), not only can reduce the risk of human injury, can make strap get sufficient rest. In addition, the belt surface wear itself is a continuous wear pulling process, if you don’t exercise every day, it can accompany you longer.

Classic quality excellence OMEGA classic picture

        classic quality excellence classic picture watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch Super Series coaxial double pointer chronometer OMEGA launched this year’s table of all steel super coaxial double pointer meter, financial and practical function and handsome appearance in a body, to show the movement breath. Outer ring of red pulse meter scale has an important function,, and fixed Matt stainless steel bezel is equipped with a speedometer calibration. Coated with luminous coating and diamond grinding by broad arrow shaped pointer, points, enhancement reading time definition; the red end of second hand can read precision up to 1/8 seconds, calendar display window position in 6, the OMEGA logo and hour markers are embedded in the dial on the. Ville de Ville X2 calendar coaxial watch OMEGA proprietary coaxial escapement to brand tabulation technology to the peak, this year launched OMEGA more square Ville X2 large calendar coaxial Observatory table. This 18K gold watch is the best example of distinguished Ville, inspired by the 1952 universe table (Cosmic) style, the table is still the global watch lovers remember. The watch is equipped with a stereo angle pointer, pointer with a luminous coating, the convenience of the wearer in the dark can be clearly read time. The watch is equipped with anti abrasion and anti reflective micro inner arched sapphire crystal table mirror, waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. X2 calendar with all use coaxial escapement Ville watches enjoyed 3 years of maintenance. Noble shiny black alligator leather strap, with 18K gold folding clasp, connected with the table ear line, make the wearer feel very comfortable. The new OMEGA constellation constellation series bucket series OMEGA constellation bucket (Quadrella) series introduced a variety of colorful band in 2006,, gorgeous style perfect show. The main design element OMEGA constellation bucket style is four arc around the watchcase supporting claws, new styles will be classic design improvement, increase the arc supporting claw. Constellation barrel surface engraved with the observatory badge, reminiscent of OMEGA make outstanding contributions in Astronomy & space exploration field. Watch with brightly colored alligator leather strap or with a new generation of full steel strap Mini style, and designed for the slender wrist and design of short paragraph leather strap. Belt and steel watch are equipped with folding buckle, to ensure safety. All the signs of bucket type selection of OMEGA No. 1376 quartz movement, the battery life of up to 32 months. OMEGA constellation iris (IRIS) classic series in the 2006 Basel Watch Fair, OMEGA constellation series launched the new darling of classical goddess of the rainbow — < > series. Colorful gemstone, pearl shell surface and diamond bezel, goddess of the rainbow constellation < > emit flashing light inadvertently. Pearl shell surface gem scale new color, light emitting classic. White pearl shell surface hour scale position inlaid with blue,, pink and yellow gems,, plus garnet, ruby and emerald, 6 colors to create brilliant.

OMEGA Championship crown sub third live list

        OMEGA Championship crown sub third live list brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on October 21st news: 2007 China tour ending — OMEGA championship this afternoon in Tian’an golf club to a successful finish,, veteran Zhang Lianwei in the final round of a 67 bar, four round total score of 283 bar (70-77-69-67), to 7 advantage to win the championship. Li Chao today hit 71 pole, final runner up,, Chinese Taipei contestant Wang Dechang by +4 results in third.

Harry Winsto Digital Watch

        digital watch brand Harry Winsto watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch   electronic digital game for Harry Winsto OPUS 8 complex movement using manual winding mechanical movement, the digital time to create a modern style of the show, only manual on the chain, digital to clear. In addition to the complex technology modernization, the show also boasts highly original dial mode. Comments: This is the last century 70’s Retro television watch,, from independent watchmaker Fré dé ric Garinaud ideas,, rooted in the pop art digital art, to the use of watchmaking technology innovation.

The new OMEGA hippocampus 007 cool black limited edition watch

        new OMEGA hippocampus 007 cool black limited edition watch brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches this year, in conjunction with the 007 mysterious and noble qualities, coupled with the play of Bond Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) favorite color,, OMEGA will be the first time the hippocampus 007 series changed to polishing black dial launched "the hippocampus 007 James Pound cool black limited edition watch" (James Bond 007 Collector s Piece Limited Edition ‘), anyone familiar with classical James Bong de blue dial features, will feel surprise! It only at present the most precious one version, which is the most elegant table Limited issued only 10007, a tribute by the world’s favorite for spies and OMEGA has a long-term partnership. For OMEGA 2500 automatic movement, polishing and fog light stainless steel watchcase, diameter 41 mm, when, minutes and seconds, and date display, coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance, the Swiss official certification Observatory movement, power reserve 48 hours,, waterproof depth 300 meters, helium valve design, wear resistance, anti reflective sapphire crystal surface, surface for butt patterns with 007 recognition standard and limited number, without revealing the luxurious exquisite. OMEGA hippocampus 007 James bond cool black limited edition watch, in addition to the familiar blue dial instead of polishing paint black on the outside, the most important thing is this limited with a OMEGA 2500 automatic movement and the revolutionary coaxial escapement devices (Co-Axial), in reducing the vibration at the same time, provide accurate timing last, make sure precise timing models table; and the power storage capacity of up to 48 hours, without card degree hairspring balance wheel to make it accurate more reach the peak of perfection, let even using the world’s most advanced science and technology James Bond has impeccable. "The hippocampus 007 James Pound cool black limited edition watch" features only for this? Absolutely not. The 41mm stainless steel watchcase polished and fog,, covered with antiwear and anti reflective sapphire crystal surface. Dial on black gilded luminous hour hand and minute hand and hour scale, let the spy mission in the darkness can be easily read the time, while the second hand end red 007 recognition mark? And red hippocampus (Seamaster) English words, just a contrast with the polishing black dial, in addition with date window is displayed on the three o’clock. In the rotary table on the back of the visible table limited number and 007 recognition mark. The unique design of the exclusive James Bond table strap appeared more one of the out of the ordinary characteristic. After the continuation of amazing casino performances, James Bond will continue to scene appearance. The waterproof to a depth of 300 meters of the Swiss Observatory certification timing tool of choice for professional diving table is indispensable; unidirectional rotating stainless steel bezel with minute scale black aluminum ring, which can ensure the diver diving safety time estimation; helium valve located at ten o’clock direction can be discharged helium particles in vacuum, in the diving bell.

Vacheron Constantin 250 years makes classic elegance

        Vacheron Constantin 250 years makes classic elegant watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches Vacheron Constantin annually produces more than 2 watch. Just as OPEC crude oil output restrictions so as to raise the price of oil. Of course, Vacheron Constantin and OPEC are different. Crude oil is the mass consumer goods, Vacheron Constantin is a noble art.           Jean Mare Vacheron Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1775, has a long history, the founder of Vacheron Constantin is the philosopher · · Mark; Washlon (Jean MarcVacheron), Rousseau and Voltaire are good friends. The establishment of the world’s first watch factory, started manufacturing quality and elegant watch. Today these clocks still engraved with his name. This tabulation factory is the predecessor of Vacheron Constantin. Subsequently, Vacheron Sun Zihe Francos Constantin work together, watch factory name changed to Vacheron Constantin — is today Vacheron Constantin watch factory name, two people have long-term goals, including: the design quality, excellent excellent and elegant taste. Worth seeing is Vacheron Constantin has spent 250 years — is the most important Swiss watchmaking industry,, no matter still today in the past, Vacheron Constantin has always play an important role in the history of the Swiss watch industry.           thus to the end,, when the introduction of Vacheron Constantin are permeated with elegant taste and exquisite workmanship. The beauty and the pursuit of science and technology more allow all doubt; the constant images that Vacheron Constantin made a solid position in the watch market. Vacheron Constantin high international reputation from the commitment to customers,, creating unique extraordinary watch, to not less than five hundred pieces of hand made parts of the Grande Comolication watch, play no less than fifteen kinds of function; witness the quality assurance process for excellence in Vacheron Constantin. A large watch from philosophy attic family from formation to development, and be handed down from age to age more than two centuries, Vacheron Constantin vitality is amazing. In 1775, the young philosopher let · Mark · Washlon (JeanMarcVacheron) for the study of philosophy, in the watch industry, established the world’s first watch factory. As Rousseau and Voltaire’s good friend, one of the 800 craftsmen also when Swiss watch technology by day, Washlon with its excellent quality, quality elegant limited products, quickly won the favor of the nobility of France and Italy. Vacheron Constantin’s global marketing director Julien attempts to explain the relationship between the watchmaker and philosopher:".

The town shop treasure top watch brand

        town store treasure top watch brand watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch –> –>         watch in the field each will have a kind of self exhibits signs, call them "the town treasure card". They are watch Pyramid fully deserve spire, was sold in name, but the world with their little people. Even have people, mostly are also really big collectors. But in all parts of the world watch shop,, once put on the "treasure of the market town", it will cause the local love table groups a small commotion. Even if no one bought, placed their glory will bring pride to store.                 Patek Philippe TOP1 (Patek  Philippe) 5002 "days" (Sky  Moon) watch in October 5, 2000, Patek Philippe launched a grand history of the Star  most complex Watch -; Caliber   2000. Less than 6 months later, Patek Philippe has successfully to watch, to make a new super complex function table 5002 "Sky  Moon". This table is Patek Philippe has produced the most complicated watch, is also the world’s first medal in the surface shows the entire chart table. Patek Philippe research target with Star  5002; Caliber  2000; be of an identical nature, not to join the many complex functions for the purpose (it is not a function of unrelated.). The real purpose of this table is made of complex function convergence for excellence: calendar, tourbillon, three question time, sidereal time, reflecting the astral sky chart, the track and the phases of the moon. Sound to quote, moment and minutes is watch a amazing function. In the range of watches and fine, to create clear and sonorous sound is very difficult. The Swiss Federal Institute of technology metallurgist cooperation Patek Philippe a few years ago and is located in Lausanne, a special a kind of alloy,, knock it emits very loud sounds, like the church bells, Patek Philippe is also called it "the bells of the church". Because the table structure is complicated, the production process involves multiple precision process, regardless of manufacturing, assembly, or adjust the work are required to spend a lot of time to complete. Therefore, only the production of 2 year. It was initially priced at about seven million yuan or so, all over the world tour has caused a huge sensation. In 2006 November, Patek Philippe 5002 "Sky  Moon" watches had come to Chinese exhibition in Shanghai. In 2007 the Swiss an auction Digu Lun company meeting, 5002 of the transaction price easily exceeded twelve million yuan. So far, it is still the world’s most expensive.

Good watch is how to make

        how to choose a suitable temperament of the watch?

    early in the end of the seventeenth Century in Europe, the watch is only the rich could afford luxury,, ordinary people want to know the time, only listened time clock town church. Until the end of nineteenth Century, the table of the price is expensive, a piece of gold watchcase watch, can in the UK suburbs buy a big farm. Replica watches for sale

    contemporary, watches have become the most valuable collectors’ mind,, at six or seven digit small watch,, from the case,, dial, pointer, table mirror, modeling to the movement, every little detail is contained infinite universe. Replica watches for sale

  to obtain a pure Handmade watches, not only need to have a wealth, need enough patience. Dominate the altar table Patek Philippe, in addition to conventional production but also a confidential workshop, every hand made a priced at around thirty million yuan watches, watches made to wait eight to ten years. Replica watches for sale

watch is "30, 40, 50" watch is always the symbol of men’s grade identity, how to choose a suitable temperament of the watch? Replica watches for sale

  "man", for the thirty year old men should have their own life goals, in this age of men should have the sense of responsibility, Longines watches can be very suitable thirtysomething man. For the "forty free" man, Rolex or OMEGA will never let you. The fifty year old man, "Fifty" know destiny can be put down something, want to pursue their own pursuit. No one in fact is very expensive, but contains the memories of their own, as long as you like you can. Replica watches for sale