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Daniel Quare Quarter Repeater

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the origin of the table

watch the historical origin of the clock, the admit of no doubt. Therefore, since the own pocket watches and design, watchmakers haven’t been indifferent to make a broadcast voice called to ask to the table. However, they must first to invent extremely sophisticated technology, solve in timekeeping keys do not fully operational to avoid false alarms problem to create real practical value of Q table system. But,, of course,, the real Q meter has been model burnt unclear, but must be behind the clock striking, clock, for many years after. In 1530 Nuremberg, Germany locksmith Peter Henlein manufacture in the world the first finger we said today after the first pocket watch for the "Nuremberg iron egg" soon, some portable clock carriage clock is to develop out performance of automatic timing Hour-Striking.

Daniel Quare Quarter Repeater

antique pocket watchEdward Barlow Daniel and Quare

according to the existing historical records, the earliest time watch should be at the age of 1680. In 1676, the British watch master Barlow Edward (1636-1716) demonstrated that he had invented the device Striking Mechanism Rack in the gear box, which is still used today. Barlow in 1686 to produce a quarter of two hours can ask watch,, and put forward the application for a patent. But the British watch trade unions, another British Quare Daniel (1649-1724) as early as many years ago to invent this mechanism by the grounds, hoping that the British king James II King do not issue this patent.

in order to resolve this controversy, the British king James II King ordered two people to make their own questions to compare. Edward Barlow asked separate tables to two buttons to broadcast and newspaper moment, but ask Daniel quare table only to near the hanging handle of the single button timekeeping newspaper moment, the king will therefore patent awarded to Daniel quare. Daniel quare to ask table mechanism and another contribution, he invented a "completely and utterly" an mechanical operation principle, only the timekeeping button pressure in the end will start the timer,, the invention advent has more than 300 years, is still modern ask table? > sale on replica watch

< p > during the period of the enlightenment, in the Swiss watchmaking master Pierre & middot; Jacques & middot; workshop of watchmaking derow (Pierre jaquet Droz) birth of the three pieces of realism masterpiece: the name of the musician, writer and artist in the three mechanical doll. Once popular European royal three mechanical doll, has now become the immortal legend, they are enshrined in Neuchatel,, Switzerland Museum of art and history (Musé e d ‘art et d’ histoire de Neuchatel).

< p > spirit of revival of the fine machinery technology for the purpose, yakedeluo jaquet Droz production. A new automatic Doll: the magician. This consists of 1437 parts mechanical device lasted for six months to make, is a veritable treasure technology, process is more delicate, precision, for fans of the brand bring an unprecedented surprise. The process, dripping demonstrate beauty and excellence,, has been yakedeluo specialty, specialty of this throughout the whole mechanical doll design manufacture process, more achievements for exciting and charming effect.

< p > magician doll key action is: when his head from right to left, the look in the eyes is very realistic,, harmonious sparkling, and move the arm, driven by hands, like a magic like to come up with a bell. He could still be left and right, and a bird from the top of the table. The magician is nimble, the look in the eyes is vivid,
HERMES WATCHES, the bird that is carefully crafted by hand to carve the color of color is beautiful and vivid, but also can rotate freely. When the birds dancing bird wings, tail and beak naturally clever, as if about to burst.