The Swiss Rolex watches

        Swiss watch brand Rolex watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watch survey, Russian politicians, artists and business elites favor has a centuries long history of Swiss gold watch, they generally think that a watch can fully display the owner a prominent social status. Chelsea football club has the Russian billionaire Abalamoweiqi to "Rolex" (Rolex) show special preference to, has collected a lot of very valuable "Rolex" watch. Born in 1881 in a city of Bavaria, was involved in international business when he was young, the beginning of cultured pearl business, 19 year old living in Switzerland in 1905, La Schade Finn, Wilsdorf set up his own business, named "Wilsdorf and David company" (WilsdorfandDavis), is a mainly responsible for the sales of watches company, 1929 the economic crisis hit in Switzerland, but Rolex has not affected. But for high-end and top watch market, mechanical watch technology complex was once again recognized, famous brands such as Rolex, the Swiss watch Patek Philippe has consistently adhered to mechanical watch technology brands began to "high quality" as the strategy, the mechanical watch often with precious metals and stones as decoration, attention capture high-end market. According to statistics, Swiss watches in 1954, 91% for the electronic watch, the Swiss World Cup, is the ADI Dassler provides the world’s first? Rotation embedded screw football shoes to help Germany football team won the World Cup title success. Rolex is not selling watches, but share the feeling of luxury! Chinese brand to tell consumers not to feel, but naked temptation! Low price, concept, imitation, when these things temporarily succeed, no longer on the consumer no, according to the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, 2002-2005 years, the Swiss watch exports to Chinese years the compound growth rate of 44%, in 2005 the export amount to nearly 3600000000 yuan. From the Buddha table exceeds the average selling price of the Rolex 30000 multivariate, Buddha table unique oriental culture have higher recognition of high income earners. By the way, at present Buddha men’s sales has increased from 36800 yuan to 39800 yuan, after the reform and opening up,, Mr. Ni has been entrusted with the task, a hand hold up was the first national import watch repair shop — CITIZEN special service center, the maintenance of price is not low to any place, such as the Rolex 18K gold shell (including surface drilling) calendar automatic watch repair market price is 3000 yuan, said the first job, the key Lucy fresh, "my first boss is a Swiss, 3 days of the exhibition including Breguet, Blancpain, glashutte, Rolex, Tudor, Lalique crystal, the South African diamond, 14 international watch jewelry brand and the value of more than 50000000 yuan of products. The exhibition hall entrance to the left of the first counter is the famous Rolex, the display of a 1003600 yuan of oyster watch, staff told the reporter this watch is.

American RGM open independent tabulation Road

        RGM American open independent watchmaking brand road watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches

1969 years RGM published the first gold American producing mechanical movement, and also announced in the Lancaster town of Pennsylvania state (here was born many famous America watch brand) homemade case. In fact, USA local watchmaker generally from the Eurasian procurement case and other parts, only a few USA Manufacturers Association in the local procurement of parts. RGM is currently the only one using American USA watchcase,, watch brand American movement. sevenfriday watch replica

                case RGM is the first self-produced in 151 series, and later 151P and 151E use RGM produced from the case. Now, RGM is promoting its first homemade titanium watchcase watch,, also 151 series. The next step, case RGM will develop a 42 mm, to match the self-made manual movement of Caliber 801. sevenfriday watch replica

                RGM is proud to walk on the road of independent tabulation,, and for domestic brands and proud! sevenfriday watch replica

Patek Philippe experience fashion (Figure)

        Patek Philippe experience fashion (Figure) name, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch           every time I go to the Bund 18, Patek Philippe (PATEKPHILIPPE) stores, there are always new harvest, sometimes even surprise. A few days ago just like received the news of the company, Patek Philippe launched a new product — AquanautLuce. What a wonderful name! The designed specifically for women, diamond color dial strap, movement style watch just listed officially in Italy, Spain,, is the European fashion women’s pursuit, the twinkling of an eye, the beautiful and refined design excellent watches on display at the Shanghai store. Window flashing sections of full of vitality, but also contains Patek Philippe classic quality watch, in holiday dress under the radiation of a charming light, Christmas day become elegant lady precious gift. The distinctive personality works named AquanautLuce: the word "Luce" in Italian means "brilliance",, dazzling light praises the watch precious stones. AquanautLuce for wrist contour design lady, with the size of two types. This novel and elegant sports watch, created for the modern, active and energetic woman, in the eternal color, Patek Philippe for each watch add leisurely and bold personality style:                 & nbsp; facing the window Patek Philippe watches, the most let me feeling is an old company has maintained strong innovation capacity. By now the AquanautLuce for example, watchcase octagonal deduce by younger Nautilus series partial circular particularly different, made of composite material of color Tropical strap, especially in hard stainless steel inlaid diamonds, its difficulty greatly exceeded the inlaid in gold on the diamond, hard effort only really big will show the expert can appreciation.           as the watch collectors, like Patek Philippe, almost without exception, since it is those calendar, Tourbillon mechanical watch such a complex function start. However, in recent years,, personally, to start some has the practical function of it, but not how complicated watch interested. With the increase of the number of such as travel abroad, more and more to buy a can display the time of different time zones watches, Patek Philippe’s "world" (Ref5110) watches became my mind CIMC practical, concise and fashionable in a "gourmet". Knowledgeable people know, Patek Philippe in the early 30’s of the last century began manufacturing world table, now in the Patek Philippe Museum collection of 1937 to 1966.

Swiss watches Rolex Rolex

        Rolex Rolex watches Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, the development history of sapphire watches Rolex and its founder Hans · Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) name is closely related to. Born in 1881 in a city of Bavaria, was involved in international business when he was young. At the beginning as a cultured pearl business, 19 year old La Schade Finn (La Chaux-de-Fonds) in Switzerland, watches as a specialized export manufacturing plant as agent. In 1905, he set up his own business, entitled "Welles Randolph and David company" (Wilsdorf and Davis), is a professional company mainly responsible for sales of watches, but he also R & D made watch. On July 2, 1908 morning 8 when, Rolex (Rolex) officially registered trademarks. The first batch of Rolex table because of its technical quality superb and immediate attention. A small Rolex in 1914 by the Kew Observatory (Kew Observatory) of the class a certificate, which is the highest evaluation England’s famous Observatory never issued. Its accuracy has been acknowledged, it is a worldwide event, the watch in Europe and USA suddenly worth double. From then on, the quality of Rolex which represent accurately. The first war after Rolex moved back to Geneva, the founder of promotion, Rolex, continuous innovation, create, perfect oneself. It has two research directions: waterproof and automatic. In 1926, the first waterproof, dustproof table has finally come out, this is the famous "Oyster" (Oyster) type table. The 1929 economic crisis dealt a blow to the Swiss, but Rolex has not affected. It invented an automatic mixing mechanisms in this period, made the later of be the rage "perpetual motion" (Perpetual) type table. This automatic watch with a pendulum, a watch that had never been used before, it gives the watch industry has brought a revolution, it is all automated table pioneer at present. In 1945, Rolex also produced with date table, and can indicate the date and week table in 26 languages.           Andre · heinie Rolex can flourish in today’s world renowned table altar, which Andre · (Andre J. Heiniger); heinie inspiration and enthusiasm inseparable. Henig was born in 1921 to pull Xia Defen, Hans · Wilsdorf met him for the first time, it produced the full trust and sincere respect for him. The two of them love and person contact,, the pursuit of perfection. In 1948 Wilsdorf invited Henig joined Rolex to work. He spent six years working in Buenos Aires, responsible for the development of the South American market. Returned to Geneva in 1955,, promoted to the Rolex board member,, 1964.

OMEGA, Longines is the one family, why not let you know

        OMEGA, Longines is the one family, why not let you know watches brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch say you may not believe this, OMEGA (OMEGA), radar (RADE), Longines (Longiness), Swatch (Swatch), Tissot (Tissot), Swatch (Swatch) and other watches is actually the same company’s brothers and sisters,, are the most worldwide tab group Swatch (Swatch, called SMH company before 2000) under the banner of the watch brand, in order to highlight the brand personality, SMH never active propaganda of these brands from the same enterprise. In fact,, Swatch brands of different personalities, highlighting its unique side, consumers can easily according to their own identity, occupation, income, social status need to make choice of purchase. Such as OMEGA represents a successful person or celebrity luxurious option, and the radar table is a high-tech symbol. As for the Swatch is the avant-garde and fashion, the trend of people’s choice. In the advertising and marketing, which embodies the distinctive brand. OMEGA carefully selected some international and regional celebrities as image ambassadors,, such as international celebrities, such as supermodel Cindy · Crawford, les · Mcpherson; the Hollywood international film star Pearce · Bresnan; the world of formula one crown military hand Michael · Schumacher, the outstanding figures, · Golf Si; Ace, in China chose Chen Lu etc.. Color page magazine ads OMEGA are a manifestation of the OMEGA ambassador extraordinary personality and fashion style photos slogan: "OMEGA — my choice (OMEGA — MY CHOICE)". For consumers, everyone is eager for success and fame, nature also wear to so many celebrity OMEGA resonate with the desire to buy, in order to find successful feeling, but in SMH company, other brands such as radar table advertising, you never find out what is the stars appear, selling and promotion of fully reflected in the high tech tab the technology and materials, such as "surface hardness second only to Diamond Sapphire crystal, close to the wrist", "with the glittering and translucent and bright and clean dial, noble and elegant", "white strap by high-tech ceramic material, hard wear resistant, never fade". It is reported, Swatch company in the process of future development, the brand will not be much conflict situations, will buy some brand development, to fill the existing brand design and shape of blank to meet the needs of more consumers. However, the personality of the brand philosophy is to never give up. Similarly, the development of series of products without introducing new brands but abandoned the original brand personality and recruit defeat case too. "Parker pen pen" known as the king, is a high-end product. People buy "Parker", not just to buy a writing tool, more important is to buy a decent, image, style. Grade is "Parker" marketing.

Swiss watches to make

        to make watches Swiss watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches

Swiss watches to make

quest Borel manufacturing plant
to cater for Switzerland hundred years brand Ernest Borel   (ERNEST  BOREL)   expanding business and develop more new products of high quality, brand in February 28, 2009 by La  Chaux-de-fonds& nbsp in  ;; the old factory officially moved to   famous Swiss watches origin; Le  Noirmont  the new plant, the new plant yield can be as high as 330000 watch.
Ernest Borel (ERNEST  BOREL)   Le  Noirmont  new plant mainly consists of two parts: the administration building and production building covers a total area of 2000  square meters. The architect originated from the Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) "romantic at heart   Romance  In  Heart" of the brand concept, designed with the European classical style administration building, building in white and brown as the contrast, the roof design geometry of the tip,, plus the ancient European continental colors terrace, bring out the elegance of brand personality. Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the administration building 3 storeys high, mainly for administrative meeting with, the highest layer is designed into the exhibition hall, exhibition Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the historical culture and the new watch, the other set up R & D and process design of office products. sevenfriday watch replica
new plant production building is building a modern,, two storey, is Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) the original factory carefully for the more advanced R & D and production line design of the clock, the facilities are in line with the Federation of the Swiss watch industry and international environmental standards. In addition to the original facility, but also the introduction of a large number of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, make the tabulation process within the plant more precise and accurate, the casting process is more fine,, professional training plus the watchmaker and assembly personnel, in order to achieve each Ernest Borel (ERNEST  BOREL) is perfect.

Andy Lau endorsement of Swiss watches (Photos)

        Andy Lau endorsement (Photos) watches Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Swiss watch brand CYMA following the September launch three deduction from the performing arts sector of the king Andy Lau advertising, launched in December three new winter advertising.         the watch brand since 2005 invited Andy Lau as its Greater China and several Southeast Asian countries after a series of plane advertising spokesperson, cooperation between the two sides shooting are win customers warm echo.         each advertising theme to Andy Lau through the sincere personality, outstanding talent and exquisite professional and serious attitude and other aspects of characteristics,, display process quality, excellent excellent and unique design of the brand table, thus confirmed the brand "no experience of how to understand the concept of". Andy Lau in the all black suit dress, show the connotation of the successful men and charm, he sat back in the dermis chair practical, hands clasped the excellent performance of the brand chronograph watch, piercing eyes gleaming with confidence. For Christmas,, new year and Valentine’s day a series of warm holiday approaching, the brand table winter advertisement also permeated with the joy and romantic atmosphere.         another advertising on the background of the party, the red walls and comb to a black dress with white shirt Andy Lau more prominent. He was wearing a moon phase display function with "Champion" series of strap watch, hand to get a little whistle, face showed satisfied smile,, full engagement party moments of joy, this right out of his thoughts on happiness: "to celebrate when they have actively make yourself happy."

The growth of Patek Philippe global vice president Terry Sten ‘rules’ under

        Patek Philippe global vice president Terry · Sten: ‘watch brand growth rules’, the Swiss watch brand, ultra-thin mechanical watches, quartz watches, sapphire lovers watches, watches as the fourth generations of the Sten family’s only son, who inherited the family business in future, Terry spent 10 years of time, wait until the fight side by side with his father a chance. "Until one day, I was in a meeting, father received a phone call, let me finish the work handover, back to Geneva headquarter." Terry said, "I knew I passed the test of test of father, family."   in 2005, the world’s renowned Swiss watch industry, is a historic year. Because in this year’s Basel and Geneva Watch Fair, many watches have announced a new generation of successors. For example, the incumbent president KunLun table son of SeverinWundermann Michael will follow in his footsteps, chairman of Swatch group,, N.G.Hayek in addition to let his son N.HayekJr. took over the group president, the president also appointed as the grandson MarcHayek BLANCPAIN Po platinum table. ArletteEmch CkWatch and President LeonHatot’s son ManuelEmch, not only is the youngest president of the Swatch group, also let a hundred years old JaquetDroz is famous for its machinery manufacturing activities doll, revived.   whether the family enterprises or large group, the proportion of the second or third generation descendants involved in the current head is rapidly rising, the eyes of the world are expecting they brought a new era of business philosophy, marketing and even product design. However, some people may not know, once scene for several hundred years in the Swiss watch industry to the second half of the twentieth Century, in the face of strong expansion of luxury goods group,, and thus trigger the cruel market competition,, independently operated by a family brand is less and less, but the Patek Philippe PP is an exception.   since the 1932 CharlesStern in Geneva bought the tabulation of the company, Patek Philippe has been in Dresden (Stern) in the family from generation to generation.   terry · stern (ThierryStern), is the fourth generation of his family, is the current president of Patek Philippe’s son. The Bund No. eighteen, Patek Philippe PP in China the first and the third global boutique, in the face of various celebrities and the media, Terry readily to the "daily economic news" said a family with generations of watches story. Father and son     compared with other world watches, Patek Philippe to the pace of China’s late. But the opening of the decision-making process of the world’s third boutiques, is simple and lively.   "before, we know that China’s top watches the market has great potential. We understand that many of the opponents have achieved good results here." Terry said,, "so, we think, Patek Philippe can come here to develop."

Rolex has a list of changed hands can earn tens of thousands of

        Rolex has a list hand can earn tens of thousands of brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch fried territory shares a day, 10% of the profit is good, fried futures although earn 1 times more likely, but the risk is too big. And some seem to have no profit business is hidden opportunities, a Beijing speculators buy watches from afar two pieces of 68000 yuan Rolex Daytona watch from the Hangzhou shopping malls, the next day, went to Hongkong to watch the auction market transfer, according to recency resale price in the 10-12 million, two watches into one of at least earn 80000 yuan! Sell steel sheet gold watch is more expensive than a week ago,, to a middle-aged man speaking North accent Hangzhou Tower Rolex counters, before he ever call about a Rolex Daytona watch, when informed of the goods, second days he immediately flew from Beijing to Hangzhou. He wanted the Rolex Daytona series watches are a common timing steel sheet, the price at 60000 -7 yuan between, to the counter, he very carefully ask Miss counters if only "white" (the surface of Daytona steel with white, black two dial, the same price), when he knew there "black", would not hesitate to place an order to buy two watches, price of about 140000 yuan. "These two watches have been placed in the safe, in shopping malls have hidden for nearly a year, was originally intended as a treasure, did not expect to be accidentally sold!" Hangzhou Tower clocks stores a responsible person said, the Daytona steel sheet, in Hongkong is a lot of Rolex watch shop treasure, priceless! That paragraph of gold price about 100000 yuan,, but still far from the more in demand. Break a collection of tables and words must high priced "unspoken rule" watch the annual "natural price" has become the industry’s unwritten rules, there are one to two times the annual price of almost all major brands, every price range is about 3%-5%. In general, there is value to the collection of watches on the market there is not found, the others are limited edition, and the price is quite expensive, even hundreds of thousands yuan to the table are not necessarily has the collection value. Now the mall sales of ordinary watch, rarely has the value function, want to cash to buy back is also very troublesome,, priced at several million watches no what value-added features, unless bought the Vacheron Constantin, Breguet table section of millions, if can be well preserved, sure some people will buy. But the actual price of this Daytona in 60000 between -7 million, in the Rolex counter, everywhere is compared to the hundreds of thousands of Yuan gold watch, drill table,, it is only a humble "little guy", but it broke the collection form words will be priced "unspoken rule". An analysis of the industry, Rolex steel table production quantity in general than the steel mixing and full of gold on the surface of small, even if the production quantity is big, but involves a lot number will be very few, this leads to it in the secondary market price will be two to three times the original price. Beijing, Shanghai speculators to hang snatch.

OMEGA Basel 2008 new watches debut

        OMEGA Basel 2008 new watches watches brand debut, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches the OMEGA lunar surface a new member of the family,, super 44.25mm enamel Table 1 Summary: Moon features black enamel dial 2.6 position when the calendar window are still being people indulge in elaborating on is: OMEGA Speedmaster professional moonwatch (OMEGA) (Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch) is the history of mankind, only one section on the moon by astronaut wearing the watch. OMEGA launched a new super enamel lunar table, inherited the legendary design aesthetics history’s first lunar surface, and into the characteristics of innovation on the traditional classic, unique personality charm.   the moon Speedmaster enamel table watchcase diameter of 44.25 mm, in line with the current trend of the big dial watch. The built-in OMEGA 3313 automatic movement, the coaxial escapement device and free sprung balance guarantee watch long run precision and reliability. The moon Speedmaster enamel table after the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification, has high precision vertical wheel timing device and free sprung balance. The moon Speedmaster enamel table dial on black enamel, showing a unique aesthetic distinguished dazzling,, is the whole wristwatches outstanding appearance of the soul. Is in the 6 position the calendar window is this section of the moon surface and significantly different from the moon Speedmaster professional table. The moon is super enamel table — two wristwatches is committed to design almost identical to the super professional moonwatch tribute. However, enamel lunar table exquisite enamel dial and coaxial escapement device mounting is declared to the world: even without the Speedmaster professional moonwatch aura, it can also achieve success. In professional sports time history, OMEGA has a brilliant achievements There is nothing comparable to this. The 1932 Losangeles Olympic Games, OMEGA became the first ever was appointed as the designated Olympic timing company,, provides 30 pieces of stopwatch to contest, OMEGA precision timing for the event held successfully made a remarkable contribution, also from the Olympic Games and the indissoluble bound. OMEGA once successively 22 times for the Olympic Games as the designated time, and will be in the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games again undertake timing task,, this achievement of the other watch manufacturers approach somebody’s greatness. At the same time, OMEGA in the sports timing and data management technology achievement has also been widely recognized.