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        FansBook5 24 reported: "good morning fans net friends, here is to bring entertainment news" breakfast "FANSBOOK. Summer heat, late May weather has let people feel a bit of heat waves hit head-on, when stars face entertainment as if the heat wave

FansBook5,yoga clothes for women, 24, reported: "good morning fans net friends, here is to bring entertainment news" breakfast "FANSBOOK. Summer weather in late May has made people feel a heat wave hit, when the stars are faced with entertainment like heatwave like, whether there is pleasure or pain expression that depends on the current situation. People’s mood and weather are inextricably linked, entertainment news can not escape the subtle impact of the weather. Today, the heat wave, please allow users to enjoy the strong heat of the entertainment storm.

entertainment star FansBook35 entertainment gossip "heatwave" star struck their brilliant, entertainment gossip star Wang Xueqi, but this time out called "story" nuanced, the explanation of the two antecedents and consequences of "love" mode, and in the past the biggest difference is that in this incident, miss Bing Bing’s love values are summary: clear and clear fan ye love this one,, such as Anthony Wong, Wang Xueqi sent this unique stylish handsome.

Chen Hao: No, the hottest, only happier,

[Chen Hao low-key birth discharged home with husband Pro shuttle]

, the mainland actress Chen Hao, has secretly given birth, according to people familiar with the matter. The former Mack daddy rose happy mother, Chen Hao birth hospital sunglasses, mask body,replica watches, tightly wrapped, husband embrace baby walking on the side, love family joy unaffected by the May hot weather, the child is enough, the star mother Chen Hao heart only full of happiness.

Beyonce: not only Gaga knows fashion,

[Beyonce goes to billboard, music ceremony, rope dance,

2011 billboard music ceremony held in the United states. After Beyonce wore a rope with singing, the audience now singing,, now dancing. The audience, in addition to the hot dance, there are Beyonce’s fashion dress. Net socks wrapped nude underwear partly hidden and partly visible is the ultimate sense of the design, the rope winding is with the heat of the punchline, days to tell you not only understand fashion entertainment gaga.

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