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, HERMES WATCHES Chanel watch knowledge describes what is the high-frequency quartz watch,, quartz watch with what characteristics,, high frequency quartz electronic watch is a quartz crystal oscillator frequency is greater than 32768 hz. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the watch should be increased by 10 times, the frequency of the oscillator must be increased …Continue reading


What makes the watch tourbillon device watch expensive _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacifi

< p > Tourbillon table represents the mechanical watch manufacturing processes of the highest level, the escapement speed adjusting system runs in a unique way, the dynamic art of watches and clocks hair waved to the pinnacle point, has always been known as "the king of the table". As we all know, the same table, …Continue reading

Off is review good web

        not good watch on the throw,, and now who will repair the watch ah,, as if not, I have never seen! Spare parts center! You are what kind of watch, garbage points to find the store just! Good point of the proposal to the store is not a good …Continue reading


The price of the Longines watch is the top of the back of the top of the write

        back above written Longines water resistsapphipe crystalNO:2135Mswiss made and then know the price of a friend to help next have a look Is it right? Really, waterproof 2135 meters, the Swiss manufacturing water resist this English is representative of this table is ordinary waterproof,, not on the back of the …Continue reading


Japan Seiko watches Seiko quartz men’s original movement.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; product introduction: Seiko watches official website [material] blog [movement] the Japanese imports of special movement shopping needs to know: please buyers before shopping carefully read the following tips and transaction process related with stainless steel production! Take items, piedo, both to accept Product Description: Japan, the official …Continue reading


Rolex watch is fast, can not adjust to open the cover

        international standard mechanical watch day speed within 30 seconds is normal, if beyond the scope to adjust, do not open the back cover is not adjustable,, can go to the Rolex customer service service, open the cover table without any effect ~ without it, you can adjust the button next …Continue reading


It is world famous brand tag heuer Hainan tomorrow to Islands duty-free

        after Jeju Island, Japan and South Korea in Okinawa area, the two islands of Kinmen Matsu, from April 20th onwards, Hainan Island will become a "free Islands" policy in fourth world. Chongqing evening news reporter yesterday in Sanya duty-free price discovery, with the Chongqing business after Jeju Island, Japan and South …Continue reading


Rolex watch error is the number of the top Rolex machine

    顶级劳力士机械手表一天的时间误差是多少该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,,如有需要,请购买收费版劳一般一天-3到+8~~~如果一天慢5秒以上或者快10秒以上~~要拿回劳服去调了~~~每块劳的个体差 顶级劳力士机械手表一天的时间误差是多少该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,,如有需要,请购买收费版劳一般一天-3到+8~~~如果一天慢5秒以上或者快10秒以上~~要拿回劳服去调了~~~ 每块劳的个体差异还是很大的~~~我的每天就快10秒左右~~我老婆的1个月大概快个三五秒~~~我朋友最恨的有3个月一秒不差的~~~~没有误差!没有什么表没有误差.最准的是太阳. 人们都说你表没误差,,都对着你的表,就算你的表误差10分钟,别人也会误差10分钟的跟着你.都是人定的. 嗯!~我的看法~嗯!


Please master to help identify people send Rolex (Rolex AG

        others sent Rolex (Yin Baishai) band with 7508385 18K GEBEVE star series personal feeling is the steel strap dial 24 Diamond Dial 150 white diamonds and 14 blue diamond core gold forgot to look at the core English and numbers! Will this table be sent Rolex (Yin Baishai) band with 7508385 …Continue reading

Off is luxury on store

        wait for an expert,, look a little scared and a little Beckoning ~ ~ this version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy the paid version Oh, Shi Bushi a picture, which Federer wore a piece of "Rolex"??? Ha, you think it’s believable LZ? My uncle to …Continue reading

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