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Basel 2009: Rolex

By Timm Delfs



There wasn’t too much news, technically speaking.  The Geneva-based brand presented the Ladies’ Oyster Perpetual Datejust Rolesor in the new size 36 mm and a diamond-set bezel.  They come in either bicolor or white Rolesor, this being the name Rolex gives to a combination of steel and gold.  The models are available either with Oyster or Jubilée bracelets equipped with the new massive folding clasps.  Some of the watches come with a rather unusual floral dial.


Detail of Datejust Rolesor 39mm Rolesor dial with fancy flower decoration.


The new Datejust Rolesor 39mm for ladies with a fancy dial-design.




For men there is the new Oyster Perpetual Datejust II in Rolesor with a diameter of 41 mm, which comes in new dial variations.


Unusual layout of enamel-filled roman numerals and single index at 9 in the 41mm Datejust II in yellow Rolexor.


Detail of Datejust II Rolesor dial with enamel filled numerals.


Datejust II 41mm in white Rolesor.


There are two gem-set Daytona-models, a bling-bling version of the Datejust with a diamond-set zebra dial and a strap made from a combination of rubber, stingray-leather and diamonds set in pink gold (Everose as Rolex calls it) buttons.  Furthermore there is an Oyster Day-Date II with a diamond-set dial, enamel indexes and a bezel set with baguette diamonds.  Last but not least the famous brand presented us two new Rolesor versions of the Submariner Date,Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur World time RDDBEX0258 men Watch, one with a blue dial and bezel, the other with both components in black.  The coloured bezel inlay is craftet from high-tech ceramics.


(Photo by Jocke)


(Photo by Jocke)


The biggest surprise in the Rolex booth this year, however, proved to be the presentation of the new Tudor models.  Up to now Tudor used to be Rolex’ little sister, aiming at people who wanted something like a Rolex, couldn’t afford it, but were reluctant to by a fake.  The brand had been bought by Wilsdorf in 1926, to be relaunched only in 1945.  Tudor watches looked like Rolexes but were equipped with ETA movements.  This all changed about a year ago when suddenly there were flashy advertising campaigns showing Tudor in a rejuvenated environment. Formerly the brand hadn’t been present in ads at all.


At Baselworld it was the brand’s head of marketing himself, Davide Cerrato, who presented the watches.  It seems that the Rolex management had foreseen some major changes in the economic situation.  With Tudor they are now aiming at a young clientele who are looking for an affordable timepiece in a sporty look, made up to Rolex standards.


To make a mark und to underline their determination, Tudor have announced a cooperation with Porsche Racing, supporting their “Grantour” family of watches.  That this may cause interferences with the watch brand “Porsche Design” doesn’t seem to bother the brand managers all too much.  Grantour comprises a three-hand model with date and a chronograph, both with a characteristic black bezel that, despite its look, cannot be turned because it bears the numerals of the hours.  The leather straps are perforated to recall the look of the seventies.


Grantour Date


Grantour Chrono

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Detail of the crown protection of the Hydro 1200.




“Hydronaut” is the name for the watersports watches.  The name remotely recalls Patek’s “Aquanaut”.  The case shape bears resemblances with the “Grantour” family of watches.  There is also a chronograph “Hydronaut II” and a three-hands model “Hydro 1200”.  The latter is water resistant to a depth of 1200 metres.  It is equipped with a helium valve and a unidirectional turning bezel.  Whereas the “Hydronaut II” chronograph comes with a rubber strap, the “Hydro 1200” is equipped with a steel bracelet that has black ceramic inserts.


Hydronaut II Chrono


The sturdy Hydro 1200, watertight to a depth of 1200 meters.


The “Glamour” family is probably the least exciting.  It is supposed to be an elegant dress watch for him and her.  There are date and day-date versions, some of them with diamond indexes.  The shape of the case recalls early Rolex Oyster models, especially the the crown that seems to sit on a short neck.

Glamour Date


Glamour Date-Day


Signed a new contract with the German player Haas will endorse the radar table

        German Haas has recently signed a new sponsorship deal, he and radar after signing the contract, is the list of the new spokesperson. Radar is a limited edition watch for haste, and was named TommyHaasRAD

and in the table back,       Haas’s limited edition watches produced a total of 150 pieces of. And Haas’s signature.

signing and radar,       German Haas has recently signed a new sponsorship contract. Is the watch the new spokesperson. Radar is a limited edition watch for haste,HUBLOT BIG BANG 411.NX.1170.RX, and was named Tommi Haa RA DO Sintra Tenni Chronograph

because Haas had in the last century 90’s is a member of the team of radar. This is his special limited edition watch dial with 0153040 digital,       it should also be a kind of regression. To symbolize the tennis scoring.

Haas is so good and attractive. The vice president said Kaiser radar,replica tudor heritage advisor watch.   &nbsp,Replica Roger Dubuis watch Skeleton tourbillon;   I’m very glad to be a top player and such cooperation.

Longines table tennis youth dream trip to TaiYuan Railway Station tennis became the main

        Beijing time on April 24th, "Longines table tennis youth dream trip" landing Taiyuan, elegant image ambassador Aaron Kwok at the scene,Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Mini Watch, together with the young tennis swing. The world famous watch brand Longines Longines in motion

and through the support of the two charities, Longines invited tennis legend Agassi and Steffi Graf couples as elegant image ambassador. To further promote the Longines excellence, elegance, love values. Dream blossom season,TAG Heuer Aquarcer WAF1310.BA0817 Watch, the brand is launched "Longines table tennis youth dream trip" activities,Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 Automatic – Jewellery RDDBEX0355 unisex Watch, and celebrities from all walks of life with love, and love tennis teenagers, stretch to sail together, dream, love, harvest noble elegant attitude, my true personality "Longines will also offer two excellent China Tennis 2009 French Open tennis player to watch, and tennis legend Agassi and Graf intimate interaction, red racing achievements dream, star of tomorrow!

Longines table tennis youth dream trip "landing in Taiyuan, the       April 24th Beijing time. Elegant image ambassador Aaron Kwok at the scene, together with the young tennis swing. The world famous watch brand Longines Longin sports timing domain has 130 years of long and glorious history. Since 2007, Longines partnered with Roland Garro legendary French Open Tennis Championships, became the official partner. For the moment the scene graph.

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temps au cours des cinquante dernières années, en Octobre 2008,cvstos sealiner, le premier CITIZEN marque horlogère du monde a tenu “citoyen chinois vrai 50 années Voyage dans le temps” célébration à Beijing, de partout dans les pays partenaires et des centaines de connaissances

depuis 50 du siècle dernier pour les montres d’entrée chinois, tout le monde a quelque chose à propos de la mémoire du temps. Témoin le moment important de la vie pour beaucoup de gens, pour les consommateurs en Chine, citoyen n’est pas seulement le représentant d’excellente qualité,Replica Roger Dubuis watch Skeleton tourbillon, est une véritable mémoire, à chaque fois, avec le processus de croissance des gens, passer beaucoup de bons moments et moment émouvant. Depuis 1958, pour entrer les Chinois, CITIZEN a toujours été engagée aux consommateurs de la Chine avec d’excellents produits et services, de contribuer au peuple une vie meilleure. La libération de la vraie 50 années “collection chinoise édition limitée est CITIZEN condensé de la technologie la plus récente et la plus sophistiquée, l’incarnation parfaite de la fusion et de la beauté. Comme l’a dit CITOYEN (Chine), président M. Yazaki Takashio Watch Co Ltd, non seulement gravé avec la vraie mémoire, plus représentatif du citoyen Chine consommateurs grâce et la promesse immuable. boutique de luxe vente

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Octobre 2008, le temps au cours des cinquante dernières années. La première marque de montre CITIZEN lieu “citoyen chinois vrai 50 années Voyage dans le temps” célébration à Beijing, de partout dans les pays partenaires et plus de 100 médias célèbres réunis pour examiner, la moitié d’un changement de siècle et des années minute. Et CITIZEN forgé indissoluble gymnastique consolidés étoiles Allison Moore et M. Nagai Yasuo, président de CITIZEN montre à visiter le site. Dans le même temps, afin de commémorer 50 années dans les Chinois, entreprise citoyenne site a été lancé spécialement pour les «cinquante ans» Chine de forme ultra-mince d’onde de l’énergie lumineuse Design Edition vrai, édition limitée 888. boutique de luxe vente

montres Citizen est la clé, ce activités dites «CITIZEN Chine vrai 50 années de voyage”. Ouvrez la mémoire du passé. Près de 100 ans de l’Opéra de Pékin Art Master M. Zhang a parlé de son jeune amusement et ainsi retarder l’exécution était maître de la peine, mais il a aussi à l’esprit pour être ponctualité digne de confiance. Gymnastique étoiles Allison Moore a remporté la Ligue pour la première fois dans le monde est les Jeux asiatiques de 1994 à Hiroshima, a remporté quatre titres individuels et gymnastique championnat de l’équipe féminine. Elle va souvent à des compétitions à travers le monde,Cartier Ronde Solo De Cartier Montres, de voir beaucoup de pays est très propre et belle, sont de plus en plus conscients de l’importance de la protection de l’environnement, et en 2008 rejoint dans le CITIZEN »pour la santé, à la protection de l’environnement” marcher dans activités de bien-être public. Le plus impressionnant photographe principal M. Lei a dit à ses 08 années dans le Sichuan zone de tremblement de terre, quand le siège était>

Ulysse Nardin The Imperial St. Pe Athens table

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amid the last Friday (May 26th) held by the Indianapolis alley the Indy Racing League (IRL) occupation racing array 100 miles of free competition (IndyProSeriesFreedom100),in the first place

since 2003, the IRL tin be calculated accurately lap apt four decimal places plus quaint Responsible for American sports affairs division of electronic name heuer America timing manager asked? Kanbichi (Jean Campich can tell you the question TAG Heuer namely the Indianapolis racing game “Indy Racing League”plus”print 500th mile race”lawful clock and appoint watches. Therefore. Mr. Kanbichi has been responsible as the game timing plus scoring go TAG Heuer developed a phase accurate to 1/10000 seconds, than the prevalent F1 racing 1/1000 second specification 10 times. TAG Heuer has developed a

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about did not meet any challenges,Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon RDDBEX0281 men Watch, last Friday (May 26th) held by the Indianapolis track the Indy Racing League (IRL occupation racing series 100 miles of free competition (Indy Pro Seri Freedom 100 among the first position of the 1 Brian – Stuart (Brian Stewart Race driver Wade? Cunningham (Wade Cunningham all the access stride ahead singing pugnacious songs. Leading to the second seven Che Shoujie? Howard (Jai Howard won 0.6889 seconds. Jay? Howard Department of competition for the 1st time NASCAR Championship Schmitt racing troop players (Luca Oil Sam Schmidt Motorsport Cunningham apt 48.2599 seconds (186.490 M / h) set the fastest race lap,Replica Panerai – Luminor Marina Automatic PAM00299 men watch, Howard along 48.1931 seconds (186.749 M / h) set the fastest lap. Replica watches for sale

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today’s competition is very hard. Even whether I’m the 40 circle has been leading, Cunningham said. But there still namely never easy to win. With 15 laps to go the fifth gear problems,TAG Heuer Aquarcer WAK2180.FT6027 Watch, do never understand whether they can mallet to the annihilate But the crew told me to tread on the gas,apt do as he says everything returned to accustomed,actually very cheerful Replica watches for sale

11 CELG driver Jamie? Camara (Jami Camara third >

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        Ricky Bobby (Will Farrell decoration) for speed — the real speed, like his father, left, and chase the car dream Reyes Bobby. He fling caution to the winds "win win


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TITONI Titoni company – in 2010 the Swiss city of Shanghai World Expo

TITONI Titoni company in 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be an official partner of the Swiss city hall more optimal time management and better city life May 1, 2010 , the Shanghai World Expo will officially open the doors . This Expo will be the largest ever session of

TITONI Titoni Company – 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be an official partner of the Swiss city hall

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more optimal time management, better urban life replica watches

2010年5 1 May, the Shanghai World Expo will officially open the doors . This Expo will be the largest ever session of a period of six months, is expected to attract more than seventy million tourists come to visit. 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be the first time ” City , Better Life ” theme , unlike previous governments participating only in the form of organized , this part of the Expo for the first time invited to the exhibition of selected cities . Switzerland, Basel, Geneva and Zurich will work together to build a museum for the first time ,Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur 36 Automatic RDDBEX0288 unisex Watch, with ” good water quality , make the city better life ” as the theme , showing water quality management technology. Many surveys have shown that these three Swiss cities in terms of quality of life is a world leader. replica watches

TITONI Titoni company is very proud to work with Novartis and Swiss Re. together with other well-known Swiss company Swiss Pavilion Expo will become an official partner . TITONI headquartered in the Jura foothills , Basel , Geneva and Zurich three cities around the heart . Since its establishment 90 years, this independent tabulation enterprises from the three cities attracted many to the rich potential employees and customers. In the past few decades,Richard Mille RM 016 watches, Titoni major achievements in the world thanks to innovative technology, classic style and sustainability management philosophy . TITONI Swiss -made high-quality, social welfare and social good environment to pursue and support ,Replica Panerai – Mare Nostrum PAM00300 men watch, is representing the three largest Swiss city through the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will showcase to the world the Swiss pavilion concept. replica watches

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