Replica Chanel J12-Black Ceramic H2014 watch Secret Garden Tasting Bvlgari ‘s first ultra- complicated watches Ladies

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[watch home New Comments] at this Basel Watch Fair, Bvlgari were brought seven new watch, which makes the most memorable is the most representative nature, is this ultra-complex functions ladies watch, this is the first launch Bvlgari Ms. super complicated watches, it represents the advent of Bulgari’s formal entry into the field of Haute Horlogerie. In addition to complex functions, this watch also its most attractive colorful dial, dial so stunning it took some tourbillon style.

ultra-complicated watches Bulgari Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is by no means simple timing tool, it tells a story to the people: a story about Bvlgari, Bvlgari aesthetic value of about The story, a Bulgari and creative design on the story.

ivory dial, with a vivid jungle scene, vividly colorful parrot stand branches. Parrot This element appears in the works of Bulgari is not the first, for the parrot theme of all ages, from Bulgari to this topic hosted by rich symbolic value recognition. Indians in South America, the spirit world, parrot feather color has many symbolic red represents fire, green for earth, blue for rivers and lakes, and the gold represents the sun. These gorgeous colors will undoubtedly carry the infinite beauty of life.

dial set with a total of 40 stones, with delicate designs complement each other, represent a Bulgari relentless pursuit for the decorative arts, it is concentrated in the jewelry watches Bvlgari supreme position in the field of . Soft ivory lacquer painted dial the micro mosaic set off with sparkling gems, enough at first sight.

watch the biggest surprise hidden in among the flowers in full bloom, supported by a sapphire splint self-winding tourbillon movement. Diameter 37 mm 18K rose gold case back through, it can be observed that weight 2.42 grams of rose gold oscillating weight, maintain a self-winding movement stable operation.

dial Another surprising thing is that it’s making use of a traditional art, was born in the 16th century micro-painting process. Dial complicated production process, carrying the infinite care and patience, every one needs to dial exquisite artisans to ensure foolproof case takes two weeks to complete.

dial in 40 brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid jewelry artisans by a complete unique. Exquisite sparkling diamonds on the dial embellishment, adding its dazzling light.

micro draw for the process is slow and complex,Replica Chanel J12-Black Ceramic H2014 watch, requiring craftsman color, drawing and other skilled use of the production process, and in such a small area on the dial complete the creation of even more difficult. This requires a lot of patience craftsman, whether tonal gradations or color mixing and balance are only the top artisans to skillfully use complete.

production process also use a transparent glaze coating to achieve different effects, increasing the dial showing the depth and brightness of the subject.

This exquisite watch will be micro-painted jewelry inlaid with the perfect combination of creative arts and crafts, highlighting the brand’s traditional watch making craft diligently to explore, as well as traditional watch craftsmanship infinite admiration.

Summary: watch beautifully designed, very elegant craftsmanship of the dial,Replica Chanel J12-Black Ceramic H1416 watch, the movement also reached on the production of high watchmaking top specification, is a representative of the top watch works. Bulgari as a stepping stone to enter the field of Haute Horlogerie,Replica Chanel Premiere H0451 watch, enough amazing. This unique Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari watches limited edition 50. (Map / text watch House Nguyen Nguyen)

Hublot Big Bang Blue Dials Watches Movement Longines Conquest L3.676.8.56.3 penetrate aesthetic interpretation real shot


Longines Conquest array namely Longines Sport embodies the core of grace Unique exquisite charm and distinctive bezel. Perfectly embodies the potent integration with matchless elegance its eminent technical features,merely likewise meet the highest demanding requirements of sports persons. Today gave us some Longines Conquest L3.676.eight.56.three watch real shot.

watch with 18K rose gold,polished pure African turntable blueprint exudes a robust sporty. Luminous hour markers chart too uses luxurious 18K rose gold,either apt cultivate the value they tin watch at night below low light conditions Easy apt peruse period

viewed from the side, we tin perceive the watch dial wide Revenge shaped hour plus minute hands roses, there is a yifudangguan, unchallenged mettle . Watch at three o’clock with meeting exhibit window tin available peruse the new rendezvous

improve estimate the thickness of this table ought be virtually 12 mm, the watch cap downstream two seem especially difficult elbow the role is to protect the hat within dress during misuse.

watch the additional side (without cap surface), lugs and base of the desk presents certain arc even when they tin instill compliance in motion within the wrist.

watch diameter of 39 mm,for Asians namely a absolute size,Hublot Big Bang Blue Dials Watches,six,Rado V10K watches,12 dial Arabic numerals phase scale to colossal display chart

watch equipped with a African alligator leather strap pearly silk sewn,BRM V8-44 watches,African plus white it namely extremely capable.

watch butterfly clasp buckle chart namely acclimate to aggrandize the use of the belt apt avert bending plus cozy to clothe

cal.L633 watch equipped with self-winding war power keep of up to 38 hours, from sapphire crystal glass desk by the annihilate you tin visibly see the campaign rose gold oscillating weight a full luxury.

watch the most mysterious district is the war from the diagram we can see which watch staggered complicated action plus covered with a tight wheel screws, do not comprehend You tin discern the war of the secrets it?

Summary: Longines Sport Collection as the most representative of the array Longines Conquest is the essence of pastime elegance expression a symbol of a kind of “conquest” the immortal spirit which namely a bravery new vision plus challenge apt browse the vanguard of tolerance plus identity which is designed Conquest Longines watches onward adhering to the spirit

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TUDOR Watches GRANTOUR CHRONO FLY-BACK 20550N replica The Dark Side tasting new watch Omega Speedmaster

[watch home New Comments] this year’s Baselworld, the Omega launched the new Speedmaster Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon “The Dark Side” watch, The whole body cool black ceramic watch suddenly attracted everyone’s attention, the show has become a popular watch. This watch is currently not enter the domestic market, the following let us first look handsome While cool Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster Chronograph Ceramic.

Omega Speedmaster watch has been launched over half a century, has become a symbol of classic chronograph. Watch rugged and reliable, timeless design and pleasant. Since July 1969 for the first time on the lunar surface after wearing, the “Moon Watch” in the title from the famous. New Omega Speedmaster Chronograph reinterpreted world’s most beloved Chronograph, refreshing.

The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon watch the most attractive place is its black ceramic case, dial and bezel, which makes conventional Speedmaster watch to people completely different feeling. According to the Omega staff said they believe has been produced by the black PVD treatment watches, easier to scratch, easy to damage the watch worn in appearance, so they finally decided to develop one’s own black ceramic case. Its research results show that the new black ceramic case in the anti-scratch performance is much better than the black coated case.

3 o’clock cumulative time in hours and minutes subdial at 9 o’clock subdial for the seconds. Moment,TUDOR Watches GRANTOUR CHRONO FLY-BACK 20550N replica, the three hour and minute hands with 18K platinum, and by super luminous treatment, even in the dark of night, can easily read the time. Central chronograph hand, the top is to increase the visibility of the red. Date display at 6 o’clock position.

the small dial Speedmaster watch dial is different from the common three small dials, and only two small dial. This is Omega’s innovative design,TUDOR Heritage Collection Watches 79620TN Fake, 12 hours and 60-minute counter at 3 o’clock while configuring small dial, so timing is more convenient to read at a glance. 3,4,5 o’clock side of the case at the black chronograph buttons are also polished.

dial with black zirconia ceramic, and a 18K white gold hour time scale, black and white, perfectly contrasting black background.

44.25 mm black shell polished and brushed surface treatment, the side with the perfect combination of lugs, ceramic bezel polished polished smooth, matte silver tachymeter scale to make more visible.

black ceramic case with ceramic piece cut from, so as to ensure the structural integrity of the case. Strap with a comfortable black cloth strap.

bottom of the table engraved with “Dark Side of The Moon” word, unique.

sapphire crystal case back through the anti-reflective treatment, the beauty of the movement operation will develop their eyes. Coaxially mounted inside Omega 9300 automatic mechanical movement with Si14 silicon balance spring, the durability and accuracy is enhanced.

Summary: This watch both in appearance and mechanical properties are very attractive, I believe that the market will have a good after sales reference price of U.S. $ 12,000, or about more than seventy thousand yuan, I do not know whether meet your psychological level. In addition,Franck Muller AETERNITAS men Watch 8888 T, this watch is equipped with a silicon balance spring, all equipped with Omega coaxial watches with silicon springs provide four-year warranty service. (Watch the House map / text Nguyen Nguyen)

luxury swiss watches Raiders capital to buy a table summary of articles – in the end Which mall is good


capital to buy the table a series of introductory articles to this came to an end, so in the end what is more comfortable shopping district to buy the brand more complete table it? So we gave you assess it, the view represents only my personal point of view, we can choose according to their different preferences mall near the fire from their own or familiar to.

We write articles or in accordance with the order we were introduced first by Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and Beijing Hualian Group spent 750 million established Shin Kong shopping malls, big children gathered in the mall, the mall every luxurious a mall entrance has a security guard, unauthorized persons can not enter inside.

Beijing Shin Kong Department Store

Shin Kong a total of 12 million square meters of business area,luxury swiss watches, there are 11 top watch brands and all the stores, some of the PFP brand is invisible here. If you are tired you can go sit in a restaurant located on the 6th floor, 6th floor, a total of about 10 or so restaurants, per capita consumption of 100 yuan. Shin Kong is quite ample parking spaces, parking is critical when we go do now actually have not changed free of charge?

business area: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
number of brands: ★ ★ ★ ☆
Food Diet: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
shopping environment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Location: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
parking: 2700
Overall Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Summary: Shin Kong Oriental Plaza mall is set up to be compared to some of late, but the shopping environment and some of the crowd to be relatively high, as is the neighboring Beijing CBD and attract a lot of Jinling to nearby shopping, and watch brand owned by a majority of the top brands, and the supporting facilities are complete so comprehensive evaluation of five stars.

Oriental Xintiandi Plaza

Malls total business area of ​​130,000 square meters, is divided into a total of seven shopping theme blocks. Owns 20 watch brands, top brands have 10 or so some of these are close to the people brands such as Tissot, Citizen, gulls and other domestic brands.

business area: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
number of brands: ★ ★ ★ ★
Food Diet: ★ ★ ★ ☆
shopping environment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ < br /> Parking spaces: 1900
Overall Score: ★ ★ ★ ★

Summary: Oriental Plaza mall Shin Kong watch brand area is relatively more dispersed, but the brand to be more than the Shin Kong, but also some of the more populist and more brands, but not all stores oh. Therefore, due to geographical location in Beijing tourist shopping crowd is more complex, often hear a foreign accent tourists in conversation,Chanel Exclusive Editions Watches, as food and beverage can in the basement food court dining, eating and drinking most of the fast food per capita consumption of 30 yuan. Integrated in all aspects of our overall score of four stars, somewhat less than the Shin Kong.

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street has one of the few stores, mostly other retail outlets. Somewhat mixed feelings, but store in the environment is good, everyone in the store when entering non-shopping needs careful oh.

number of brands: ★ ★ ★ ★
Food Diet: ★ ★ ★ ☆
shopping environment: ★ ★ ★
Overall Score: ★ ★ ★

Summary: Wangfujing Street because several large shopping malls in series so we can not calculate the business area,Hublot Big Bang 45mm watches, there are many brands, but the majority of retail stores, specialty stores only a few, this crowd is relatively speaking in front of two more the complexity of a lot of tourists with travel cap on the inside look at the watch, so that all aspects of the overall comprehensive score of three stars.

Summary: This comprehensive look at several malls shopping environment Shin Kong was undoubtedly the most comfortable, but if you are a higher brand positioning senior table fans can choose to come here. If you want to choose some sort of brand People can come to the Wangfujing shopping district around, where not only high-end brands and some of the PFP brand is also a good place to buy the table.

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BRM V12-44 watches Have both fashion and fun tasting luminous watches Mido

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[home watch watch Tasting] I believe many people like me, the sight of orange, you can think of under the sun of California, Orange and Mido passionate brand attributes . I remember at the show, exhibition hall, and showcase Mido have used the brand itself unique orange, as if the whole show can follow its pulse jump together.

like Mido people have a lot of passionate young people like it, like it’s the middle-aged faithful and pragmatic. Can be said Mido watch, everyone can find their own style, and now I come to you recommend a helmsman Mido watches, the official model: m005.930.37.050.00.

luminous watch maybe you is not strange, then this innocent orange pointer and hour markers watch it was only the United States can do so fine degree. While this watch emphasis on young people’s tastes, vibrant.

There crown side, with a matte texture design make people feel a sense of high-end detail. In fact, many will be on the watch case design with frosted designs. Because of this design is not only aesthetic, but also has anti-wear characteristics.

m005.930.37.050.00 from the back you will find the entire gold watch design highlights the beauty of the brand characteristics. Beautiful, stylish, very tide flavor. Back through the movement of the watch is not only a symbol of the main force in the fashion circle, but also high-light, led by technology.

m005.930.37.050.00 rubber bands appeared most sporty driving is every movement of people can not let go of the strap material most good choice. Mido synthetic rubber strap,BRM V12-44 watches, strong toughness, wear comfortable.

m005.930.37.050.00 watch is not very large, but also not very heavy, because sports watches need to try to feel light and comfortable to wear.

To be consistent with the strap, clasp is also designed to become black. Stainless steel clasp design durable. As a sport of choice, Mido this watch with a classic design chain clasp.

m005.930.37.050.00 Mido’s clasp is adopted vacuum ion plating material. Such materials are corrosion-resistant, anti-wear characteristics. In addition to these advantages, the most intuitive advantage of aesthetics is very prominent.

m005.930,Corum Admiral’s Cup Legend NEW Watches.37.050.00 While this watch dial diameter is 42 mm. Just to meet young people’s fashion aesthetic vision. Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass table mirror crystal clear.

luminous under the time display lets you watch a layer of more love. Luminous hour markers and a pointer type in a dark environment can become your “time inducer,TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAU1114.FT6024 Watch.”

m005.930.37.050.00 Mido watches mostly using transparent case back design, the situation can be observed travel time. Mido each series offers certified chronometer watches. Accurate travel time, stable operation.

Summary: Mido’s advantage is that it is like each table is only a happy messenger, human services, while giving users more happiness. While this watch is the most attractive places of the dial looks fresh orange dotted active in black with more cool. In short like Mido watches, to choose a watch orange color elements must be true. (Map / text watch home Zoe)

Hublot NEW watches Magnificent five social topics see recommend

social topics watch everybody knows, and are of interest to watch,Hublot NEW watches, this watch definitely has its own distinctive characteristics is other watches do never have, perhaps function, and perhaps look,perhaps is meaningful and so aboard Watch the House today gave you recommend several social topics watch, helping everyone can understand watch.

rolex (Rolex) Daytona (Daytona) 116598 RBOW watch

watch series: Daytona (Daytona)

Movement type: automatic movement

Case Material: 18K gold

belt Material: 18K gold

Case Diameter: 40 mm

watch Details:

watch Comment: The watch was watch fans affectionately known as “colored labor.” Equipped with self-developed according the Rolex 4130 Rolex automatic winding mechanical chronograph action and with a gem-studded rainbow hues of the outer ring, lugs,shoulder and hour markers are set with gems, these gems shining red orange, yellow, green purple and other gorgeous colors,favor the color of the sky graceful transformation scene. Winding cap with patented three padlocks waterproofing system,medium case with a solid block of 18 ct gold casting,base via a special tool watchmaker Rolex tightened so completely sealed case. The Rainbow Daytona 40mm Oyster case,to insure waterproof apt 100 meters.

patek philippe (Patek Philippe) 5204 platinum watch

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case Material: Platinum 950

Strap: alligator

Case Diameter: 40 mm

watch Details:

watch Comment: Which watch for the twice second chronograph, with two seconds, their use varies. Normal operating conditions, this two pointers apt keep pace. When the function namely enabled then pin chronographs pointer stops immediately amid order apt log the time interval. Released, chronographs and timing pointer pointer ambition re-synchronize. Between these two pointers with a mechanical game, which we call “catch-up game.” For this game needs a heart-shaped cam fanatic forks and along the brim of the centre cam rotation ruby ​​rollers. Patek Philippe with two innovative technologies within the present CHR 29-535Q movement surrounded the integration of these important functions.

HUBLOT (Hublot) Classic Fusion 401.MX.0123.GR watch

watch series: Classic Fusion (Classic Fusion)

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: Titanium

belt Material: Rubber

Case diameter: 45 mm

watch Details:

watch Comment: watch each detail of the diagram and production are adhering Hublot and Ferrari in the DNA namely are common basic principles: action performance and technology. The entire gold watch without any unwanted parts.nine o’clock position of the dial legendary Prancing Horse logo embossed,3 o’clock minute timer with yellow pane, and displays the date pointer and scale blueprint inspired along Ferrari’s dashboard.

Glashütte (Glashütte) Senator (Senator) 89-01-03-93-04 watch

watch series: Senator (Senate)

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case Material: Platinum

Strap: alligator

Case Diameter: 48 mm

watch Details:

watch Comment: Which watch namely the world’s 1st set of functions among one of a diversity of complicated mechanical watches, the use of a distinctive flying tourbillon. Travelers can clothes this watch among the world, 37 phase zones among any two time zones,swiss watches,evidently know the household day and night period and peregrination period can likewise accurately grasp the daylight saving phase and standard period system within order apt continue apt the east clockwise along alternatively reverse period apt return apt the West. Use watch calendar function, you can record period passenger traveling clockwise or counterclockwise,Hublot Big Bang 44mm watches, and the forward and behind distinction changes; Thus, the wearer at all times while the destination and meeting changes can be displayed.

piaget (Earl) Black Tie (Black Belt Series) G0A37114 watch

watch series: Black Tie (Black Belt Series)

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case Material: 18K Rose Gold

Strap: alligator

Case Diameter: 43 mm

watch Details:

watch Comment: Which watch to calculate the latest release products, the present Gouverneur order combines craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, explained the core of the enumerate process and historical merit It inherited the fine tradition shaped case, the use of extremely personalized draft meantime equipped entirely onward the Earl of design evolution and production of perplexing functions mechanical action Center of the turntable has been extended apt construct a composite shape beautiful soft and harmonious architecture,perfect wonderful workmanship.

Summary: a watch, a complicated Recommended as everyone watch on can be said to have their own characteristics. Start quickly to nab accumulated social topics, so as apt be ready then a engaged social season in rapidly open the title apt obtain attention!

A Lange & Sohne TOURBOGRAPH – Pour le Merite watches Five easy form steel mechanical watches Recommend


stainless steel watch swiftly namely apt construct the main material,however there are some jewel metals, ceramics, titanium,A Lange & Sohne TOURBOGRAPH – Pour le Merite watches, etc.additional material,merely stainless iron namely still the main material to build the watch. Case made of stainless iron affordable,beautiful advent plus better maintenance. So swiftly most of the jot alternatively multi-case plus bracelet with stainless iron for material. Today we suggest you give several stainless iron mechanical watches.

Beijing auto mechanical watch Cyangugu 16 watch

watch series: Mechanical watches

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless iron

Strap Material: Stainless steel

Case Diameter: 40 mm

servant lawful price: ¥ 1,980

watch Details:

watch Comment: Beijing Cyangugu 16 watch, stainless iron case plus bracelet construct 40 mm silver white dial watch thickness 10 mm, water resistant to 30 meters. B16ZR watch namely equipped with self-winding action which operation apt cater a power keep of up to 42 hours,approximately the pin namely located among the chief dial,assignation exhibit by three o’clock, winding deal shaft 1st gear, second gear fast tune almanac stop-seconds-to-point third gear.

magnificent array L4.921.four.eleven.six Longines watches

watch series: Magnificent

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case material: stainless iron

Strap Material: Stainless iron

Case Diameter: 38.5 mm

servant allowable price: ¥ 10,400

watch Details:

watch Comment: watch the same uses a stainless iron case plus bracelet construct 38.5 mm desk diameter,Armani watches, pure pearly dial chart Roman numerals arise by the altitude there namely a special prettiness stick-shaped pointer indicates the phase evidently legible Watch three o’clock rendezvous exhibit watch dial inside alley minute scale exhibit

Mido Multifort (Helmsman Series) M005.430.11.061.00 watch

watch series: Multifort (Helmsman Series)

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless steel

Strap Material: Stainless iron

Case diameter: 42 mm

servant official price: ¥ 6,700

watch Details:

watch Comment: watch dial with dark gray turntable splint blueprint folk feel quite fresh. Rivet significant period scales and sword-shaped luminous display,merely also apt insure accurate reading of the evening. 42 mm diameter colossal table blueprint Watch equipped for ETA 2836-2 automatic action power keep of 40 hours sustainability, vibration frequency of 28,800 times never hours,to guarantee accurate peregrination phase watch, watch waterproof up to 100 meters.

Hamilton AVIATION (Khaki Aviation Series) H76412133 watch

watch series: AVIATION (Khaki Aviation Series)

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless iron

Strap Material: Stainless iron

Case Diameter: 40 mm

domestic lawful price: ¥ five,Tonino Lamborghini Corsa III watches,060

watch Details:

watch Comment: 40 mm African turntable three white turntable namely primarily conspicuous,3 o’clock 12-hour timer turntable by six o’clock direction is normal timepiece second disk,nine o’clock apt 30 minute counter,central seconds hand chronograph seconds hand. It should be eminent that the figures for the external ring watch velocity data, watch waterproof apt 50 meters.

array T035.207.eleven.011.00 Tissot T-Trend watch

Watch Series: T-Trend

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless steel

Strap Material: Stainless steel

Case Diameter: 32 mm

servant official price: ¥ five,250

watch Details:

watch Comment: This watch gave me the image of the first impression is cozy and artistic Watch case diameter is only 32 mm,but as a matron watch is still very good watch thickness of 10.1 mm, personal feeling slightly thicker point. Watch equipped with the prominent ETA2824-2 automatic action permanence precise plus durable. So everyone aboard the watch movement concerns can be eliminated completely Watch waterproof up to 100 meters.

Summary: Of lesson,now watch the best steel alternatively 904L stainless iron used by Rolex,but the price is a lot more priceless Stainless iron case and bracelet namely likewise resistant apt corrosion function,by far for feasible among the summer period are wearing steel chain,to deter corrosion of the summer sweat. Another point namely that the cost of steel wristwatch are lofty.

discount watches Different ages five different styles of vary worship see recommend

60, 70, 80, 90, 00, the different generations have different life, a alter environment for the growth of revise feelings of the Outlook. You can never acquaint people accede vary ages the same thing, saying that a three-year breach whether considered a span of ten years, this boat can escape into the trench,yet you let them empathy, somewhat inconsiderate. Like everyone has their preference alternatively obsession watch, watch general discuss Which best pieces originally ineffective things. Each person’s experience is special,agreeable things are comely alternatively bad thing worth mentioning,ambition be uncommon Each person’s experience namely finite so we favor to peruse other people’s stories, speculations past period let us corner with period apt recollection those moments past,look by the revise experiences would be applicable for Which wrist tables.

Titoni (Plum) 83588 S-DRAGON-W watches

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case material: stainless iron

Strap material: stainless steel

Case Diameter: 40 mm

domestic official price: ¥ 18,discount watches,800

watch Details:

watch Comment: Most of the folk backward 60 years has been reluctant to recall those days of the past,poverty famine, political turmoil has become synonymous with their growing years. They had been rejected from a coming epoch,culture literacy,faith people have been questioned and criticized later. But a lot of them are 1st generation behind the reopening of educated folk,back courageously fighting the tide of reform, and achieved great success, becoming the country’s mainstay. This generation namely fortunate is unfortunate, non-cons only you know. Plum table prefer this brand, stormy centuries,according apt fable three generations, during which the matter encountered few folk can distinguish Stationed surrounded China as the 1st Swiss watch brand, sold decades countless watch, precision and durability characteristics are well known and loved. Price namely likewise very near to the people for the folk of the older generation accustomed thrift adapted The desk with the turntable of the same color dragon-shaped relief,beauteous and low-key, auspicious. Automatic mechanical campaign aboard the chain of eliminating the everyday labor, with date display,everyday dress enough.

Rolex (Rolex) Datejust II array 116333 Ivory watches

Watch Series: Datejust

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case Material: 18k gold – iron

belt Material: 18k gold – steel

Case Diameter: 41 mm

servant legal price: ¥ 89,200

watch Details:

watch Comment: 70 behind a cheerful they bathed amid the spring breeze of reform below China; 70 namely lonely, they are the first generation that namely planned; 70 are contradictory, they face a ever-changing era 70 is a correction and renewal among the growing generation,one is still subject apt many traditional ideas of imprisonment,on the other hand has been affected by outer ideological and cultural clash In the age civilization society grew up underneath the bruise behind 70, has swiftly transform an of the maximum silence and successful generation of folk aboard them with many topics and period scale. This generation has been more than a Rolex discern this brand are actually counterfeit discern more does not mean understanding, understanding how would never love”Golden worker” worn on a two-year-old man who was showing off, worn aboard a four-year-old man who namely advisable

Beijing hand-winding mechanical watch series B016200801S watch

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case material: stainless steel

belt Material: 18k gold – iron

Case diameter: 38 mm

domestic official price: ¥ three,500

watch Details:

watch Comment: 80 back a long duration of period is to be misunderstood generation, being older called “Beat Generation”, of lesson this title has been successfully transmitted apt the next generation. In truth this kind of interpretation is entirely misunderstood, there namely discrimination 80 Indeed growth environment than previous generations,merely this namely a national revival and prosperity,correspondingly ought not be so to denounce this generation. Today,back 80 has gradually grown up,come from build up social and home responsibilities. But this generation of folk who grew up amid the honey boiler bones are forever kind of babe sex, they miss their wonderful childhood and lull student period face the front of the many difficulties and pressures,prefer to find some free period to loosen opportunities. “Retro”is likewise a favorite of this generation fashionable term,age bicycle needs winding Green frog,vintage watches for sale, green legion bags, have transform the center of their adore so this effortless retro styling Beijing watch,amid their eyes have a alter kind of prettiness Shoulder mortgage behind 80 may actually can never furnish a grace watch, Beijing People First cost is very suitable desk classic Beijing Tiananmen LOGO, chances are they ambition think of wearing a ruddy scarf within Tiananmen Square among front of the camera look

MONTBLANC (Montblanc) Automatic Series 107076 watch

watch series: Stars

Movement Type: Automatic mechanical

Case Material: 18k Rose Gold

Strap: alligator

Case Diameter: 39 mm

domestic allowable price: ¥ 75,880

watch Details:

watch Comment: People often think that backward 90 generations of happiness, it namely never true, they face an open, a new epoch of information technology. Education full of contradictions, full of contradictions family society full of contradictions, this generation deep. Growing environment full of contradictions created their very change personalities. They do never care virtually politics, do never consideration about culture do never care almost history, they have their own values ​​and the pursuit apt be more self-centered generation. Montblanc watches,BRM Precious watches watches,notwithstanding never considered classic watch brands among the generation,merely it has a distinctive historical backdrop and special blueprint manner exquisite simplicity never play 90 A lot of people have entered the workplace, it namely better to give yourself a short-term goals, saving money to purchase an impetuous wind and nowadays contrary understated elegance watches.

IWC (IWC) Portugal Series IW544205 watch

watch series: Portugal

Movement Type: Manual mechanical

Case Material: Platinum 950

Strap: alligator

Case Diameter: 43 mm

servant lawful price: ¥ 445,000

watch Details:

watch Comment: In truth more phase apt divide the population is divided along apt the social environment,amid equitable the past decade is the decade of China’s quick economic development,but likewise the Internet epoch and the decade of social networking emission Rapid evolution and changes among this decade was born and raised children, has a more generous environment for the growth duration on the other hand they are more hope This generation has never grown up,merely they will face a absence to transform the economic architecture of a need apt reform the social architecture the so-called long access apt go Now they may have in the hands of Apple has enough,yet one daytime they longing find they need one of their own watch. IWC Portuguese chip of hollow diamond watch, watch gorgeous blueprint and exquisite combination of watchmaking,within ten years it ambition never be outdated. Hopefully, the cost of this watch,among the afterward ten years longer and constantly inaccessible.

Summary: behind 60 to 00 behind the duration span of half a centenary throughout the macrocosm,afterwards this namely just drip among the ocean,never worth mentioning,yet for a natural person who, for 50 years has been a quite long. Different years created a different preferences,favor every watch brand, created at vary times, there are a diversity of alter experiences, exudes wind is alter Everyone ambition have their own watch, and watch your own story among.


Hublot Replica watch Big Bang Denim 44mm 301.CI.5190.GR HUBLOT Hublot tableau BIG BANG un million de dollars LADY 38mm watch  excellence unique, parmi les 880 coupées à la main rectangulaires diamant incrusté de pierres précieuses d’un poids total de 48 kt . Big Bang 2 Million € BB 44mm 305.WX.0099.WX.9904 Regardez la série par un maître de la furtivité mosaïque incrusté de pierres millions , utilisant une mosaïque de furtivité , parfait clou diamant éclat lumineux. Depuis 2010 à Bâle depuis les débuts, BIG BANG 44MM DIEGO MARADONA GOLD CERAMIC 318.PM.1190.GR.DMA10 BIG BANG un million de dollars LADY 38 mm regarder réalisations extraordinaires et a remporté de nombreux réputation . Hublot 5 Million Dollar Big Bang 306.WX.0099.WX.9904  En raison du processus de production extrêmement complexe , qui veille actuellement seulement accepter des commandes spéciales.Replica Hublot watch Big Bang Chrono Tourbillon Ferrari 44mm 308.QX.1110.HR.SCF11

SIHH 2013 Hublot mince montre en céramique noire creux

intervient moins d’un an, le mélange classique mince creux montres Hublot est devenu l’une des montres les plus vendus dans l’une . Autour du monde – que ce soit en Asie, en Europe ou aux Etats-Unis, cette montre ont acquis un succès sans précédent, est devenu le montres Hublot classique pilier. Cette série a maintenant un nouveau membre – Classique Fusion mince montre en céramique noire creux.Hublot BIG BANG CAVIAR 346.PX.0880.VR watch

mince creux watch En a un design plus exquis, mais conserve également le Hublot Tableau logo dynamique et moderne le plus reconnaissable. Après le salon de Bâle 2012 Distribué après le paragraphe Wang et de titane, cette série dispose désormais d’un nouveau membre – Classic Fusion Céramique montre. En la matière céramique noire polie et satinée pour donner à la montre une élégante et Mode autre type de tempérament.

45 mm de diamètre, entièrement alimenté par l’usine de Hublot à Nyon, en Suisse indépendamment développé et fabriqué par Hublot nouveau mouvement CLASSICO auto-produit (HUB1300). Seulement 2,9 mm d’espace pouce d’épaisseur contenant 130 pièces, complètement creux Design Show montre la structure exquise intérieur – que ce soit tuning des contrepoids ou des roues est affichage plus clair et intuitif dans le regard professionnel. 7 heures de position du cadran est réglé petite seconde partie de sa Hublot style de conception au début de pointeur de suite, afin de rendre hommage à l’histoire de la marque. Bracelet en cuir de crocodile noir doublé de caoutchouc naturel, avec boucle déployante, afin d’assurer autant que possible pour l’utilisateur de fournir le confort, la flexibilité et la durabilité. Classique choix approprié pour un usage quotidien, pour un maximum de 90 heures de réserve de marche, et le fonctionnement normal des 50 mètres sous l’eau excellent coefficient étanche Ajoute des rehauts.Big Bang Gold Leopard 41mm 341.PX.7610.NR.1976

dans le style classique de cette montre Hublot design mince et représentant de la dynamique et contemporain” concept noir “a fait remarquable équilibre entre l’effet, est de démontrer la l’intégration de la doctrine traditionnelle et moderne de l’excellent exemple. Big Bang Boa Bang Gold Green 41mm 341.PX.7818.PR.1978