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Method for extending the service life of quartz watch battery

< p > battery capacity units with Ma H (maH) said depending on the size of the battery, the general silver oxide battery capacity is in a few milliamps to dozens of Ma, the larger capacity is greater. Power watch circuit are microampere IC circuit, the current level of about 1 microamps can do. In theory, the battery life is equal to the battery capacity divided by the power consumption of the circuit

Method for extending the service life of quartz watch battery

watch with the most popular battery is silver oxide cell, it has small size, large capacity and stable discharge characteristics. That is to say, not like ordinary silver oxide battery dry battery,Rado Watches, voltage will gradually decrease with the use of. Silver oxide battery specifications very much, there are dozens of kinds, which produced in Japan is relatively common. Brand: Panasonic,, Sony, Wan Sheng, and so on,, the Swiss made is called "RENATA" and its batteries are is independent packaging.


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