Supermodel catwalk Xiu Baoji noble gorgeous expensive new table

        supermodel catwalk Xiu Baoji noble gorgeous luxury watch brand new table, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,aphublot, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches watches brand Breguet (Breguet) across the third Century long classic brand history, beginning with its classic design and superb technology leading the table agitation hitherto! Whenever the Breguet launched a new watch, must shake table, lead coquettish! As the end of the year, Breguet six all-new masterpiece finally in the leading table fans hope of elegant appearance,, on the 18 day especially in Far Eastern Hotel held a meeting, Erin Cai Shuzhen model, Shatina Chen et al. Show please, show gorgeous and noble temperament,cheap moncler outlet, luxurious light gentry ladies loved.

Barbie Hsu endorsement Tissot flower rose table

        Barbie Hsu endorsement Tissot "flower rose" table watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   27, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot (Tissot) in the city of Guangzhou Tianhe Plaza grand opening of its first flagship store in China continent. The Swiss watch maker famous with its more than 150 years of the legendary charm in the instant boiling yangcheng. The opening ceremony gathered many guests and media, vice president Mr. Yao Zhongwei Tissot Chinese area specially in person at the scene for the opening remarks, Tissot first big China Area — Barbie Hsu s spokesperson Miss special guests cut the ribbon.         opening ceremony orchestrated a lion dance and lively, cheerful sound of gongs and drums means Tissot in the vigorous development of China very influential. Tissot vice president Mr. Yao Zhongwei Chinese area personally for the lion dotting, and said in opening remarks: "Tissot has always insisted on the set of the most excellent quality, most advanced technology and the most fashionable design in a watch manufacturing style, with reasonable prices of outstanding watches for discerning and unique taste of Chinese consumers. Therefore, Tissot is popular in the Chinese market, and is regarded as one of the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry flagship brand. Guangzhou Tianhe City flagship store opened,, is a Tissot years of continuous enhancement and one that investment in the Chinese market at the same time, Tissot was honoured to have lovely Taiwan famous artist miss Barbie Hsu as the spokesman for the brand in Greater China, attention and confidence more highlight Tissot to rapid development and perfection of China’s consumer market."         Tissot itself is a legend, it narrate to the world the brand continues to grow, continue to introduce new design and new technology achievements,, let the customer is always full of surprises. As the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, derived from traditional.

Audemars Pigeut limited edition watch for F1 driver Montoya

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Shanghai science and Technology Museum in the gathering dusk appears to be more attractive, it is here, top Swiss watch Audemars Pigeut table in recognition of outstanding F1 rider Montoya specially designed limited edition commemorative watch made official in front of the world show their noble countenance.

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              coming in on the pitch go by like the wind Montoya and Audemars Pigeut President Mr. Lang, plum table table Audemars Pigeut general agent as president Mr Meng Xianting Keller jointly unveiled the commemorative watch. Audemars Pigeut table also hope that through this memorial watches, I wish Montoya achieved excellent results in Shanghai.

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  sevenfriday watch replica

              Royal Oak Offshore Montoya self winding chronograph watch (Royal Oar OffshoreJuan Pablo Montoya) combines the results and Audemars Pigeut watch excellent watch technology research F1 the most advanced, perfect the two cutting-edge technology, have many elements to F1 car reflected in the Audemars Pigeut watch Montoya Memorial watches, from the material to the design details. The birth of commemorative watch a comprehensive update of the top watches manufacturing technology, in the Audemars Pigeut watch brilliant history to establish a new milestone. sevenfriday watch replica

Table 120 diamond ring decorated TAG Heuer F1 Diamond Watch

        bezel dotted 120 diamond F1 diamond watch brand tag heuer watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch TAG  Heuer TAG Heuer by Aidehuahaoya Edouard  Heuer was founded in 1860, is to have a hundred years of history, the famous Swiss watchmakers, up to today, TAG Heuer is still inherited the hundred years of consistent style: excellent precision, TAG Heuer, superior.           this year in March, TAG Heuer has just launched this set of sports and fashion as a brand new Ladies Watch — F1 diamond watch,, it comes from the tag heuer product family’s coolest, the most sense of movement,, the most energetic F1 series. Like all the tag heuer F1 series,, this watch can be 200 meters waterproof; wear resistant sapphire crystal mirror and fixed by screws surface; screw down crown; fluorescence in hours and minutes pointer; satin strap; petal shaped dial design unique contains innovation inspiration. Table circle are adorned with 120 bright diamonds totaling 0.79 carats. There are pink, white and black three choices.

Table 2007 Basel Exhibition on the Swiss Lei Dabiao

        2007 Basel table show of Rado watches brand,, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     Rado Gallery has always black, low-key temperament appeared in the calendar year Basel table show, this year also,, radar table following this route, the entire exhibition hall appear black (B  lack), peace (Se  ren  E), modern (M  od  e  RN) temperament. Black cover almost every corner of the hall of radar. From the outside to the inside people can see the exhibition hall, whole body wall by the huge black glass, display cabinets, reception area, carpets, walls are unified into the radar table iconic black. Quiet, not only is all black and glass materials to bring people to the sensory experience, this radar table become an independent school, only the brand logo were placed in the hall wall right angle and hall in a simple, low profile, which can be proved by the world-renowned brand without publicity, do not need a huge advertising confidence. Put aside the black element is never out of date,, four ranging from the size of the silver ring is placed in the hall walls, design is full of modern flavor feeling instant show. Brand, RADO show many peak of its recent works, such as the whole ceramic Chronograph series, the new founding series, new type double after second founding Chronograph series, the new founding type trumpet series and made their first appearance in the series of white really table Basel exhibition.

The Swiss Rolex watches

        Swiss watch brand Rolex watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watch survey, Russian politicians, artists and business elites favor has a centuries long history of Swiss gold watch, they generally think that a watch can fully display the owner a prominent social status. Chelsea football club has the Russian billionaire Abalamoweiqi to "Rolex" (Rolex) show special preference to, has collected a lot of very valuable "Rolex" watch. Born in 1881 in a city of Bavaria, was involved in international business when he was young, the beginning of cultured pearl business, 19 year old living in Switzerland in 1905, La Schade Finn, Wilsdorf set up his own business, named "Wilsdorf and David company" (WilsdorfandDavis), is a mainly responsible for the sales of watches company, 1929 the economic crisis hit in Switzerland, but Rolex has not affected. But for high-end and top watch market, mechanical watch technology complex was once again recognized, famous brands such as Rolex, the Swiss watch Patek Philippe has consistently adhered to mechanical watch technology brands began to "high quality" as the strategy, the mechanical watch often with precious metals and stones as decoration, attention capture high-end market. According to statistics, Swiss watches in 1954, 91% for the electronic watch, the Swiss World Cup, is the ADI Dassler provides the world’s first? Rotation embedded screw football shoes to help Germany football team won the World Cup title success. Rolex is not selling watches, but share the feeling of luxury! Chinese brand to tell consumers not to feel, but naked temptation! Low price, concept, imitation, when these things temporarily succeed, no longer on the consumer no, according to the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, 2002-2005 years, the Swiss watch exports to Chinese years the compound growth rate of 44%, in 2005 the export amount to nearly 3600000000 yuan. From the Buddha table exceeds the average selling price of the Rolex 30000 multivariate, Buddha table unique oriental culture have higher recognition of high income earners. By the way, at present Buddha men’s sales has increased from 36800 yuan to 39800 yuan, after the reform and opening up,, Mr. Ni has been entrusted with the task, a hand hold up was the first national import watch repair shop — CITIZEN special service center, the maintenance of price is not low to any place, such as the Rolex 18K gold shell (including surface drilling) calendar automatic watch repair market price is 3000 yuan, said the first job, the key Lucy fresh, "my first boss is a Swiss, 3 days of the exhibition including Breguet, Blancpain, glashutte, Rolex, Tudor, Lalique crystal, the South African diamond, 14 international watch jewelry brand and the value of more than 50000000 yuan of products. The exhibition hall entrance to the left of the first counter is the famous Rolex, the display of a 1003600 yuan of oyster watch, staff told the reporter this watch is.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (Figure)

        Vacheron Constantin Egerie series (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   Vacheron Constantin Egerie series         Hall watch brand Vacheron Constantin has just launched Egerie series, specifically to have been among the salute leadership,, age of women in social contribution and positive work.         in Rome mythology, fairy Egerie rules fertility and beginnings, is shrewd adviser inspiration and politicians in the art world of the. Little Egerie is symbolic of women in the new century real side, they have the courage to show personal confidence, build distinctive image in the information world.         therefore,, the Vacheron Constantin watch works, whether it is polished meticulous very bezel, studded with dazzling diamond table, decorated with wavy lines machine logo engraved dial, all bright and brilliant,, with 1202 quartz movement, prowess, give a person a kind of eternal beauty.

Swiss watches to make

        to make watches Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches

Swiss watches to make

quest Borel manufacturing plant
to cater for Switzerland hundred years brand Ernest Borel   (ERNEST  BOREL)   expanding business and develop more new products of high quality, brand in February 28, 2009 by La  Chaux-de-fonds& nbsp in  ;; the old factory officially moved to   famous Swiss watches origin; Le  Noirmont  the new plant, the new plant yield can be as high as 330000 watch.
Ernest Borel (ERNEST  BOREL)   Le  Noirmont  new plant mainly consists of two parts: the administration building and production building covers a total area of 2000  square meters. The architect originated from the Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) "romantic at heart   Romance  In  Heart" of the brand concept, designed with the European classical style administration building, building in white and brown as the contrast, the roof design geometry of the tip,, plus the ancient European continental colors terrace, bring out the elegance of brand personality. Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the administration building 3 storeys high, mainly for administrative meeting with, the highest layer is designed into the exhibition hall, exhibition Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the historical culture and the new watch, the other set up R & D and process design of office products. sevenfriday watch replica
new plant production building is building a modern, two storey, is Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the original factory carefully for the more advanced R & D and production line design of the clock, the facilities are in line with the Federation of the Swiss watch industry and international environmental standards. In addition to the original facility, but also the introduction of a large number of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, make the tabulation process within the plant more precise and accurate, the casting process is more fine, professional training plus the watchmaker and assembly personnel,, in order to achieve each Ernest Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) is perfect.

The 3000000 Earl table is bought

        3000000 count table was bought watches brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches recently, "the 2005 Earl of Chinese fair" was held in the Grand Duke of Shenyang watch centre,, not only has the latest count watch series, there are many classic style display a value of about 3000000, one of the "four seasons watch" has become a highlight of the exhibition.   the exhibition, selected Shenyang, Harbin, the Earl of Anshan 5 city, and the four seasons watch is only a set of asia. According to the count China Regional Director Mr. Qiu introduction,, this set of lady watches in the world has released 4 sets, divided into "spring Wisteria", "summer wheat" and "dancing autumn maple red" and "Mei winter snow", the total value of about 3000000, the pattern is hand drawn Ming inlaid diamond enamel paint. According to the introduction, this table just display has been ordered.

The new Longines table Beja watch series [map]

        Longines table Beja watch series [map] watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch new Longines watch Beja watch series is the designer of the female charm and the unique interpretation of elegant, but also to make a tribute in twentieth Century creative. Based on the past classic style modelled, this new wave of re interpretation of the decorative arts series, fashion design and rich aesthetic watch. At the beginning of the last century, Longines table aesthetics and fashion combined, applied to the wrist watch design, give people the feeling bold avant garde. The 20’s witnessed the rudiment of the new trend of various geometric patterns and trends: the decorative art of rigorous; watch movement more and more compact design makes the case shape, can be more diversified, and the Lon g in e s is this aspect of the first body; female country also played a significant change, ladies get the liberation, more decisive, independent and charming. The new Longines table Beja series watch, watch case has a round arch, is a combination of outstanding tabulation process and aesthetics. In addition to inherit the Longines table always elegant style outside, the entire series also create another new image. Design on the use of easy to contrast, clever use of the past and modern art theme, the geometric pattern of tight combination with gentle curves, from the Latin uptake of inspiration, Longines Beja watch series also emerged. In the preparation of a series of stainless steel and rose gold case, there are also covered in diamonds styles watchcase decorated with simple carved, recall the 20’s classic style. Using curved design is lined with a long shaped table ears, let the case with wrist joint well. Surface simple and natural, there are just like exudes a white surface and the like rainbow sparkle of pearl surface, sober by the mysterious veil of the black surface,, lined with blue steel or rhodium plated hour and minute hands, noble and elegant. Some models more in 6 when the position is provided with small seconds. Watch series has 4 sizes, all using quartz movement,, otherwise the special limited edition models using the manual winding movement.