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Star financial operation PK Lin Chiling abandoned small Alec Su house appreciation

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Lunar New Year Spring Festival evening little tigers reunion,, a time become the focus of attention of the public, Alec is famous "financial experts". And is known as the "first supermodel Lin Chi Ling, Ling in the fifth day of the new year go out when …Continue reading


Insider exposure Shenzhen black bus umbrella (photos thousands of practitioners

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; a bus driver said Shenzhen has three black bus Gang, a total of more than 200 buses, practitioners of Shenzhen News Network March 8 news yesterday, Jing Bao exclusive Black bus passengers on the bus, then the implementation of fraud, in the community caused strong repercussions, many …Continue reading


Buy 500 yuan within the watch brand men’s steel tape machine or quartz can be

        the key is I don’t want to buy Japanese goods, such as Seiko Casio and don’t want to. To support domestic or buy american. But the depressing thing is searched for a period of time that the price range of many online sellers are Japanese? Even the domestic brand is also the Japanese movement (

the key is I don’t want to buy Japanese goods, such as Seiko Casio and don’t want to. To support domestic or buy american. But the depressing thing is searched for a periodContinue reading


What is the simulation of needle display

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Q: what is the simulated needle shows a: in order to integrated circuit pulse into a movement, analog pointer type quartz watch is equipped with a growth rate of motor, including an electromagnetic rotor,, each under a pulse, is rotated 180 degrees, that is,, a second. Rotor connected by< p > asked: what is the simulContinue reading


Casio’s official website home who is the king’s woman Gen Gi Khan wonderful

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; organized by the Chinese game center "biyuexiuhua 3000 xiunv offer sweat" draft today on the official website of comprehensive. The game player competed enthusiastically, more huge fans of a squad on the line, the joys of spring, gentle. Casio’s official website home page game center "organized by …Continue reading


– mRwinG – – the official website of Casio Watch

        second years in 2001 100000 (half of the money was borrowed), 190000 of the mortgage, and bought a 120 square house. A to B with a corridor with a dwelling house to buy – B Bijia, IWC Watches, B also has almost 5 million deposit, but he LPB have parents to …Continue reading


Black Belt watch how much money the guards recalled the last time heard the crash

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; he in prime minister around 15 spring and Autumn period, day and night to take care of the prime minister’s life; he accompanied by Premier Zhou couple walked the last years of life, finished, personally planted and ashes. He’s just a personal security guard, Gao Zhenpu. Many …Continue reading


CASIO’s watch quality so bad ah I was in Dongguan

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I am in Dongguan, a watch to buy licensed, although it is relatively backward styles,, bought two, more than 500, born paper, invoice, buy when the salesman repeatedly stressed they sell are genuine licensed and other places more than 300 only. But only wear two or …Continue reading


Casio website Casio CASIO new OCEANUS Series C wave table

        Casio website: Casio CASIO new OCEANUS wave table series Casio Watch blue Casio website, website: CASIO OCEANUS Casio new wave table series Casio Watch Blue 6 solar radio website function, TOUGHMOVEMENT has a strong, tough movement official website: CASIO OCEANUS Casio Casio new wave table series Casio Watch blue official website, …Continue reading


Zhuhai where to sell smuggled goods Casio CASIO official website, and the quality of the letter

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; LZ ah, the premise is you need to know what the market now,, now many sellers are the parallel and high imitation of European table participation together,, are not willing to to be divided into two types of high imitation and parallel imports, also is …Continue reading

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