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Personal collection of -6- luxury and sales in May 30, 2011

        as the world’s third largest market for luxury goods, China’s luxury market capacity has exceeded $2000000000, and is growing at an average of about 20% per year. Faced with such an attractive market prospects, international luxury brands swarmed in, can’t wait as the world’s third largest luxury market, China’s luxury market …Continue reading


The first sixth chapters of the factory impression and other

       ; Zhang Wu and Zhang Xiaohua are now going on the job. Say ten o’clock in the morning to factory gate to line up, at eight o’clock, they set out, two people take note to see the again and again, Lian Tang Cun Lian Chi Road on the 13th, Fenghe garment factory …Continue reading


Watch brand list, there is such a watch brand list

    手表品牌排行榜这么多啊!我打算买块手表呢,所以搜了下手表品牌排行榜,没有想到手表品牌排行榜还真多.不过,我了解到在手表品牌排行榜中位置靠前的都比较贵,对我来说基本不适用 手表品牌排行榜这么多啊!我打算买块手表呢,所以搜了下手表品牌排行榜,没有想到手表品牌排行榜还真多.不过,我了解到在手表品牌排行榜中位置靠前的都比较贵,对我来说基本不适用.想请路过的高人介绍一个比较适用的手表品牌排行榜,手表价格控制在1500左右的,不知道有没有这样的手表品牌排行榜?该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,,如有需要,请购买收费版手表品牌排行榜确实比较多,这些手表品牌排行榜多是网友自己做出来的,或是从别处复制的排行榜,这样的话,可以参考的价值就大打折扣了。 I collected an article, is to get a watch aficionado,, he get the watch brand rankings, although we can not say authority is extremely strong, but at least he paid more attention to the watches. Therefore, compared with some of his views on to watch the understanding, more worthy of our …Continue reading


The tables of the dial on the watch or Casio Seiko men

        or the men’s Casio Seiko watch dial is 36 or smaller.. My wrist is really a small 38 wearing a feeling, and,, hey! I like simple points. It is best to three needle calendar with or without have no relation to the version does not support Chinese English Seiko or …Continue reading


CASIO mechanical watch the price is how much ah

        this type of table and is divided into the following 4: 1:LTP-2069D-1AV stainless steel bezel, Cartier watches, black dial 2:LTP-2069D-2AV stainless steel bezel,, blue dial 3:LTP-2069D-4AV stainless steel bezel, pink dial 4:LTP-2069D-6AV stainless steel bezel, purple dial and table this type is divided into the following 4: 1:LTP-2069D-1AV stainless steel …Continue reading


Casio how time my watch is Tel Casio

       ; my watch is telememo30’s Casio and there are four buttons on the edge.. Both the electronic table,, and pointer, but I will only adjust the electronic watch, pointer how to adjust the time I will not,, how can adjust the pointer time. I’d like to make the pointer to …Continue reading


Zhongshan where there are selling Casio, want a watch, send

        some can tell me the address, thank you. Best cheap. This version does not support Chinese English translation,, if necessary,, please charge version Shiqi Daxin to buy the first floor to franchised Casio counters, from several hundred to several thousand per month. I hope you can buy the right.. …Continue reading


Casio watches how to identify the authenticity

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Casio high-end watches, such as mountain climbing series, Ocean series, and the new G-shock watches and solar-type, no fakes! ! 1. can not make. Mountaineering and Ocean series due to triple-containing high-tech sensors, counterfeiters can not copy, simply try to get the table Casio high-end watches, such …Continue reading


Guess watch website London vintage shop goods are in Province

        this is known as the leader in the vintage industry, The mouth of the Topshop London underground layer is his second-hand clothes. I bought a shirt black queen. Good. Now online shopping seems to not open. This is my small animal and are very like second-hand shop.This is known as …Continue reading


What are the world famous brand of world luxury articles be happy in doing good health

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; May 20 to 22, jointly organized by the World Luxury Association, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, City Chamber of Commerce, Oriental International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., labor daily, evening news co sponsored and get City Entrepreneurs Association, municipal Charity Federation vigorously support the "2011 charm of …Continue reading

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