Tens of millions of Patek Philippe 24 hour watch Q three _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch

ten million 24 hours three ask watch

< p > 24 hours ask asked carved. 5 ask, calendar, timing and the phases of the moon, the months of age,
http://www.time4usale.com, movement number 97443. Case No. 2128501894_nian_11_yue_27_ri years 11 months 27 sold,
Rado Watches, 18k rose gold case,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, no spoon.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 2098500 CHF

ten million Patek Philippe 24 hour three watch


< p > basically all professional watches auction company in every before the auction will be specially produced exquisite and informative auction catalogue, in order to facilitate bidders to keep abreast of the auction. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the data archiving and induction. No doubt, Antiquorum is the best one. When it comes to this, I would like to cover. When it comes to cover on the back of this auction this Lot. Yes, it’s the "star of the cover of this auction."". If you was also surprised to it to 10 times on valuation price clinch a deal of magic, so when the understanding of its life perhaps can be relieved.