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Watch list, Chanel watch official website Japan’s official website of the watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? CK watches Chinese website,, CK watch model (who announced: mingf show sort: 0 species don’t: electronic components / rdquo relays, women bags,, man watch, clarify a good watch can reflect the identity of a man and a man should have aShow ordering < p >? …Continue reading


Casio’s official website CASIO couple table ef524d

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; how to match clothes?? by the edge of the claws fastened if certain brands create the ladies watch brand ranking Lang table as not to break the painted enamel dial showing the whole art above can start three 5 to 1 watch today think of Longines watches …Continue reading


Casio model problem

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; today we went to the selling watches the place under the place is discounted the fancy a Casio Watch I asked the salesman type told him I was ef554f-7 is what F1 racing series but I returned home after the Internet search but seemingly without this type …Continue reading


On the basic operation of the CASIO Casio I use

        I use CASIO G-315RL, careless operation, every day at 12 a.m. the timing alarm sounded, watch4ufree, distress extremely, want to know how to put the watch alarm off (people in the field, the instructions are not around) does not support the function of Chinese English translation version,, if I need …Continue reading


Two choose a man Casio, to understand the proposal! EF-54

Chosen from; selected from;; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp EF-547D-1A1V EF-544D-1A I think the two paragraph a, or bought friends please give suggestions, because I am from the Internet to see pictures, have not seen the kind, is also prepared from B2C web site to buy, so please understand friends to share …Continue reading


Choose Casio

        Casio has male and female, Cartier watches, it is suitable for the public taste, piedo, and the price is acceptable. I recommend you to watch the beautiful orange,, orange watch watch on oz three days, seven days, life-long repair! The price is cheap, the battery is durable, the quartz watch …Continue reading


Which website can buy really Casio Today in QQ business

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; today in QQ mall fancy a Casio EF550D1AV the wristwatch, the market price of more than 2000,, but only sold 599, can go to buy it, is really well? In which website can buy genuine watch, request the help of the kind person! Thank you! This …Continue reading


How’s Casio Watch

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Casio Watch sex ratio is particularly high, you can go to see the beautiful orange watch, I in that they bought a watch, IWC Watches, the quality is very good, manufacturers is a good, cheap quality is good! Good service industry! Search 88680 is them.! Casio Watch …Continue reading


Casio watches 1 want to buy a watch, a fancy Casio E

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1> want to buy a watch, fancy Casio EF-521D-7AV, Shenzhen do not know where to sell? To genuine! What price? 2> the difference between fake and authentic life? Buy positive worth? 3> Hong Kong to buy genuine what price? 4> who used imitation 1> want to buy …Continue reading


The Rolex 16233 The table on the back of the upper right corner there is a R, the lower left

        the table on the back of the upper right corner there is a "R", the lower left corner with "18K" label. The surface of 12 and 3 no drill strap buckle there is "D12 STEBLHOX 62523N.18" mark excuse me? The price? Chinese English translation function is not supported in this version, …Continue reading

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