Xun Zhou Li Bingbing led the luxury brand behind! Inventory actress beloved luxury watch (1)

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Chanel spokesperson

< p > Xun son is the human spirit, the phase of her as a spokesman in China,
www.bagsbagu.com, is took a fancy to her the subsidiary aura. Her kind of a little bit neutral and a bit of feminine temperament,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, just the interpretation of the original Chanel Coco brand into the design concept.

watches: Chanel J12

< p > j12 is probably Chanel watch in the famous series, then a debut to be blockbuster. Since then,
copy bags, the White has become the indispensable to tabulation bound color. If you carefully observe Zhou Xun street shot, you can find such as ceramic like moist and jade like transparent j12 is on her wrist indispensable scenery line.


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Holiday wishes to send four of 10 million within the women’s jewellery watch election recommended [m


) Constellation (constellation) series 1177.75 watch

watch series: Constellation series


movement type: quartz

watch function: clock,http://www.love4usale.com, minute

material: 18K Gold Diamond

braceletstuff: 18K gold

case diameter: 25.5 mm

domestic price: ¥ 99000

< p > brief: full-bodied with 18K gold to create, to a pure metal aesthetic to female friends sent out the call; silver white dial inlaid 12 diamonds hours time scale; a perfect, excellent quality to glorious women displayed; in diameter of only 25.5 millimeters watchcase inlaid on a plurality of diamonds,
www.bags4usale.com, more the watch has a level of ascension.

(OMEGA) Constellation (constellation) series watch

watch series: Constellation series


movement type: quartz

table features: date display

case material: stainless steel with

braceletstuff: leather

case diameter: 35 mm

domestic price: ¥ 75400

< p > brief: also Omega Constellation watch series,
http://www.4usale.com, but the table with date display; perhaps watchmakers in order to make up for shortcomings of the material and increase the date function. Compared with on a watch. This meter diameter to big many,
http://www.chrono2u.com, I think this is specifically for the love of big diameter of friends ready to. The cool sense of its appearance, is the best choice for fashion ladies.

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how to adjust the time? Machine table in what time is the best time?

1, not at 22 points -2 point, (part of the 20 point -4 point) to adjust the date, easy to cause the damage of the watch and the wrong calendar jump.

2, in order to extend the life of the watch, a lot of watches are used in a slow way to jump in the time before and after midnight to jump, generally in the morning before the completion of the jump is normal 2 points, part of the watch to finish at 4 am.

3, there is a day when the calendar can be adjusted to adjust – if the calendar is found in the day around noon,http://www.love4usale.com, the general is the time of the watch fast, slow 12 hours, for example, is now 11 am, the watch is the day before 11 pm, only need to dial a circle,www.free4usale.com, that afternoon to change. This situation is more common,http://www.salewatchstore.com, about 50% of the probability.

4,http://www.bagsbagu.com, the general watch in time adjustment are required to set the clockwise, do not counter clockwise. It is easy to cause the deviation of the watch pointer to be caused by the counter clockwise (the two needle type should be counter clockwise). To pay special attention, if it is the left hand wearing, with the right hand to adjust the words, move forward is clockwise.

5, watch the same way is not the same as the adjustment, but in the adjustment with calendar function of the watch need to consider the morning and afternoon factors.

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table of the Chinese market sales development strategy

watch more than ten years time Mr. Du, is preparing to fly to Switzerland customize their favorite watch. And every year the Basel watch event he is not miss. The general orders usually need to wait for three or four years, to watch enthusiasts and collectors,www.topwatchbest.com, it is common for.

customers are increasingly mature

< p > Mr. Du is a guest of a number of top brand, often receive invitation to watch him this is special to join IWC. Because of the photo and signature of the watch division, and then sell the limited edition of the wrist on the wrist watch, can enhance the great appreciation of space. More and more like Mr. Chinese,
www.chrono2u.com, began to seriously study the watch collection and investment. IWC in Beijing Bai Yue Hotel tabulation course, specially invited for IWC work 50 years of watchmaking division Ge Luosi, for 20 VIP Display tab of the work process. Some customers seems to be watch connoisseur, others to the sales staff asked about every type of table and process, care is far more than price and styles. Equipped with mobile POS machine, ready to wait,
Michele Watches, waiting for the guests will be a table brush off tens of millions of.

international table of the Chinese market sales development strategy

< p > this is a block with the most basic function of simple mechanical watch movement, three blocks of the bridge deck, six gear, a total of more than a dozen pieces of small screws. Learn watchmaker’s gestures using tools will tighten the screws and take one gear is not difficult, but when with a pair of tweezers will delicate gears for quasi Ruby hole, and to ensure that each gear button, then the tiny screw back, then don’t live to shiver. I feel the watchmaker needed to work fine, cautious and mastery of skills. Through experiential marketing to cultivate loyal consumers, is one of the marketing strategies in China. Once a lot of rich as long as you buy, a lot of people talking about top watch only know Rolex (Rolex), now available for choice of brand is really too much, people’s demand for luxury goods extend far beyond wealth, so their brands have resistance to heart to tell their stories and cultural.

in fact,http://www.time4usale.com, the Chinese market more and more attention to the luxury brand. "More than half of the sales are now from Chinese customers, so all brands will be limited to the mainland. Now go to Hongkong to look at the table, many brands may not be as good as the mainland’s Huo Qiquan." Mr. Du said.

Men’s luxury high Jewellery Collection [figure] _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

< p > jewellery this a good business inspired major brands come to China for gold ambition, even even,
Glashuette Original Watches, few people know the wealthy family also in Beijing held grand exhibition of watches and clocks; Chanel also recently in Beijing held their senior jewelry watches exhibition; and it is said that the next plan in Beijing Exhibition of is still on the other a senior jewelry watches brand, Chopin.

however, the jewelry table is often considered a woman’s exclusive. Men in the purchase of their watches, often do not consider this "hand decorated" feature highlights the watch, this and today’s fashion magazines are recommended to escape the relationship, in the layout of the fashion magazine,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, jewelry table often as women’s jewelry accessories, and men’s watches accessories selection,Michele Watches, is often prominent features and design.

< p > Bucherer international chief executive Thomas mort summarize the relationship between man and jewelry table very subtle, "men of the jewelry table may be more is to appreciate, appreciate the design, technology, and the gold watch behind the story and history. In nature, however, men prefer to have a preference for mechanical and functional, but this does not mean that men don’t appreciate jewelry. Men may not have a strong desire to own a piece of jewelry, but most would like to have a woman wearing a jewelry watch."

Breitling Watches where to buy watch


: from the railway to the Bohr time spontaneous proud

light< p > manned cargo train in the past,
http://www.salehublot.com, people on the precise time actually does not have the explicit requirements, and with the rapid development of a postwar business make long-distance express traffic has become a pivotal, punctuality of the train or not has become the one very important thing, and Boer table founder Webb C. Boer is to build all the clocks in railway use standard and detection system made larger contribution. 1891 Kipton train after the tragedy, the regional authorities will invite Webb C. poll on the lakeshore along period of time of investigation, and for them to develop a supervision system.

in the early Boer table table, the most famous is the 999 watches,www.luxury4ubest.com, it is also known as the "railway watch". 1893 999 train into the New York center and the Hardison railway line of the imperial train for the first time more than 100 miles per hour, so the number 999 has become synonymous with high-speed railway. And Boer table is in this historic event as the timing equipment suppliers and in 1895 made a special 18 level 999 bags table to commemorate the high-speed railway. In the next fifty years, the Boer table produced a total of more than 70000 only 998 or 999 level watch,HERMES WATCHES, and those with 999 labeled table has become now clock collectors keen models.

Fun watch App inventory


For Watch the Jewellery Show


system requirements: compatible with iPad,http://www.bagsbagu.com. Requires iSO 4 or later.

size: 8.1MB

language: English

< p > for those who can’t traveled to Switzerland in Basel Watch Fair friends, in this particular application, can experience the Basel Watch Fair grand. You can easily visit all the exhibition halls on the 3D map and get the feeling of the scene. You can also browse the directory of products,
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