In June TAG Heuer eternal father father’s Day gift of choice (1)

heart, Calera heritage watch

< p > Calera heritage series wrist watch simple atmosphere, the fusion of a mature man fortitude character at the same time, design and rich in simple and classical elements, like a father as timeless. All the classic elements of inheritance,
click here, as the position of the father in children’s heart mountain, unshakable.

< p > "flinqué" carving lines, dial flange and classical scale of minutes minute transfer the children to his father selfless giving is ever silent gratitude. Equipped with Calibre 6 automatic movement, relief type small seconds dial,, to display the date 6 point. Collocation sapphire crystal cover to show the internal gear and wheel of the machine. Quality crocodile leather strap with rose gold needle buckle, the culmination of the dazzling, let father in later years comfortable to wear at the same time every day can feel the children transfer of deep blessing.

tender choice, Lincoln Calibre 16 self winding chronograph

< p > Lincoln calibre 16 self winding chronograph with rose gold material, colour and lustre is softer, more worthy of a mention is his watch chain is used in line with ergonomic design, very comfortable to wear, is a warmth of choice for father’s day.

< p > concise generous minute hand and hour hand are faceted polished 18k rose gold plated, clockwise, the minute hand and the edge of a dial with fluorescence labeling and 9 o’clock position of large auxiliary Chronograph 18k rose gold inlaid dial, clear and bright,
luxury swiss watch, interpretation of the men’s perseverance and generous gentleman bearing. Equipped with HeuerCalibre TAG 16 automatic chain movement, which is a perfect combination of function and fashion. Mix brown crocodile leather strap, let father hands to lift the wrist can felt the sons and daughters of the intimate care, it is the father the best feedback.

father, such as great mountains, like holy snow, but profound and soundless and stirless. On this special occasion,luxury watches, on the father’s constant care resided in wrist precise timepiece, eternal gratitude feeling unreal as the ticking of the pointer crisp.

Power savings unveiled new workplace workplace Mido watch recommendation (1)

< p > in the graduation season, the Swiss watch featured Baroncelli dynamic store watches, temperament and elegant blend,, become the fledgling professionals preferred to watch. Baroncelli dynamic storage men’s watch with the appearance of the atmosphere and strong function, for each is about to set foot in the workplace, open the graduates of a new chapter in life to provide power reserve.

the true beauty of a lasting quality. Since 1918, automatic mechanical watches for the one and only beauty, timeless classic telling time. Baroncelli wonderful blend of classical architectural details and classical aesthetic elements, now has more than 30 years of history. Mido Baroncelli dynamic storage add a watch on the basis of the original series of exquisite detail design, with its tenacity and persistence to express the time of basic elements, create wrist legend and save more power for newcomers in the workplace. The black dial is the expression of deep temperament, and the power storage, let a person have a sense of a different kind of courageously, even if it is a new job, will always for their savings power, seize the fleeting every moment, from the moment of inspiration Ningzhu for eternity, and accompany each a gorgeous turn.

< p > this watch unique exterior inherited Rennes, France Opera of new classicalism aesthetics Xilinx, graceful lines and curves add radiance and beauty to each other, power reserve display perfect reflects it on time accurate grasp. Through the power of the dial storage display, the wearer of the power storage cover all at one glance. Strong practical function and thoughtful design concept, it is to let this watch one of the most reliable new workplace partner. The master global experience seems to be confirmed to the new chapter of your life, for yourself down a new role change cheer! It is a continuation of the previous styles: large dial, high polished stainless steel case has a smooth curve with the circular arc form ears. Everything with so seamless, Mido Baroncelli dynamic storage watch guard every hour, every, every second are in perfect interpretation belongs to you, the legendary life of and witness to you from the student to the workplace successfully turned!,


technical information

Baroncelli dynamic storage watch

< p > ETA movement automatic 2897 movement, 11½ ” ‘,, 25.60 mm in diameter,, thickness: 4.85mm. 21 drill, 28800 times swing / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX nm mainspring, nivarox II balance. The automatic finely crafted Geneva decorated with corrugated, engraved with MIDO mark, blue screw. When the date function, power storage function. 4 different directions of high accuracy detection, 42 hours of power reserve.

316L (DIN X2CrNiMo>,; stainless steel case

With summer passion summer men’s watch recommendation


series of multifunctional

Chronograph Watch< p > mention Australia, we always think of the blue sea and the blue sky, think of the Sydney Opera House graceful little white sail and the magnificent Sydney navigation bridge. Helmsman series design inspiration on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, inherited actually using the function, Mido helmsman series multifunctional chronograph watch with black dial watchcase silver and black strap collocation, highly motion characteristics. Watchcase 44 millimeters in diameter,, highlighting the magnificent momentum and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is exactly the same, highlighting the reliable and solid performance. 100 meters waterproof, transparent cover, you can clearly see the precise operation of the Swiss automatic movement. Very suitable for outdoor sports and travel.

< p > Mido helmsman series of new multi-functional chronograph watch overall black color, the shape of the timer is full of beautiful movement. The case for silver, as with the dazzling light in the afterglow of the setting sun in the harbour bridge. Sapphire mirror coated with Geneva corrugated panel, the edge of a dynamic measurement. Two big size of the timer on the dial is also very prominent, white Super-Luminova® luminous readings to ensure even at night, hour and minute hands and hour index is also clearly visible. The spiral crown can effectively prevent water, any movement occasions be nothing difficult.

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Bruner series Mens Watch

< p > Bruner series watches an unprecedented in the world the first building skyscrapers, New York landmark Chrysler building as a source of inspiration for the design, artistic elements and watch the perfect combination. This is undoubtedly to the Mido table adds more artistic atmosphere, the power of architecture and watch the perfect combination of elegance,
Replica watches, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, endearing, to people in the summer to a touch of vitality. Bruner series design faithfully restored the Chrysler building modern and elegant, atmospheric and exquisite unique architectural style, more in details on the uncompromising attention to detail, will be clever artistic trend and eternal time philosophy perfect combination, mapping out the Mido core spirit, inspiration and eternal. Silver watchcase strap gives a lively sense of cool in the summer, wear will show people a fresh and lively.

The pointer

diamond polishing and slender dial gauge is smooth and clean, talent showing itself. The outer dial fine grinding with the exquisite carvings against each other,, people add radiance and beauty to each other, to bring good visual enjoyment. Strap design exquisite and elegant, harmonious style reminiscent of the appearance of the building. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror effectively protect the body, while the transparent cover and table crown are spiral design. Bruner series, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, let you enjoy the passion,, sweat. Equipped with the COSC certification Observatory automatic movement, making Mido in Observatory certification watch the field further, at the same time provide give consumers a more accurate travel time guarantee.