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Zhengzhou, which have repair Casio Just watch strap off

        just watch strap broke, a needle on the line.. I have no in Guancheng District, Cartier watches, near the point where from? This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please purchase Premium Edition Pipe City Longhai Road path Sida supermarket (factory diagonally opposite) the watch just strap broke, …Continue reading


Casio LTP-2069D-1A Casio watches this model

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Casio watch how this model? Licensed now about how much money? Taobao genuine price about how much? This version does not support Chinese-English translation, if necessary, please purchase the paid version of Casio accuracy is good, but also very durable, inexpensive, are popular models Casio watch how …Continue reading


Casio how to clean the good watch have their own

    听说好的手表都有自己的清洗办法 卡西欧手表怎么样呃该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版当然,卡西欧手表都是防水的,当然可以放水里洗,,如果你的手表刚买来,可以免费 听说好的手表都有自己的清洗办法 卡西欧手表怎么样呃该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,请购买收费版当然,卡西欧手表都是防水的,当然可以放水里洗,如果你的手表刚买来,可以免费清洗,那么我认为可以去专柜,如果不是,,就没意思了,因为专柜很贵. 最好不要拿牙刷,这样容易使钢表带没有光泽,你可以用洗洁净洗,,之后一冲就可以了 卡西欧手表防水性还是不错的,所以你可以经常清洗,特别是夏天,这样就不容易长期下来有污垢,如果你叫小的缝里,你可以用牙签挑.不过记住,水开的也不要太大,肥皂粉也不错,一粒一粒的,也可以把垃圾搓下来可以用洗洁精水清洗,如果你会 Remove the strap table spread, and then use a soft toothbrush to brush the inside strap, it is easy to remove dirt. I often do cleaning strap.


The friend sent a piece of a piece of the watch’s birthday.

        birthday time, a friend sent a watch, is the SEIKO brand, in the online search for a look like the Japanese, I would like to ask this brand of watches? There is the second hand of a watch is always walk for two seconds (for a short time, add up to …Continue reading


Specification seagull watches Seiko watches Chinese local luxury advocate

        early time,, I knew the Tianjin watch factory (the predecessor of the seagulls group).. I was watching the history of the whole clock.. According to records: as early as 1955, Tianjin as China’s light industry, one of the key city, developed the first Chinese domestic hand was very early to …Continue reading


OMEGA PK Rolex who made a better diving table Group two _ Europe

        buckle is where the entire table is the most unstable. Turn around the lock buckle in Rolex watch in use for a long time, the function is very safe. However, the use of such a thin, thin this price watch, a steel press is free is the place to buckle the …Continue reading


Online selling Rolex watches why so cheap it

        copycat goods, imported parts assembled or smuggled goods. No more explain copycat goods, as it is bad business to do, but the movement, Case strap materials are shrinking, estimated soon but the price is the cheapest, buy a good workmanship charge, Cartier watches, imported parts assembly or copycat goods are smuggled …Continue reading


What is the Rolex watch movement

        it is one of the following two kinds of movement: Quartz Movement: quartz, light energy, Omega replica, kinetic energy, wave mechanical movement: manual, semi-automatic, automatic rotation, fly wheel brand: quartz watch mostly Japanese companies focus: Seiko (kinetic energy) is nothing more than a the following two kinds of movement: Quartz Movement: …Continue reading


2008 father’s Day message select Greetings for father’s Day is the day

        this year, father’s Day is a day in the China, father’s day and father’s day, most of the countries and regions, is the third Sunday in June each year. And this year (2008) of the father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15th, lunar calendar in May twelve. 2009’s fatherThis year father’s Day is the day

in the China, father’s day and father’s day, most of the countries and regions, is the third Sunday in June each year. And this year (2008) of the fatheContinue reading

Off is new omega and cariter watch for sale

        there are different specifications, single box or 4 boxes of a set of uses: mainly used in different parts of oil device. As long as the oil into different, any time convenient to take, the middle slot for the removal of grease stains used pen on, to ensure that the next …Continue reading

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