Table ten mechanical maintenance method you know [figure] _ watch _ maintenance _ fashion watch _ Pa


1, when worn, hand sweat is corrosive to the case.

< p > the steel case is due to Ni Cr alloy, better corrosion resistance,
Glashuette Original Senator Watches, semi steel case is copper, a long-term contact with sweat, easy corrosion, should often use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or pad plastic table support, to prevent its being sweat erosion. (think of the new people on the wrist watch often try)

2, do not arbitrarily open the back cover, so as to prevent dust entering the movement to affect the normal work of the watch. (open cover of the table is easy to appear, such as the water resistance and so on, so can not open the lid to try not to open)

3, don’t put the timepiece in mothballs in the wardrobe, in order to avoid the deterioration of the oil table. (verification is difficult)

4, do not put the watch on the amplifier, audio, TV, so as not to magnetization. (with a piece of old +31S/D 5th shield placed in the vicinity of the audio. Ten days later turned slowly, after degaussing and restitution),

5,, long-term storage of non wear watches, should be regularly wound up once a month.

< p > automatic movement watch should be gently swinging back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for a period of time to the wind. To ensure that the parts are not in a static state for a long time, in order to guarantee the performance of the machine. (this method can keep the flow of lubricant in the movement)