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Chanel watch knowledge describes what is the high-frequency quartz watch,, quartz watch with what characteristics,, high frequency quartz electronic watch is a quartz crystal oscillator frequency is greater than 32768 hz. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the watch should be increased by 10 times, the frequency of the oscillator must be increased by 100 times. And mechanical watches by the slow swing to the same,, the quartz watch also appeared to the trend of high frequency.

Chanel high frequency quartz ceramic watch

at present high frequency quartz electronic watch has two kinds, one kind is the frequency is 2359296 Hz (OMEGA high frequency quartz electronic watch use). One is the frequency of 4194304 Hz (CITIZEN high frequency quartz electronic watch). These two frequencies are about 2.4 MHz and two MHz, so it is also known that this watch is a quartz watch.


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