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people do not have to look at every day with the dial and pointer. Pointer are by elastic win tie, was crushed under the pointer shaft, under normal circumstances is not fall off, and shift, especially the function code of the watch, install the hands of more stringent, that they removed are very strenuous. Perhaps some people will feel strange, how can a pointer to the watch dial? Yes, this is the case.

1, watch pointer off

When the watch is

when the severe vibration, the pointer may fall, especially the second hand is more likely. If second hand (including small second hand or other function pointer) has dropped down, may card in, the minute hand and a dial, then watch to walk, the second will was stirred and zoned rub dial disk, resulting in dial scratch. Of course, this time if you need to dial, the situation is even worse, to know that the value of the dial is very high, and some parts are not easy to find.

2, the gap between the clock and the dial

clock with the dial distance recently, if there is no security gap, will rub to the surface, causing the dial to cause a circular scratch, which also includes the night on the night, and the night will be rubbed off. In addition, there are clockwise position is too low, rub to dial the logo,www.free4usale.com, minute hand position is too low or axle skew, resulting in minute hand rub in front to dial when match above. This will not only cause scratches,www.heuer-breitling.com, but also to bring failure.