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                Author: Zhang Bingge bought the watch in USA cheaper         core tip: China visitors won the "king of shopping in France," of course is not worth showing off, but I do not agree with some net friend said "the luxury of the rich", "modern", …Continue reading

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        [September 29th Pacific computer network Guangzhou Railway Station leader] Garmin 405GPS sport watch is dedicated to the first runner GPS products, can exercise the real-time status of your recording, the wireless transmission of data to your computer for more detailed analysis. It also can monitor your luck [September 29th Pacific computer …Continue reading

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        [guide] PConline auditions week market many, only is the editing collection market reached 5, 60, also did not calculate manufacturers to provide direct channel information. This week we continue to pick and choose which noteworthy new listing, product promotion [guide] PConline auditions week market many, only is the editing collection market …Continue reading


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        according to Bain consulting company recently released report, 2009 Chinese luxury market growth of nearly 12%, to $9600000000, accounting for 27.5% of global market share. Is expected in the next 5 years, China luxury market will reach $14600000000, occupy the global luxury consumption according to Bain consulting company recently released report, …Continue reading

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        collection of domestic and international DIY super creative, give you a better life experience [alliance] Shandong creative watch design, building from the (8): Graphic: modular trays that paragraph tray using a modular design XL line, can any combination of various modules. It’s from the body is a multi collection of domestic …Continue reading

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        although the global economic recovery is still bumpy, but Asian luxury market a good, their senior watch more to become Asia’s newly rich especially the new pride of foreign investment and collection of new rich class. Sue: high value watch collection to consider brand, material quantity, although the global economic recovery …Continue reading

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        SC camera watch is really beyond information table is very beautiful. Is a volume type watch. Because the shell dial dial, so not translucent, but very beautiful. Zero watch gloss is also very good, worth the price. Is it right? Reverse product, not to go. SC camera watch is really beyond …Continue reading

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        many of those are false, let you go to the post office to take things, don’t let the open look, to give money can ` ` ` when you open, will be found to be false (and possibly other want to weight of goods or the ordinary watch but a similar …Continue reading

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        Guan items found in several cars on the occurrence of Linwu nearly two years of internal theft case review,, the number of cases has a surprising consensus on the means of committing a crime,, possibly with a group of people. After several months of investigation, Zhou, Chen, Chen, Cao was found …Continue reading

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        "do not work to a good life", it may be a lot of people dream, those who hold no hu want to or have dreams of people known as the "happy family", from "the music back" concept is not popular in Europe and America for over 20 years. Then, foreigners hold …Continue reading

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