Fast swim online gaming accelerator 2011 after 80 players play online gaming accelerator

        a financial weekly reporter / Cai Yanlan in the domestic online game market is huge, the network game accelerator industry grow up backed by huge domestic online game market, also seems to be doomed not to be ignored. At the end of 2010, China’s largest online game accelerator

financial weekly reporter / Cai Yanlan

in the country’s huge online game market,, backed by the huge domestic online game market grew up online game accelerator industry, it seems destined to be ignored. At the end of 2010, the largest online Accelerator Corporation – Sichuan Xun Yu Network Technology Co., Ltd., the Yuan Xu CEO no suspense in the Bank of East Asia (China) held 2010 of East Asia’s future enterprise award "won the" innovation of science and technology".

fast swim online gaming accelerator 2011 after 80 players play online games online accelerator with $100 thousand to earn tens of millions of dollars, in the second quarter of 2010, Sichuan Xun get $100 million venture capital, but the total can not say every day." Yuan Xu,replica watches, the double title has Sichuan Xun Yu CEO and President of the company, but after receiving a weekly financial reporter interview, the baby faces 80 remain low-key, modest, "I think for a small company, is the key to do their own thing."

hardcore gamers play online accelerator

Financial Weekly: you admitted to the Department of Computer Science in 2002, in 2004 dropped out, why did you leave school?

Yuan Xu: before entering the university a summer vacation, I opened the first two line IDC room with friends. In order to do this project to find 100 thousand yuan investment. Rented a small farmer, put 15 cabinets. Maintenance of the engine room of the diesel generator is to find the truck engine,, anti-static floor is to find a friend to buy second-hand goods.

I was admitted to Peking University in 2002, read a year on the half-way out of school. By 2005, more and more people do room, and bandwidth, coupled with the rise of the game at the time, had to consider whether there is a IDC development prospects. Finally decided to let go, for other. Later, roughly calculated, before the two projects, probably earned about $about 1000000.

I think, now, it’s hard for me to go back to the past. But now look at the decision to drop out, I think this is actually a more suitable choice for me. I was just at the right time to make the right choice.