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July 7th, 2017

March 2010 news network elements and Video Sports Cooperative Game TV

        long swim net original, reproduced please specify the author and the source of the news in March 2010 October 2002, the first national television network game "Legend of a dream come true" appeared on the TV platform, a network game for the first time using the TV show style propaganda tour …Continue reading


360 fast travel online games accelerator game players voice high, fast travel president will God

        Xun Yu president of zero distance "3.15" series of activities hidden highlights in the "3.15" is approaching, in return for 40 million users has been for the support and love of fast travel online accelerator, fast travel to users launched the "3.15 series of activities, mass delivery of multiple Hao Li …Continue reading


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        Wu Mengchao in the office reading correspondent Zhang Peng photo on a specially crafted small wooden bench, late 9 years the president of Second Military Medical University, academician of Academy of Oriental Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery Chinese Wu Meng Chao, with exquisite technology, with 15 minutes,, clean for a …Continue reading