About 10000000 yuan watch what look like Sky watch appearance Bards

        about 10000000 yuan watch what look like? Sky watch appearance bards watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,http://www.aphublot.com, mechanical watch,http://www.watchonhere.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches northeast net on 5 July, (reporter Zhang Zhao) 10000000 what watch? In 5 days,http://www.watch4usale.com, "Earl senior watches Exhibition Tour", paragraph two is worth more than 10 million watches unveiled in Harbin. Two super table are 18K platinum refining. Ladies watch close inlaid with circular, square unequal weight 59.5 carats of diamonds 448, worth 13880000 yuan; men table inlaid diamonds 286, worth about 12800000. Sky watch   for the first time the exposition site appearance "dream" series of watches in the domestic. The series a total of nine medals,www.vipwatchmall.com, dial were engraved with large numbers 1 – 9 and covered with diamonds, the limited sale of 8 sets

Rolex watch official web site

        Rolex official website watches brand watches,www.luxuryshopsale.com, Swiss watch brand,www.finest4uwatch.com, mechanical watches,www.watchonlysale.com, ultra-thin couples watches,http://www.watchonhere.com, quartz watches, sapphire watches Rolex watches prices / Rolex watch pictures / Rolex / Rolex watches watches offer picture appreciation / Rolex watches forum / Rolex watch pictures BBS / Swiss Rolex watches prices / Rolex Watch price / Rolex / Rolex watches all styles of watches / Rolex watch type query / Rolex watch official web

The new OMEGA hippocampus 007 cool black limited edition watch

        new OMEGA hippocampus 007 cool black limited edition watch brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,www.vipwatchmall.com, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches this year, in conjunction with the 007 mysterious and noble qualities, coupled with the play of Bond Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) favorite color, OMEGA will be the first time the hippocampus 007 series changed to polishing black dial launched "the hippocampus 007 James Pound cool black limited edition watch" (James Bond 007 Collector s Piece Limited Edition ‘), anyone familiar with classical James Bong de blue dial features,http://www.watchonhere.com, will feel surprise! It only at present the most precious one version, which is the most elegant table Limited issued only 10007, a tribute by the world’s favorite for spies and OMEGA has a long-term partnership. For OMEGA 2500 automatic movement, polishing and fog light stainless steel watchcase, diameter 41 mm, when, minutes and seconds, and date display,www.watchonhere.com, coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance, the Swiss official certification Observatory movement, power reserve 48 hours, waterproof depth 300 meters,www.watchonlysale.com, helium valve design, wear resistance, anti reflective sapphire crystal surface, surface for butt patterns with 007 recognition standard and limited number, without revealing the luxurious exquisite. OMEGA hippocampus 007 James bond cool black limited edition watch, in addition to the familiar blue dial instead of polishing paint black on the outside, the most important thing is this limited with a OMEGA 2500 automatic movement and the revolutionary coaxial escapement devices (Co-Axial), in reducing the vibration at the same time, provide accurate timing last, make sure precise timing models table; and the power storage capacity of up to 48 hours, without card degree hairspring balance wheel to make it accurate more reach the peak of perfection, let even using the world’s most advanced science and technology James Bond has impeccable. "The hippocampus 007 James Pound cool black limited edition watch" features only for this? Absolutely not. The 41mm stainless steel watchcase polished and fog, covered with antiwear and anti reflective sapphire crystal surface. Dial on black gilded luminous hour hand and minute hand and hour scale, let the spy mission in the darkness can be easily read the time, while the second hand end red 007 recognition mark? And red hippocampus (Seamaster) English words, just a contrast with the polishing black dial, in addition with date window is displayed on the three o’clock. In the rotary table on the back of the visible table limited number and 007 recognition mark. The unique design of the exclusive James Bond table strap appeared more one of the out of the ordinary characteristic. After the continuation of amazing casino performances, James Bond will continue to scene appearance. The waterproof to a depth of 300 meters of the Swiss Observatory certification timing tool of choice for professional diving table is indispensable; unidirectional rotating stainless steel bezel with minute scale black aluminum ring, which can ensure the diver diving safety time estimation; helium valve located at ten o’clock direction can be discharged helium particles in vacuum, in the diving bell.

Bulgaria Carbongold Taipei Limited Edition

        Bulgaria Carbongold Taipei limited edition watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   this.width=screen.width-333" border=0> screen.width-333) Carbongold Taipei limited edition watch   18 karat gold, stainless steel,www.breitling-heuer.com, carbon fiber composite material / quartz movement / when, seconds,, date display / stopwatch function   / table diameter 38mm / waterproof 30 meters / anti glare sapphire crystal mirror / Global Limited Edition of 999 / reference price: NT$  39500;     composite material rich color matching   Carbongold specially crafted 38mm table size chronograph,http://www.watchonhere.com, made from carbon fiber, yellow K gold,www.watchonlysale.com, K white gold, rose gold and stainless steel which is made of  . In order to achieve the need of design the highest quality standards, internal Bvlgari Carbongold watch is made of stainless steel parts,   there are coated carbon fiber layer. Bvlgari Carbongold watch is unique in that case side waist   engraved with a limited number of yellow K gold label, increase this table rich color collocation of. Carbongold watch dial and   there are the world’s most attractive city name. Three different color, each city is limited to 999 only,www.finest-watch-sale.com, each   NT$39500.     this.width=screen.width-333" border=0> screen.width-333) text: BVLGARI give Carbongold Taipei limited edition watch to singer Sherry. In the city the limited edition as an international superstar said sure BVLGARI achievement altogether sends out 30 Carbongold watch for outstanding star international level, i.e. each city limited edition is presented an outstanding celebrity. The above London was the gift of Hollywood acting star George Coulon Ni, Losangeles and a number of new generation also grant strength send superstar Leonardo, the two stars are donated bazaar, income all go to charity. In addition, the Spanish director Almodovar also awarded a Barcelona watch, Hollywood star Richard Gil also won a Miami watch, outstanding achievement on behalf of its two people. Taipei breeze store opening day (September 28, 2006), Taiwan pop diva Sherry also awarded a Taipei No. 2 Carbongold watch, to BVLGARI headquarters to Sherry in music achieved astonishing achievement award.

Chopin Chopard Mille Miglia 2007 new listing

        Chopin Chopard Mille Miglia 2007 brand new listing watches,http://www.watchonhere.com, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   words antique racing industry event Mille Miglia antique car competition, from the edge of the extraordinary events in 1927. When the Italian outstanding drivers four passion for motorsport decided to organize a not just the top riders can participate in racing events, but also can attract all motoring enthusiasts participate in; the conditions of entry is by the famous carmakers and unmodified cars. Mille Miglia racing was born from then on. The 1600 km road race in Italy, attracting the best drivers drove the No. top sports car race. But in 1957 a serious accident, make the event closed and a stop is twenty years. The "Earth’s most outstanding event" until the 1977 reissued. Later, as the 80 anniversary of "Mille Miglia" event, the general regulations for those vehicles party had participated in the 1927 to the 1957 event of the same type are eligible to be entered the competition, and became the start which line 370 team in a team. Since the beginning of 1988, Chopin form is the major sponsor Mille Miglia vintage car contest. Traditionally,www.breitling-heuer.com, the Chopin table also every year to launch a new Mille Miglia style watch, love by the table fan. As practice,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, Xiao Bangbiao introduced this year Mille Miglia watch the same extraordinary unique, dedicated to noble, unique and fashionable men. Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007 Chopin to celebrate this anniversary and the launch of Mille Miglia 80 "Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007",www.finest-watch-sale.com, mix integrated button, with exclusive, unique and fashionable trait, is combined with the representative of cutting-edge technology and exquisite aesthetic as. This in order to lead the Mille Miglia racing car designed by the timer, automatic movement machinery, won the Swiss Observatory (COSC) certification. Grey blue dial people immediately reminded of participating sports car ride in "Mille Miglia" highway in the car race in the history of the amazing feeling. Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2007 / stainless steel case / automatic movement / storage 46 hours / COSC certification / waterproof 100 meters / Global Limited Edition of 2007 / reference price of NT$206000. This table for the first time in the sapphire crystal mirror on display in Arabia digital large 6 and 12 when the design of aero dynamics, with the button, show the characteristics of dynamic. Large size of 44 cm in diameter, watchcase waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, watchcase imprint on the back "Mill;

Carrera Carrera speed racing series reproduce the Racer era

        Carrera Carrera speed racing series reproduce the "Racer" era of the perfect model of brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,http://www.luxuryladywatch.com, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   concise, easy to read dial, by twentieth Century 50 years racing world inspired partially perforated calfskin leather strap the tradition and passion to continue. Hitherto unknown sport spirit and vitality in the chocolate dial cover all at one glance, matched with the same color leather strap more inadvertently revealed the texture and comfortable life. Watch on the fixed bezel is equipped with a speedometer, intended to pay tribute to the great racing legend and the "gentleman driver", and all the Calera code, is the people’s desire, represents a bold, timeless, essential.         tag heuer in this warm season, wholeheartedly serve you the classic watch. Calera (Carrera) automatic velocimetry chronograph, keep the Calera series table first elegant, dynamic and reliable, let these masterpiece together with you to enjoy the warm and beautiful moments in the new year,http://www.watch4usale.com, for you to keep a record of every precious moment.   Calibre16 automatic velocimetry Calera chronograph with a new face appeared, to reproduce the "perfect model gentleman Racer" era. Watch on the fixed bezel is equipped with a speedometer, intended to pay tribute to the great racing legend and the "gentleman driver", and all the Calera code, is the people’s desire,http://www.watchonhere.com, represents a bold,http://www.watchonlysale.com, timeless, essential.       chocolate dial abundance with gorgeous elegant, bright red pointer jumping and the same color drilling calfskin leather strap, even inadvertently revealed the texture and comfortable life. On the arrival of the new year, the whole chocolate molding immediately let people feel the festive sweet and warm, give hin like fast festive atmosphere into luxurious atmosphere.     tag heuer watches exquisite fusion romantic mysterious elegant shape, car "table" feeling, Speechless charm.       Calera "Pan American highway car" was founded in 1950 years, as the Formula One racing elite match. TAG Heuer special launched in 1964 Calera chronograph, combine the spirit of sports excellence and distinguished and elegant aesthetic, get unlimited appreciation altar table immediately.   new Calera speed racing series in the intense emotion of the racing fans as the target customer. It is equipped with velocimeter in fixed bezel, pay tribute to the great racing legend and the "gentleman driver". Rubber strap part of perforation by twentieth Century 50 in the racing world for inspiration, and huge scale pointer and slant red black dial is reminiscent of traditional racing on the instrument panel meter speed meter.       Calera speed racing series have hitherto unknown sport spirit, like all of Calera code, is the people’s desire, represents a bold.

Raymond Lam and Ernest Borel love

        Raymond Lam and Ernest Borel love watch brand,http://www.watch4usale.com, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,http://www.watchonhere.com, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Raymond Lam: men need to have a Borel watch   in 2009, the famous Swiss watch brand Ernest Borel (Ernest  Borel) officially announced: the Asia Pacific region the famous artist Mr. Raymond Lam to join the big family of Borel, become a new term of male voice, and current spokeswoman miss Angie Chiu to promote the brand essence of romantic culture. They convey the same meaning — romantic, elegant and Borel brand.   Raymond Lam made a number of encouraging achievements in 08 years, including [2008 China fashion award year avenue of stars Fashion Figures],www.luxuryladywatch.com,] TV male role and television [Popularity Award] and [my favorite two awards, confirms Raymond Lam always pay efforts, he told the dedicated pursuit of the ideal.   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam   even before Raymond Lam became the Borel spokesman, has been collecting Borel watches, he see the romantic story behind the brand connotation and each watch. Many of my friends are concerned about Raymond Lam’s love life, Raymond Lam felt itself is also a romantic person, so can the romantic roles in TV series played most incisive, and Borel watch style delicate, easy to match, whether for business occasions or sports and leisure, can meet the requirements.   they do not know in the play so romantic Raymond Lam, has so far only been in love once, the love process lasted only a year, said he not know read school girl thought for girls, delicate thoughts also unpredictable. The Raymond Lam energy is concentrated in the work, for the romantic, he has his own understanding of "romantic love can be, to understand the love of the mind, to create a good mood, this is as long as the heart can do".   punctuality is very important for artists, so watch is equipped with the necessary Raymond Lam, asked after my girlfriend first gift is what, Raymond Lam said will watch, and would choose a Borel, because the watch can record the moment two people, also hope to convey the romantic life,http://www.finest-swiss-watch.com, positive Borel attitude to her, holding your hand, and grow old with you.   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam

Jaeger Le Coulter launched Master Grande Tradition large traditional watch series

        Jaeger Le Coulter launched Master Grande Tradition large traditional watch series watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,www.watchonhere.com, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches three asked calendar Tourbillon first,http://www.omega-moon.com, excellent technology and advanced clock traditions to create a perfect harmony in 2009, Swiss Ru Valley (Vallé e de Joux) Jaeger Le Coulter workshop launch stunning masterpiece, twenty-first Century leading technology and senior watch traditional no perfect set a watch. The new advent of watches to the extraordinary beauty of talent showing itself, and each watch has two embodies the long history, but also show the complex performance of the latest technology. "Master Grande Tradition" series of large traditional watches, first launched two hour, bearing the new skill: table factory hand, will be the first Tourbillon and calendar integration; on the other hand, for the first time have a two week power storage question three performance and specification pointer to bright. In addition, is also in the series, Jaeger Le Coulter workshop will use silicon escapement device for the first time, this comes from the room watch Jaeger Le Coulter research achievement, excellence in order to watch the performance of more complex. This series of gold watch as a limited edition, and enjoy this great innovations. Which brings the very precise timing,http://www.finest4uwatch.com, will also through the new Jaeger Le Coulter senior watch? — "1000 hour chronometer testing", fully reflects the. Two limited edition gold watch with silicon escapement, everything just perfect accurate timing. Master Grande Tradition a large traditional watch series 18K gold, silicon escapement device equipped with a new, Limited Edition ("calendar, Tourbillon watch" limited edition of 300, "specification pointer three ask" 200 limited edition only). Jaeger Le Coulter is not the first to use this material is silicon, in the creation of "Master Compressor Extreme LAB concept of Tourbillon watch", have appeared in silicon shadow, this revolutionary watch is the first without the use of any machine oil watch. After the historical creation, is committed to the pursuit of perfect precision timing of Jaeger Le Coulter as "Master Grande Tradition a large traditional watch" developed silicon escapement device, the lever escapement gear and an escapement fork are made of this high-tech material. Silicon is an excellent material. First, the high hardness, extremely resistant to abrasion, so can be used without lubricant. The friction coefficient of the superior greatly reduced friction inside the movement. The body better light great inertia,http://www.watchonhere.com, thus improving the operation efficiency. In addition, silicon production technology makes the watchmaker can produce very complicated parts, the accuracy is the fine steel incomparable. With the help of the geometric definition of soft toughness of the parts, can carve out the hollow structure of the pendulum and moment of inertia of smaller, more energy is transmitted to the wheel. Finally, the use of silicon can be.

OMEGA luxury password

        password OMEGA luxury watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches is clearly in the "rich, and his high-profile, fashionable" image matching, OMEGA sponsored sporting events are more willing to pull a relation with racing, golf etc. The game. In the past two years, OMEGA has been held in the golf tournament,www.watchonhere.com, in order to expand its influence OMEGA Chinese District retailers have a year to take place in the black sand beach hotel in Macao. The conference is a typical OMEGA style: rich, fashionable, high profile. On the day of the dinner, a model from Hongkong team, site has tens of thousands of dollars worth of lottery. In these rich, sharp and stylish behind, is a lot of money. Just such a year, roughly estimate, about 3000000 to 5000000 yuan budget. Spent so many years, only to be a dealer. However, for OMEGA,http://www.luxuryladywatch.com, this is a very normal thing. In fact, rich, sharp and fashion seems to have become OMEGA’s image in people’s minds. Spend money like water to do publicity OMEGA is willing to maintain this image, and therefore a lot of money. In fact,http://www.watchonhere.com, just watch, there are a few other brand advertising budget to do more than OMEGA. Of course, do not return. On the sales, OMEGA has been firmly sitting on the Chinese watch market Toubajiaoyi: according to the statistics of China National Commercial Information Center for market information department, OMEGA in the Chinese watch market share of more than 20%, be way ahead in other watch brands. Radar, Longines and OMEGA belong to the same group of Swatch. Swatch is one of the world’s largest watchmaking groups, have 20 brands ", is a Swiss watches camp" (swatch the brand itself is composed of S and watch watch, wherein S represents a Swiss Swiss). OMEGA is clearly Swatch star of the group, its sales are converted into Renminbi in 4000000000 to 6000000000 yuan between, which Chinese mainland market is about 300000000 Yuan to 400000000 yuan. This is a very small proportion of the. However, Swatch said in its annual report, the group can grow in very difficult circumstances, strong growth is one of the factors of OMEGA sales. While OMEGA has clearly put Chinese market as their major, and in China repeatedly constantly shot. OMEGA for the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing pinned up. "The Olympic Games was held in Beijing, and we hope to have more in China market, it is a great opportunity." Lu Keqin,www.luxuryshopsale.com, President of OMEGA in port said. He was very proud of not long ago in front of National Museum, Tiananmen square on the edge of his Olympic countdown card, the OMEGA logo is very eye-catching. That year, Japan’s Seiko is by the Tokyo Olympic Games designated time business opportunity, to fight, the Swiss watch was breathless. The last century 60’s and 70’s of the last century, cheap,.

Rolex OMEGA watches forum best wrestling in Asian markets

        although Rolex has introduced new models,www.breitling-heuer.com, but in Asia in particular China sales by OMEGA. Today, OMEGA pay more attention to brand marketing, shrinking and competitors — Rolex gap, so the day of Rolex future I am afraid not to

,http://www.luxuryladywatch.com, although Rolex has introduced new models, but in Asia in particular China sales by OMEGA. Today, OMEGA pay more attention to brand marketing,http://www.watchonhere.com, shrinking and competitors — Rolex gap, so the day of Rolex future I am afraid not before. finest watches for sale

"Investor signs up for" the reporter Tan Zhijuan of

finest watches for sale

the best watches forum Rolex OMEGA wrestling in Asian markets, watch brand Rolex, for more than a century, it has been the outstanding performance and distinguished symbol, is also almost all Metrosexual pursuit of life goals. finest watches for sale

USA president also have had to wear, such as Eisenhower. In 1956, Rolex company gave him a "D-Day," watch, so that the table is also called the "President table". finest watches for sale

and Rolex now has the oyster, Daytona, Cellini three series. At the end of 3, the famous Rolex oyster watch series five new, at the Basel world fair in 2011 (BaselWorld2011) grand launch. finest watches for sale

however, some analysts said, although Rolex has introduced new models,www.luxuryladywatch.com, but in Asia in particular China sales by OMEGA. Today, OMEGA pay more attention to brand marketing, shrinking and competitors — Rolex gap, so the day of Rolex future I am afraid not before. finest watches for sale

five Rolex unveiled finest watches for sale

Rolex has unveiled five new watches in the 2011 Basel fair, its design inspiration is derived from the wearer’s success: challenge the limit, beyond. The birth of the new watch, in pursuit of the latest technology and design at the same time, the more the continuation of the classic brand, reflect the Rolex careful attitude to watch, oyster perpetual Explorer II is one of the outstanding representatives. The watch in 1971 once launched, will be equipped with the necessary number of adventure, Rolex more so with the exploration industry forged indissoluble bound. finest watches for sale

is celebrating its 40 anniversary of the birth of 2011, improved models — oyster perpetual Explorer II will case to expand to 42 mm, and is equipped with a new generation of Rolex 3187 movement. This machine is equipped with two Rolex patent research patent: PARAFLEX cushioning device and anti magnetic blue PARACHRO>