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Shanghai quality report for a new battery watch risks an orphan.

        consumer Chen how did not think, he spent nearly 3000 yuan to buy the watch, because it just to change a battery, by merchants warranty, almost become unclaimed "orphan". On one side is the production quantity is less of a problem, the consumer is good or bad consumer Mr. Chen does …Continue reading


Million Longines waterproof watch fog Shanghai Xinyu watch.

        (Lee spent nearly million yuan to buy a Longines watch, because the surface mirror appears in the spray repair two) recently, Changsha netizen Lee similar disputes. Longines waterproof watch he spent nearly 10000 yuan buy, half a year after the use of dial appeared in mist, repair (Lee spent nearly million …Continue reading

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        Rolex watches prices identification, commissioned a court unit. Two Rolex watches,, evaluation standard. Three, evaluation of value according to the civil court mediation as a dispute. Four,, valuation date, date of evaluation,, evaluation of five six units of a price Certification Rolex watches prices identification Finest watche for sale , commissioned …Continue reading

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        attractive price, crazy discount price of civilians, marked with the international brand, at the end of the year to attract a large number of tourists to Hong Kong to Amoy goods. But people in the warm shopping atmosphere "shopping" at the same time, but often overlooked an important part of the …Continue reading


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        Seiko watches, Seiko watches price price watchcase strap, Seiko watches price list non metal material identification Mongolian like Seiko watches price brand jewelry, not just Seiko watches price fine workmanship, Seiko watches prices by making material selection is a very fine Seiko watches, Seiko watches price price watchcase strap, Seiko watches …Continue reading


Casio brand waterproof watch hand washing water

        time of release: 2010-12-0321:56:42 [comment] [see Sichuan 0 complaints] state: related department to deal with the respect Leadership: I in September 10, 2010 in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, the CASIO watch shop Chengdu Commercial Pacific Department Store Co. purchased published: 2010-12-0321:56:42 [comment] [see Sichuan 0 complaints] state: related department to deal …Continue reading


230000 yuan a waterproof watch serious water Cartire watches complaints

        in 2009 October, Mr. Wang will once again send Shanghai repair table. The results,, Cartire Shanghai repair point identified as: table drops badly, the dial block is bubbling, sheet glass waterproofing failure, movement damage. Repair point of view,, watch may be washed sauna cause 2009 October, Mr. Wang will once again …Continue reading


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        Panerai watches offer | Panerai Panerai price | models | Panerai watches price quotation official website Daquan,, a lot of access China watch network users advisory Panerai Panerai price information,, after the watch network editing,, is released to the           many access Chinese Watch network users advisory …Continue reading


Japan’s Rolex watches prices Chinese entrepreneurs do not China why

        Li Guangdou "China mode" is more and more popular, Chinese rely on low labor cost and low cost to manufacture low-priced products around the world, the whole world has cannot do without China manufacturing. But Chinese pattern exist — country oligo goods serious defect, namely in the high-speed economic Li Guangdou …Continue reading

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        in December 18th, developed the " Tough Watch" a new concept of the watch brand G-SHOCK and the mainland media chief trend "YOHO! Tide annals" jointly held the "LIFE IS TOUGH" photography exhibition in the trend of Source concept in the world city commercial street of the flagship store in Beijing …Continue reading