Holiday wishes to send four of 10 million within the women’s jewellery watch election recommended [m


) Constellation (constellation) series 1177.75 watch

watch series: Constellation series


movement type: quartz

watch function: clock,, minute

material: 18K Gold Diamond

braceletstuff: 18K gold

case diameter: 25.5 mm

domestic price: ¥ 99000

< p > brief: full-bodied with 18K gold to create, to a pure metal aesthetic to female friends sent out the call; silver white dial inlaid 12 diamonds hours time scale; a perfect, excellent quality to glorious women displayed; in diameter of only 25.5 millimeters watchcase inlaid on a plurality of diamonds,, more the watch has a level of ascension.

(OMEGA) Constellation (constellation) series watch

watch series: Constellation series


movement type: quartz

table features: date display

case material: stainless steel with

braceletstuff: leather

case diameter: 35 mm

domestic price: ¥ 75400

< p > brief: also Omega Constellation watch series,, but the table with date display; perhaps watchmakers in order to make up for shortcomings of the material and increase the date function. Compared with on a watch. This meter diameter to big many,, I think this is specifically for the love of big diameter of friends ready to. The cool sense of its appearance, is the best choice for fashion ladies.

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Mido (Medoc) BARONCELLI (Baroncelli) series M007. watch

< p > brief: the wristwatch case diameter of only 33 mm, apparently for ladies watch,, I believe love table lady friends will face the wrist this section has alone bell,, because it has the acceptable price, with its unique design people feast for the eyes; manually on the chain of mechanical pleasure can let us listen to gear intertwined wonderful notes.

Hamilton (Hamilton) Field (field) series H69619333 watch

< p > brief: a man’s exclusive weapon,
fake bags, 44 mM case diameter will watch the atmosphere to reveal, the stainless steel material to build the case and crown,, from the material will have more advantages; collocation of grass green canvas strap has become the novelty of the watch, I believe love fashion men friends this will be more interested in.

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editor: Heritage Series 81579/000G-9274 watch

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Vacheron Constantin (vacheron-constantin) world famous brand watches (Switzerland) Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, is the world’s oldest watches manufacturing plant, but also one of the world’s most famous table factory. Brand Vacheron Constantin heritage of traditional Swiss watchmaking essence, never stopped. At the same time, it is an innovation a lot of watchmaking technology, a great contribution to the watchmaking industry. "Maltese Cross" for Vacheron Constantin’s mark, the original is precision gear manual tabulation is used to adjust the tightness of the spring time. The only use of its symbolic advantages and the traditional manual.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > who said only women love diamond, men also love diamond, in recent years, significant increase in sales of men’s diamond watch sufficient to illustrate this point. This is a watch dial, watchcase and table ears are studded with diamonds,
fake bags, strap with Black Crocodile Leather strap. The movement is Cal.1400 manual winding movement produced by Vacheron Constantin. 28800 vibration frequency to ensure the precise operation of the movement. 38 mm diameter, it can be said to fully comply with the Chinese people’s wrist size,, do not have to blindly pursue large table diameter.