Famulan Mystery Double in a luxury way to deduce the mysterious time

Double Mystery in a luxury way to deduce the mysterious time

< p > in the creation of the mysterious table, to make changes on the visual effect of the veliger,
HERMES WATCHES, and only a few watchmakers to real in the mechanical structure make innovations. Usually on the general tectonic watch, the minute hand is inevitable in clockwise device inside, however, double mystery dial to abandon the traditional length of needle shows, with only two patents of the round turntable to display, function.

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Double Mystery in a luxury way to deduce the mysterious time

< p > due to the traditional movement device for the minute hand gear device within the hour hand gear,
www.24onhere.com, this design makes the mysterious table cannot be minute plate is arranged clockwise disc outside,
Movado Watches, so minute plate in the traditional pointer instructions,
http://www.4usale.com, even minute plate in the dial outside the display mode, also is visual breakthrough is the real mechanism innovation.

Expert weapon how to watch master Ni Siwen watch collection of watches _ watch _ auction _ fashio

watch identification master Ni Siwen weapon: how to

collection of watches

stunt watch repair master

in Shanghai there is a famous watch repair evaluation master, said any watches are good or bad he just a pinch of a mold on the know, and as the only Shanghai watches Certified Expert,www.free4usale.com, the relevant judicial departments involved in the case of the clock must pass through his identification, the target has been more than 5000 Watch by him. In fact, a long time, collection of watches has become the market a hot topic, has also become the object of concern to many investors. Then, the mysterious mechanic what trick, he will tell us which of the secret


watch identification master Ni Siwen weapon: how to

collection of watches< p > Ni Siwen since 1975, began to Hengdali clocks shop watch repair and maintenance work, relying on own diligently,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, honor will ensue,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, watch repair industry a resounding name. In 1995, Ni Siwen finally got the title of senior technicians, and in second years was included in the Huangpu District senior technicians in the directory, and the country in this industry to obtain the senior technicians,
Blancpain Watches, the title of a handful of people.

< p > after the reform and opening up, he was entrusted with the task, in October 1979, single handedly up at the time of the first imported watches repair shop?? citizen special maintenance center, become in China after the reform and opening up the first foreign employed by technical and after-sales service management personnel. At the end of 1995 he in Hengdali clocks within the company established "Ni Siwen watch repair studio, specializing in the world watches maintenance, maintenance of antique clocks, gold shell repair and other characteristics of the project, to fill the time gaps in the watch repair. And now, he set up a studio in the East pawn, but also allows people to understand the entire process of the repair table through the glass window.

OMEGA — mechanical core of the Renaissance watch _ legend _ watch watch small knowledge _ fashio

– the legend of the "core",Zenith watches; of the mechanical "

"< p > in the early 1980s, inventor and master watchmaker George & middot; Dr. Daniel (Dr. George Daniels) invented a clever design of the new type of escapement. The coaxial escapement system is only installed in the independent inventor of the prototype table. In the past two and a half century, almost no tabulation division of mechanical watch "heart" – escapement device had significant improvement. Daniel’s wish is that all the fans can have this revolutionary invention.

OMEGA – the legend of the "core" of the mechanical "

"< p > Omega is only known coaxial escapement system the future potential of the brand,
Michele Watches, and set up a task force to the industrialized production. In 1999, OMEGA launched a device with coaxial escapement system has 2500 movement, the whole mechanical watchmaking concern. Watch movement for Omega coaxial escapement system is two and a half century since the first very application performance of the new type of escapement system,
Breitling Watches, and this system can reduce escapement system components between friction and energy dissipation,
http://www.time4usale.com, and with no card degree hairspring balance wheel, to keep the movement of long time operation of the accuracy and stability, therefore almost do not need to add lubricating oil. By is, equipped with coaxial escapement system OMEGA 2500 movement has become one of the most important inventions of the twentieth Century mechanical watch industry.