February 11, 2010, Minnan daily, mobile news, February 2010

        the Spring Festival is approaching,
cheap price replica watches, February 10th, city leaders Chen Dong, Xiao Feng, Chen Yizhou, Lin, Li Xizhen to Huangpu news organizations directly under investigation, and visited their posts of journalists, to extend new year greetings. Acting mayor Chen Dong and his party

Spring Festival is approaching, February 10th, city leaders Chen Dong, Lin Xiaofeng, Chen Yizhou, Li Xizhen went to the Huangpu River, directly under the news units to carry out research, and visited their posts of journalists, to extend new year greetings. Acting mayor Chen Dong came to the south, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou people’s daily, Zhangzhou radio and television network center, Zhangzhou news network and other units, a detailed understanding of news propaganda, operation, and Fujian and in Zhangzhou journalists, radio and television system of cadres and workers are required to exchange forum, new year news propaganda work. www.thesalewatches.com

February 11, 2010 Mingnan daily mobile phone newspaper (news, February 2010 News, February 10th at 2 pm, Shen Hai Expressway Zhaoan Ao Zi tou bridge section three cars more traffic accidents, resulting in 7 deaths, 14 people were injured, 4 of them seriously. Vice mayor Liu Wenbiao rushed to the scene to organize the rescue of the wounded, dredge traffic and security work. Zhao’an Hospital quickly opened the green channel, sent 5 ambulance, admitted all the injured, the night more than 30 medical personnel to rescue the injured. Closed the accident of high speed lane, the vehicle was diverted to the national highway 324. By 11 a.m. yesterday,www.fashiontimewear.com, the high speed bus resumed its normal operation. www.thesalewatches.com

reporter learned yesterday from the relevant departments, from February 14th to February 16th, the city’s industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, bank Chinese, construction bank, industrial bank, the postal savings outlets, two rural credit cooperatives outlets for personal business. Since February 17th, all banking outlets have returned to normal business. City Bank Association staff to remind,http://www.fashionwatchtime.com, during the Spring Festival, a large cash demand of the public the best early to prepare the inventory outlets of cash is not large, large withdrawals (200 thousand yuan) preengage. www.thesalewatches.com

local time on February 8th, just over a month, the world’s first high-rise Harry Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) Observatory closed due to the overload of electricity and. It is expected that the viewing platform will be renewed in February 14th. Harry Khalifa suddenly closed to have tickets and booking tourists inconvenience. The ticket office has now been changed to the refund office, and many people are waiting in line to refund the tickets. Developers Imam Real Estate Company decided to refund, if not on time, will be in after the repair, to give these new tickets, or give some economic compensation. www.thesalewatches.com

news February 2010, according to Iran news, a recent survey by Gallup,www.watch4umen.com, an American pollster, shows the support of President Obama