VogueJewelsAwards fashion jewellery Awards 2009 Awards held in Madrid (Spain). A love at first sight table Kallania won "best jewelry table&quot,;. VacheronConstan

again in twenty-first Century established the position of the impassable. The collector of the beloved object that has real value,       Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin combine art and modern design and perfect the radical. Mechanical movement has the world’s thinnest, 1003 calib Vacheron Constantin by Vacheron Constantin R & D and production, with the prestigious Geneva road signs. Replica watches

        Vogu Jewel Award fashion jewellery Awards 2009 Awards held in Madrid (Spain). A love at first sight table Kallania won best jewelry table "Replica watches

famous Spanish symphony orchestra conductor Inma Shara and Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Spain Brand Manager Jean Loui Queimado together to attend the activities. The award is for those exquisite beyond compare works acceptance,       Vacheron Constantin,Replica hublot watches, Vacheron Constantin’s international image spokesperson. The chief craftsman works incentive producers created a new world record: 186 emerald type diamond totaling nearly 170 carats, the whole table against the shiny, it deserves to be the perfect meticulously for.

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Kallista’s successor,       Kallania is a masterpiece. This year the Kallista was born thirty years every diamond watches are after a long selection process, selected from the many diamonds, selected diamonds produced millions of tons of diamond mine, selected diamonds are SSEF- Swiss gem Research Institute Gemmolog Institut independent laboratory separate certification. Its purity, color, cut and polish level are very rare,Replica watches, all drill > more rare Replica

        oris Oris in order to make the greatest contribution to jazz pianist OscarPeterson respect,, special this limited edition watch. Case: stainless steel size: 42 mm dial: surface amplification rose gold

Oscar Peterson DVD with the table with a gift: wooden box. http://replicawatches,

special this limited edition watch. Oris Ori in order to make the greatest contribution to jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.


case: stainless steel http://replicawatches.yuku,

size: 42 mm

dial: the appearance of amplified VIII

rose gold time mark


movement: ETA calib 2836 automatic movement

scale: the keys of the piano design

: 100 meters waterproof

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Golfer Tiger Woods, tennis player Maria Sharapova, basketball star Yao Ming, F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya and Laike Ning Chinese people first saw the TAG Heuer always be those famous athletes in earnest worn on the wrist, and then look at the TAG Heuer catalog

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golfer Tiger Woods, tennis player Maria Sharapova, basketball star Yao Ming, F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya and Laike Ning replica watches

Chinese people first saw TAG Heuer,finest-watch-sale, these famous athletes are always in earnest worn on the wrist, and then look at the TAG Heuer catalog, golf series, racing series, dive series …… So we are convinced that “TAG Heuer “is a professional sports watch brand. Beginning from 2005, it also suddenly appeared in Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman’s wrist – this two world-famous Hollywood star, but their life is not really any substantive motion relationship. From sports stars to movie stars, TAG Heuer spokesperson huge team began to get people scratching their heads: Is this in China’s most famous sports watch brand changed their direction? replica watches

LVMH is the involvement of TAG Heuer brings these changes. replica watches

Philippe Pascal, LVMH Group, jewelry and watches Division President, “TAG Heuer” pronunciation let this Frenchman read out always like to say, “Tiger Jol”, a TAG Heuer watch newest SRL racing wear In his wrist, leaving his suit and tie looks strange. Philippe Pascal said very seriously: “‘TAG Heuer’ is not a sports watch. Instead, adhering to the spirit of the high-end luxury sports watch.”

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man from the world’s largest luxury goods group, Mr. Chairman people are not satisfied with the usual perception TAG Heuer, he wanted everyone to know that from 2005 the TAG Heuer brand LVMH into its beginning, “TAG Heuer” has been in the road towards the high-end luxury big step forward.

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1860 was founded in Switzerland “TAG Heuer” has been known to produce sports timer. From 1882 the first patented mechanical system timer to 1887’s oscillator adjustment wheel patents from 1916 to launch the first accurate up to 1/100 second chronograph measurement system, launched in 1966 the first time precision up to 1/1000 second micro-timer,, and then in 1969 launched the first turntable with a miniature automatic chronograph system, “TAG Heuer” feature is the precise timing performance. But with many Swiss watch brands than up, the price of living in the end but never able to make people look at it as a luxury. replica watches

in Philippe Pascal’s view, the high-end luxury goods should also have products that everyone can afford. “TAG Heuer products manufactured not to let collection, but in order to allow more people to use. TAG Heuer luxury properties are better quality, more features and better technology, not just the a very high price. “replica watches

Philippe Pascal

quite so proud of each one of TAG Heuer R & D process. To professional athletes as users’ needs as the starting point, has been a TAG Heuer as a motion timer manufacturers principles when designing products, LVMH strong capital investment, so that “TAG Heuer” in the development and promotion With the more powerful backing, They invited the top in every field of sports figures to participate in the theme watch design. replica watches

“Our ambassador is not only the product worn on the wrist camera so simple and we got Tiger Woods, and asked him what to play when the watch needs, wrist shots can bear the additional weight restrictions, anti-wear performance requirements on the surface of the wrist strap and fit the requirements of the force of impact when hitting the impact on the watch running, TAG Heuer’s design team is based on his design to meet the needs of All conditions of the product. “Philippe Pascal Woods said TAG Heuer is proud to be the” first play when you can still wear a watch. ” replica watches

Similarly, the SRL will be available in the second half limited edition watch R & D process, LVMH as F1 team Mercedes – McLaren sponsor, Mercedes-Benz SRL models with features designed shape,, invited riders Monto Asia and Laike Ning participation into the design, and even monitor the performance of the finished product have got F1 monitoring system is complete. “So TAG Heuer’s design and technical standards are always able to adapt to the most challenging sport.” Philippe Pascal said.

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been kind of argument in the widely circulated: If a man has a second piece of good form, it should be block sports watch. TAG Heuer in China, but it is a lot of young people who can not afford a Rolex watch as the first one choice. Although LVMH is “TAG Heuer” design goal is to become a “made in the spirit of sport chronograph watch high-precision products”, SRL market pricing expectations are about 130,000 yuan, but the “TAG Heuer” brand is well-known Chinese consumers still Because less than $ 10,000 price of the product. Meanwhile, Cartier SANTOS series, Schaffhausen IWC (IWC) manufacture of professional aviation watch, Audemars Piguet has released Royal Oak Offshore Juan Pablo Montoya Chronograph automatic winding, etc., many well-known brands have been In the field of sports timer occupy the high-end market, “TAG Heuer” Can LVMH support a high-end sports watch, or,, as Philippe Pascal said, the capture of young successful people, modern, with a keen fashion sense of the crowd, but also over a period of time and the range of products the market response validation. replica watches

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