The interpretation of the beauty operation [pointer chronograph watch watch _] _ depth map knowledge

chronograph dial Xiangjie

, what is

1 chronograph< p > Chronograph (Chronograph) Chronograph (Chronograph) is a professional name, the Chrono in Old English and Latin is the meaning of "time", and the graph in English said "tool to record". A general form, continuously indicating the passing of time. Time table is different, it can record any period of time. Standard time table has 30 minutes or 12 hours of time function. The surface of the central second hand, usually stop at zero position. In order to show the time in walking, mostly to add a small second hand hengdong.

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2, chronograph dial Xiangjie

< p > and, in general,
Rado Watches, Chronograph must record seconds and minutes of the function. Now most of the chronograph has three small dial + two buttons, different brands and types of styles small dials and buttons of the position, shape is different, but the case and dial design how to change, are inseparable from the the indication scales.

small dial are: the minute, hour time disc disc, small seconds disc.

two buttons are: time to start / stop, time zero reset.

< p > time table styles different inside several small dial and a key position is not necessarily the same,
Franck Muller Watches, specific can see small dial calibration or reference manual. The maximum number of the 30 minutes of the disc’s scale is 30, the maximum number of hours in the hour is 12,, and the time of 12 hours can be recorded. Second chronograph is used for timing, in does not start timing function, the second is parked in the 12 o’clock position still.

< p > because in general, the second is not to go, so the timing timers and ordinary different, second hand always stopped at the 12 o’clock position, so some do not understand friend see others wrist Chronograph large second hand don’t walk, that watch has stopped, in fact, is not the case.

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, 3 time steps table< p > the first step: press time button, a start time, second hand began to walk, walk around the second hand, minute timing disc walks along a grid; minutes drive time to walk in a circle, hours timing disk walks along a grid, and so on. < p< p > the second step: when pressed again timing buttons, the time to stop, indicated by the second hand and timing disk scale is the timing reading;,The third step: after the completion of

timing, the zero reset button, Chronograph zero.