Xianglong offer on inventory Imjin Lunar New Year of the dragon limited edition watch the top [map]

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year Limited Edition


watch dragonCount < p > collection’s most outstanding designers, watchmakers, goldsmiths, jewellery master, sculptors and enamel painting master, successfully will be multi brand a unique technology production technology perfect fusion, crafting a series of a total of 24 creation, to the vast art seen wild interpretation of Chinese mythology and fables in the outline of the imaginary world, constitute a inspire and cultivate a series of dreams. This a series of stunning watches are equipped with the count of La Cote-aux-Fees production workshop designed and manufactured by the movement, from ultra-thin movement to the complex floating Tourbillon movement,
www.fashionsalewatch.com, from the classical atmosphere styles even stunning senior jewelry styles. For the people of the world show extraordinary brand watches artistic attainments. The 24 pieces of works especially from Switzerland arrived in Beijing, held before the dinner and reception debut, including a pair of priceless, dragon and Phoenix, three-dimensional modeling in senior jewelry watches. Weixiaoweimiao performance of manufacturing industry let a person gasp in admiration.

dragons greetings inventory year of water dragon celebrate the New Year limited edition watch the top

Chopin (Chopard) L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch series blue dragon watch

< p > this series to ancient Chinese philosophy, the fundamental elements of the universe, "five elements", is a gold, wood, water,
www.luxury4ubest.com, fire and earth, respectively, the corresponding design out five kinds of beast: crouching tiger, Lan Jiaolong, basaltic snake beast turtle, Phoenix, moonlight Kirin, blue ceratopsian dinosaur for which a watch. Urushi is a long history of Japanese lacquer painting art, Chopin XP L.U.C urushi will take the lead in this precious lacquer painting process, the introduction of decorative dial. L.U.C XP series of ultra thin shell, the thickness of only 6.8 mm, with perfect elegant demeanor. National treasure maki-e art collocation and combination of traditional Japanese craft and top Swiss tabulation process both, both the East and the resulting from the fusion of beauty was palpable. This series of watch dial design and drawing completed by the lacquer art Master Mr. Masumura Kiichiro himself, Mr. Masumura Kiichiro is Chanticleer artist of Japan,
http://www.bagsbagu.com, is Japan official named artist of the "treasure of the world", L.U.C Urshi maki-e watch process value can be seen in general.