Pirates of the Caribbean 4 subtitle files Pirates of the Caribbean 4 what is weakness

        "Pirates of the Caribbean" set sail again. At present the film in front of the audience, can not be simply considered as "different", but most can only "deja vu". The Cannes premiere was mediocre and rotten

Pirates of the Caribbean set sail again. At present the film in front of the audience, can not be simply considered as "different", but most can only "deja vu". The Cannes premiere was flat and the fresh index of rotten tomatoes showed a gradual decline, something that none of Jack’s dead faithful and fans would have liked to see. The fourth Works, which showed a weak state, did not follow the clever and witty of the former trilogy,www.fashiontimewear.com, but Jack was still the captain, but the story has changed beyond recognition. All this, I just want to blame the director and screenwriter. www.thesalewatches.com

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Pirates of the Caribbean, 4 subtitles, the Pirates of the Caribbean series,www.watchgetluxury.com, the first trilogy of the story, are Disney’s original script, only to divert the original story of the main story. And when the operation to these fourth, has basically been based on the original, still still draw gourd in accordance with established paved line to go down. This is Jerry, just run out of ideas. As a result, obviously caused the core content with the disjointed trilogy, the whole story prototype in the minds of the audience had formed the. Bold and risky to try, sometimes does not mean wisdom, but a rash is not the overall situation. But the writers try to be brave "Wang Ba hijacking, far fetched to pull a faint clue to the previous three related to a ministry. Let the audience to accept it with a fishbone in the throat to swallow. It’s better to promote it as a new trilogy of battlegrounds, as the Pirates of the Caribbean series. One side, hard pull out of the Jack old lover, then pulled the death prophecy, to his father, deservedly embarked on a search for the fountain of the journey on the other side of the fence; Babu, SA,cheap price replica watches, unnoticed as the British Empire swept private boat captain, awarded the order of emperor Jack to follow up plan. Then, each of the parties has not reached to the oath. Congratulations to screenwriter, successfully got rid of the prequel trilogy became the plaintiveness couple chicken ribs. But I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I saw the film.


4: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" weak basic throughout the film the whole story, from the original $300 million investment fell to $200 million (Depp paid 50 million) again, should be "do many things" how much money this universal truth. To writer, can be the big surprise is not much, but the small code base material so look into the interpretation of chronological story. "No"