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ceramic washable and troubleshooting

< p > ceramic watch to be washable, ceramic watches in the use of the process,
L. Leroy Watches, due to the time problem, in the parts of the oil will with time to dry slowly, it will increase the friction, make parts rotate the resistance increases, leading to the watch the precision drops. There will be dust into the machine, the formation of scale. So the ceramic watches should be washable in use after a period of time.

specific method of

ceramic watch washable and troubleshooting< p > ceramic watches should be washable, however, this time is how long?? this is cannot treat as the same, different models are not the same,, this time is the need to grasp the, high precision tool is cannot always dismounting, this will lead to its own parts concave degree decreased, affecting the normal function. Specific needs of washable is according to case density degree related,topwatchbest, the general waterproof watch watchcase density relatively would be better, washable, the time should be longer. Of course, this is also a flexible approach, in which we use the process to find the watch is more slowly, or the wind is not enough time to use a long time to take into account the need to clean the gas. This is to ensure the normal use of parts and prolong the lifespan of the most effective way.

Your watch case with modified art _ watch movement _ watch small knowledge _ fashion watch

due to the very small, so even in the bulk of the machine to produce the Swiss, the modification of these components have to be done by hand or by hand. To ensure uniform, workers often use machines. In case of circular pattern (Perlé or perlage), the grinding head is driven by the motor, and the workers need to do is to move down to grind each grain.

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manual guilloche: less than one hundred digit handicraft artist

is currently on the watch can best embody the craft is guilloche (guilloché). This process is almost lost, a dozen years ago in Germany, France and Switzerland to be restored. Guilloche, also known as rose engraving machine, this process with the aid of mechanical rotation, in the specification of pre designed pattern plate of carving a variety of decorative patterns. This process relies on hand to control the engraving of the uniform, so although it is a mechanical, but more biased in favor of manual process. At present, the number of skilled use of technology to master guilloche 100. Recently there are a lot of factories by industrial means (such as stamping, friction pressure or carved machine) to the rapid production of guilloche patterns. But the real senior only manual guilloche.

and a few other high-end brands are still using guilloche technology. Interesting is, for the difference between the market’s rapid and inexpensive pseudo guilloche, Breguet in their guilloche dial are printed with manual guilloche (guilloché main) words. And this manual (main) words to join, for the machine is currently a large number of alternative to the manual manufacturing of watches and clocks industry,, the number of irony. Most of the Breguet dial, in addition to the material and movement of Fritillaria dial, use manual guilloche. This process makes a lot of manual Breguet additional value.

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UK: it is difficult to go beyond the process of height

< p > in the history of clocks and watches, British watchmaking (from marine chronometer to watch),, whether clock accuracy and appearance, in the past a century reached the most glorious period. The height of the British tab in the movement of the movement, has not been surpassed. Because of the requirements of the British watch for manual process is very demanding, while the Swiss watch more prominent industrialization and modernization of the advantages. Swiss brand in the movement of the inheritance of the traditional process of the ancient clock and watch the traditional process of the brand is not much, is one of the. Because a Breguet belong to a similar position in France and British watchmaking brand watches.

Guerra Souty record years in Germany core _ watch _ watch a little knowledge of _ Pacific wome

Guerra Souty is a senior German mechanical watch brand. One of as can be counted on one’s fingers in the world’s full range of watch 100% assembly self movement senior mechanical watch brand, brand adhering to the traditional Germany manual tabulation process: from the product in the invention, design, to production tools, production of spare parts, to product assembly, grinding, packaging and so on, is completely done by glashutte original. Each lasu watch is the one and only works of art, convey wearing noble taste. After years of ups and downs, glashutte continuation of Germany has a long tradition of watchmaking, continue to write the legend of the German senior tabulation. And Gela Soviet peduncle and Patek Philippe both contrast has been to relish: a luxury goods group,, join in the army of Germany, the essence of the brand; a is adhere to the independent tabulation and family run Swiss treasure. This is not just a path of two watch brand, but also a "stick to what, what breakthrough" for a long time on thinking.


brand name:

said lasu without mentioning its birthplace: lasu town. The population of only 2500 people in the German town has 165 years of history of the watch. In watchmaking industry reached its peak in the 19th century, glashutte town watchmaking industry unprecedented prosperity, not only gathered in the numerous leading watchmaker and their watchmaking factory, has brought together a large number case, a pointer, and a balance wheel and watches accessories manufacturers. It was the center of the world’s most important and one of the most important in the world. 1878 in grasu pedicle town (Glashü TTE) established "the German watchmaking school",, not only for the glashutte town cultivate a group of professional technician watches, many people after graduation more around the globe, German watchmaking pith to flourish. However, the outbreak of the Second World War ended this ready power. In a few hours before the end of World War II, lasu town (Glashü TTE) was the Soviet aircraft bombing razed to the ground. In 1951, when the ruling party ordered Guerra Su Di Zhen (Glashü TTE) all independent watchmaking company merger is a combination of state-owned enterprises: Gela Soviet peduncle table factory (veb Glashü tter uhrenbetrieb (GUB). 1990 Gela Soviet peduncle table factory (veb Glashü tter uhrenbetrieb (GUB)) restructuring of Gela Soviet peduncle tabulation Co., Ltd. (Glashü tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH),, completely inherited the Gela Soviet peduncle town (Glashü TTE) original all watchmaking factory technology, knowledge property right and property. After the reorganization of the Glasgow SUDI tabulation Co., Ltd. (Glashü senior mechanical watches tter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH) production was officially named as lattice >

Mechanical fault [most prone to fall after the map] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific


mechanical watch was broken the most prone to failure

in the machine parts most "delicate", when the balance wheel and spring. Balance is because the vertebral axis is very small, about only 0.10 mm and the balance wheel in a watch do high-speed vibration rotation, the whole mass of the balance wheel have to rely on it to support. Now the brand watches are equipped with shock absorbers, can effectively protect the vertebral axis balance was not damaged in strong vibration shock. Movement in the gossamer hair spring) is actually a small spiral spring, its shape is known as the Archimedes spiral.

mechanical watch was broken the most prone to failure

about 10 laps, with a very complex composition of nickel based material. It is to maintain the balance of the mechanical shock is one of the most important parts,Glashuette Original Senator Watches, its installation, adjustment, shape, gap and watch in speed clip swing Kuang is watch timekeeping accuracy the most crucial part of the decision. Spring rigidity, spacing and number of laps,, and watch the oscillation frequency and core size. Generally speaking, the low frequency or bijou, gossamer relatively "soft", on the other hand, the higher the frequency, gossamer, the more "hard". Watch the early "slow swing" (18000 /), after being hit by a watch hairspring, most prone to "hanging ring" phenomenon. That is to say the inner ring is hung above the gossamer clip in the pile or the speed of hairspring. Usually performed as a watch to stop walking or walking fast.

The future achievements in science and technology of ceramic and metal composite material _

science and technology achievements in the future of ceramic and metal composite


high tech precision titanium ceramic

in Chanel before, but also never which a brand can rise to the color of the table and design, technology, process general sharp height, it is the industry’s first shot of pure white concept, in the Chromatic J12 high tech precision titanium ceramic table came out on the occasion, Chanel has once again focused its attention on the color of the table. The Chanel original silver,Chopard Watches, not with plating, coating or what other dyeing process to achieve, but from the material itself color source — gray titanium metal and ceramic luster, via the diamond polishing powder, so don’t worry have risk of scratch, fade, even by the years of erosion, also to timeless.

science and technology achievements in the future of ceramic and metal composite

WatchJ12 Chromatic

titanium ceramic, the use of high-tech precision ceramic manufacturing process, but also inherited the former hard and wear-resistant, light and beautiful, but it is spent on grinding and polishing time is 3 times the former. In order to make the j12 chromatic can present a more rich visual effects, Chanel in different parts of the table using the different process: the medial surface ring and central dial through the drawing processing,, make the surface is full of texture; outer bezel, ear and link table is used to polishing process the emitting a fascinating gloss. As we all know, high-tech ceramics can only be polished,, can not be brushed (ceramic hardness is too high, with diamond wire drawing is not realistic), and titanium metal is just in turn (because of the titanium metal adhesion, a large piece of polishing will scratch), the two are in the process of defects. Chanel in the integration of them, but also to achieve the advantages and disadvantages of complementary.

Harm [figure] _ pointer watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pacific women on the dial


people do not have to look at every day with the dial and pointer. Pointer are by elastic win tie, was crushed under the pointer shaft, under normal circumstances is not fall off, and shift, especially the function code of the watch, install the hands of more stringent, that they removed are very strenuous. Perhaps some people will feel strange, how can a pointer to the watch dial? Yes, this is the case.

1, watch pointer off

When the watch is

when the severe vibration, the pointer may fall, especially the second hand is more likely. If second hand (including small second hand or other function pointer) has dropped down, may card in, the minute hand and a dial, then watch to walk, the second will was stirred and zoned rub dial disk, resulting in dial scratch. Of course, this time if you need to dial, the situation is even worse, to know that the value of the dial is very high, and some parts are not easy to find.

2, the gap between the clock and the dial

clock with the dial distance recently, if there is no security gap, will rub to the surface, causing the dial to cause a circular scratch, which also includes the night on the night, and the night will be rubbed off. In addition, there are clockwise position is too low, rub to dial the logo,, minute hand position is too low or axle skew, resulting in minute hand rub in front to dial when match above. This will not only cause scratches,, but also to bring failure.

Luminous watch and electric fluorescent table what is the difference between [figure] _ _ watch watc


< p >, commonly known as the "luminous" refers to the pointer or word nail is coated with fluorescent powder in the darkness visible pointers or word nail luminescence. There is also a luminous watch is the ninety time in the middle of the whole surface can be made of fluorescent electric watches. The difference between the two is as follows:

luminous watch

1,, luminous watch by absorbing natural light emitting,, and electric table depends on the battery fluorescent light.

< p > 2, a luminous watch & quot; luminous & quot; only the light is dark visible and fluorescent electric table just press the corresponding with always luminous.

< p > 3, luminous watch the light-emitting time by absorbing light time and intensity limit, electric fluorescent light-emitting time battery can limit.

Van Cleef & Arpels Poetic wish not only contains the poetic romantic timepiece [map] watch auction u

Van Cleef & Arpels

Poetic Wish:

not only contains the poetic romance meter< p > the section of the table is a collection of high quality gems (the mosaic of the D, e and f types of diamond, the VVS) and special technology series (with gold carved, painted enamel,, pearl parent carved, inlaid precious stones) and high watchmaking company (constant force mechanism and a fifth asked tables and three automatic device). Last year with the lovers on the bridge was popular, in Jean Marc Weiderrecht under the leadership of senior watches production base Agenhor development goals is the money.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Poetic Wish:

not only contains the poetic romance meter< p > as all van Cleef & Arpels van Cleef & amp; Arpels poetic complex functional watch, like, two new Poetic wish watch of course not only is a decoration. Their movements were in the form of "poetic romance animation" respectively,
Tag Heuer Watches, indicating minutes and hours, and the "five second" mechanism, that first hour, with 5 minutes for the caller, in response to the hammer in the crystal table cover after the spring strip hit a clear and melodious and sweet voice,, filling design ingenuity.

A new interpretation of the classical beauty Girard perregaux Vintage 1945 large moon phase calendar

new interpretation of classical beauty table Vintage 1945 calendar moon phase

< p > Jhihbo table Vintage 1945 series set of classical beauty and innovative ideas in a body, as Girard perregaux contemporary crafted watch art symbol; published this year’s Vintage 1945 series calendar moon phase watch, contains the wonderful art deco style, brand extension of the classic design features; watchcase lines concise see subtle radian, original automatic mixing machine assembly, micro arc dial with calendar and moon phase display,
Rado Watches, beauty and perfect harmony is appreciative.

new interpretation of classical beauty PERREGAUX Vintage 1945 calendar moon phase

< p > Jhihbo table past created a lot of beauty is timeless timepiece has; for more than 50 years, Vintage 1945 series also for the brand provides unlimited creative inspiration: Vintage 1945 series of distinct personality, straight line and arc harmonious interphase, compatible with classical beauty and modern, inspired by the many classic timepiece styles has debut, including legendary Vintage 1945 plated rhodium hollow gold bridge Tourbillon limited series,
Glashuette Original Watches, including; large calendar moon phase watch continuation Vintage 1945 series essence, pure and simple temperament, symmetrical layout and self-made mechanical movement, such as several elements carry out from beginning to end,
Chopard Watches, and previous table paragraph style closely echoed.

Xianglong offer on inventory Imjin Lunar New Year of the dragon limited edition watch the top [map]

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year Limited Edition


watch dragonCount < p > collection’s most outstanding designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewellery master, sculptors and enamel painting master, successfully will be multi brand a unique technology production technology perfect fusion, crafting a series of a total of 24 creation, to the vast art seen wild interpretation of Chinese mythology and fables in the outline of the imaginary world, constitute a inspire and cultivate a series of dreams. This a series of stunning watches are equipped with the count of La Cote-aux-Fees production workshop designed and manufactured by the movement, from ultra-thin movement to the complex floating Tourbillon movement,, from the classical atmosphere styles even stunning senior jewelry styles. For the people of the world show extraordinary brand watches artistic attainments. The 24 pieces of works especially from Switzerland arrived in Beijing, held before the dinner and reception debut, including a pair of priceless, dragon and Phoenix, three-dimensional modeling in senior jewelry watches. Weixiaoweimiao performance of manufacturing industry let a person gasp in admiration.

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year limited edition watch the top

Chopin (Chopard) L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch series blue dragon watch

< p > this series to ancient Chinese philosophy, the fundamental elements of the universe, "five elements", is a gold, wood, water,, fire and earth, respectively, the corresponding design out five kinds of beast: crouching tiger, Lan Jiaolong, basaltic snake beast turtle, Phoenix, moonlight Kirin, blue ceratopsian dinosaur for which a watch. Urushi is a long history of Japanese lacquer painting art, Chopin XP L.U.C urushi will take the lead in this precious lacquer painting process, the introduction of decorative dial. L.U.C XP series of ultra thin shell, the thickness of only 6.8 mm, with perfect elegant demeanor. National treasure maki-e art collocation and combination of traditional Japanese craft and top Swiss tabulation process both, both the East and the resulting from the fusion of beauty was palpable. This series of watch dial design and drawing completed by the lacquer art Master Mr. Masumura Kiichiro himself, Mr. Masumura Kiichiro is Chanticleer artist of Japan,, is Japan official named artist of the "treasure of the world", L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch process value can be seen in general.