Luminous watch and electric fluorescent table what is the difference between [figure] _ _ watch watc


< p >, commonly known as the "luminous" refers to the pointer or word nail is coated with fluorescent powder in the darkness visible pointers or word nail luminescence. There is also a luminous watch is the ninety time in the middle of the whole surface can be made of fluorescent electric watches. The difference between the two is as follows:

luminous watch

1,, luminous watch by absorbing natural light emitting,, and electric table depends on the battery fluorescent light.

< p > 2, a luminous watch & quot; luminous & quot; only the light is dark visible and fluorescent electric table just press the corresponding with always luminous.

< p > 3, luminous watch the light-emitting time by absorbing light time and intensity limit, electric fluorescent light-emitting time battery can limit.