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Grande Seconde series gem Dial Watch

Gem expert < p > yakedeluo never stopped for the pursuit of precious stones, because there is no doubt that they will add a unique temperament and legendary masterpiece solitary and to some extent reflect the owner’s personality and preference.

a piece of rock may only be able to produce a dial, sometimes even one can not be formed. For example, the selection of the crystal must be hard enough to scratch, can withstand the frequent processing without causing any damage. Master craftsmen who also need to call all the extraordinary skill and for unsurpassed beauty appreciation,Glashuette Original Watches, in order to ultimately showed those gems singular charm. The most difficult challenge is to find the natural growth direction of each stone so that it can be cut and processed under the premise of keeping their natural properties.

< p > stone carving master and dial manufacturing master in a wide variety of gems to create: lapis lazuli, jade, Tong Huishi, red moss agate and so on. They study different cutting methods for each piece of stone, looking for their inner soul and nature,
www.heuer-breitling.com, so that they can be processed in the premise of keeping the integrity of the process.

Grande Seconde series yakedeluo gem Dial Watch

Grande Seconde bronzitite panel

limited to 88

serial number: J003033357

movement: Droz Jaquet 2663 automatic chain movement, double spring box, 22 K platinum automatic disc

gem: 30 stone

power storage: 68 hours

vibration frequency: 28800 v.p.h

case: 18 K gold,www.24onhere.com, Ø diameter; 43 mm, a bottom cover engraved with a limited number of

waterproof: 3 bar (30 m)

< p > dial: bronzite dial, milky white little silvered dial, three-dimensional table 18 K gold ring, eccentric type time-division disc and second hand disk,

pointer: blue steel pointer

strap: Handmade curling Black Crocodile Leather Strap

18 K red needle buckle: buckle