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due to the very small, so even in the bulk of the machine to produce the Swiss, the modification of these components have to be done by hand or by hand. To ensure uniform, workers often use machines. In case of circular pattern (Perlé or perlage), the grinding head is driven by the motor, and the workers need to do is to move down to grind each grain.

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manual guilloche: less than one hundred digit handicraft artist

is currently on the watch can best embody the craft is guilloche (guilloché). This process is almost lost, a dozen years ago in Germany, France and Switzerland to be restored. Guilloche, also known as rose engraving machine, this process with the aid of mechanical rotation, in the specification of pre designed pattern plate of carving a variety of decorative patterns. This process relies on hand to control the engraving of the uniform, so although it is a mechanical, but more biased in favor of manual process. At present, the number of skilled use of technology to master guilloche 100. Recently there are a lot of factories by industrial means (such as stamping, friction pressure or carved machine) to the rapid production of guilloche patterns. But the real senior only manual guilloche.

and a few other high-end brands are still using guilloche technology. Interesting is, for the difference between the market’s rapid and inexpensive pseudo guilloche, Breguet in their guilloche dial are printed with manual guilloche (guilloché main) words. And this manual (main) words to join, for the machine is currently a large number of alternative to the manual manufacturing of watches and clocks industry,, the number of irony. Most of the Breguet dial, in addition to the material and movement of Fritillaria dial, use manual guilloche. This process makes a lot of manual Breguet additional value.

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UK: it is difficult to go beyond the process of height

< p > in the history of clocks and watches, British watchmaking (from marine chronometer to watch),, whether clock accuracy and appearance, in the past a century reached the most glorious period. The height of the British tab in the movement of the movement, has not been surpassed. Because of the requirements of the British watch for manual process is very demanding, while the Swiss watch more prominent industrialization and modernization of the advantages. Swiss brand in the movement of the inheritance of the traditional process of the ancient clock and watch the traditional process of the brand is not much, is one of the. Because a Breguet belong to a similar position in France and British watchmaking brand watches.