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launched a special edition pilot to repair

in St Ives Bai salute

100 years ago, Ang Bello Ang Biger (Ambé rieu· en· Bugey;) in the southeast of France, the landing of the aircraft was surprised a young man. In the early days of modern aviation, even the most daring pilots have a fear of the strange flying aircraft at that time. And the boys were finally plucked up the courage to,Michele Watches, requires the pilot to Gabriel & middot; Sal Weitz GabrielSalvez take him to Berthaud· Wroblewski aircraft cockpit, fly a circle, and does not hesitate to assert that his mum has agreed. Although the pilot expressed doubts,www.fashion-chrono.com, but still believe him. So, in only 12 years old Saint Etienne repair Bai is in a sunny July 1912 holiday, experienced a baptism of flight. This experience opened his future well known poet and flying career.

watches launched special edition pilot to St Ives in Bai salute

repair< p > has 70 years of pilot watch manufacturing traditional IWC Schaffhausen, plant the introduction of paragraph 6 of the special commemorative watch — Aviator Chrono watch San AI repair Bai special edition to mark its first flight, the watch (No.: 387805) to create 18K red gold,
www.bagsbagu.com, limited edition pieces of 500. The gold chronograph watch match tobacco color dial with milk white stitching decorative leather strap, watch experts see at a glance which is typical of the Saint Etienne repair Bai special edition models. Polishing and satin matte processing phase and surface structure of artistic treatment highlights the case of charm, and sun radiation shaped Microhyla dial is more elegant atmosphere. Double anti reflective sapphire glass mirror through the sealing protection. The exclusive development of the 89361 – type movement of the exclusive development of the – type machine of the Schafhausen IWC. It can display a long time in a window. Watch the back decorated with representatives of San AI Bai last aircraft repair Lightning P· 38 carvings. July 31,
http://www.love4usale.com, 1944, after the end of the known as "Saint·. Ex" pilot driving the plane in French occupied over the region reconnaissance failed to return. In 2003, a part of his Lightning plane was found in the Mediterranean near the.

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table of the Chinese market sales development strategy

watch more than ten years time Mr. Du, is preparing to fly to Switzerland customize their favorite watch. And every year the Basel watch event he is not miss. The general orders usually need to wait for three or four years, to watch enthusiasts and collectors,www.topwatchbest.com, it is common for.

customers are increasingly mature

< p > Mr. Du is a guest of a number of top brand, often receive invitation to watch him this is special to join IWC. Because of the photo and signature of the watch division, and then sell the limited edition of the wrist on the wrist watch, can enhance the great appreciation of space. More and more like Mr. Chinese,
www.chrono2u.com, began to seriously study the watch collection and investment. IWC in Beijing Bai Yue Hotel tabulation course, specially invited for IWC work 50 years of watchmaking division Ge Luosi, for 20 VIP Display tab of the work process. Some customers seems to be watch connoisseur, others to the sales staff asked about every type of table and process, care is far more than price and styles. Equipped with mobile POS machine, ready to wait,
Michele Watches, waiting for the guests will be a table brush off tens of millions of.

international table of the Chinese market sales development strategy

< p > this is a block with the most basic function of simple mechanical watch movement, three blocks of the bridge deck, six gear, a total of more than a dozen pieces of small screws. Learn watchmaker’s gestures using tools will tighten the screws and take one gear is not difficult, but when with a pair of tweezers will delicate gears for quasi Ruby hole, and to ensure that each gear button, then the tiny screw back, then don’t live to shiver. I feel the watchmaker needed to work fine, cautious and mastery of skills. Through experiential marketing to cultivate loyal consumers, is one of the marketing strategies in China. Once a lot of rich as long as you buy, a lot of people talking about top watch only know Rolex (Rolex), now available for choice of brand is really too much, people’s demand for luxury goods extend far beyond wealth, so their brands have resistance to heart to tell their stories and cultural.

in fact,http://www.time4usale.com, the Chinese market more and more attention to the luxury brand. "More than half of the sales are now from Chinese customers, so all brands will be limited to the mainland. Now go to Hongkong to look at the table, many brands may not be as good as the mainland’s Huo Qiquan." Mr. Du said.

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Chanel watch knowledge describes what is the high-frequency quartz watch,http://www.love4usale.com, quartz watch with what characteristics,www.onheresale.com, high frequency quartz electronic watch is a quartz crystal oscillator frequency is greater than 32768 hz. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the watch should be increased by 10 times, the frequency of the oscillator must be increased by 100 times. And mechanical watches by the slow swing to the same,www.topwatchbest.com, the quartz watch also appeared to the trend of high frequency.

Chanel high frequency quartz ceramic watch

at present high frequency quartz electronic watch has two kinds, one kind is the frequency is 2359296 Hz (OMEGA high frequency quartz electronic watch use). One is the frequency of 4194304 Hz (CITIZEN high frequency quartz electronic watch). These two frequencies are about 2.4 MHz and two MHz, so it is also known that this watch is a quartz watch.