The Korean version of Dungeon Fighter Online’s official website action games vindictus hanbok

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are more overseas< p > the biography of the heroic Lodge launch has been there for a period of time, serving the country’s version of the finished also have news, may many friends with the author, have a very strong interest in this beautiful picture of the game, in the fortunate enough to experience the hanbok "Mabinogi heroes",, meaning still did not I hope through the simple introduction, take you further understand this fairly new game.

Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie< p > Korean underground city and warrior’s official website action games "Mabinogi heroes" hanbok novice demo, have to say,, Korean native consciousness is very strong, the Korean version of the "heroes of the lodge" defining IP of player. Therefore, if you were willing to try it, you first need to use support Korean IP agent (I use is a friend recommended Anxun VPN, game delay in good condition). Also because most of the South Korean game is used to start the game client after login to the website. Therefore, you also need to select the IE browser language and control panel language patterns corresponding to the Korean. Otherwise you will face an embarrassing situation that you can’t log on to the website and start the game.

Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie< p > after entering the game, players need to first choose a career, because the hero rocky biography "the fixed role. Therefore, players need in the five heroes, select a role play, the Korean can choose four heroes, respectively, with speed and high hit the enemy’s sword role lista Lethita, and have defensive techniques of shield roles in Fiona (Fiona), can manipulate gravity, waving a EvieCarlo gorgeous spell the sickle of EFI, and published in the last Gstars giant Carol (Carlo).

Baby Doll Sexy Lingerie< p > selected occupations, the game into a section of the plot animation and player character of the story set for a just join posse of mercenary newcomers to be responsible for the eradication of a wild, giant spiders, just in the mercenary soldiers prepared with ballista to deal with this,, a girl file in the ballista mercenary soldiers come, to the situation. Player belongs to