How to check the number of Longines’s official website in Longines

        Longines’s official website check list of the number of contacts on the watch true and false knowledge is more, now some want to help you to help 1 watch the movement first, to the real table with the number of non Longines’s official website check list of the number of the watch true and false knowledge more, now some hope for you help 1 watch the movement first, to the true table with the movement type and movement identification is very familiar, if met a transparent table, can one eye to identify the authenticity. Secondly, to carefully observe the movement of the word, the word carved genuine movement clear and beautiful, false table is rough,, no beauty. Finally, to further understand the performance of the movement, such as the chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the movement of the sound, etc.. 2. Look at the rear label to see table at the end of the factory label, usually watches on the label will have brand logo, and a watch type number identification. Some watch the bottom of the table on the label will have laser anti-counterfeit. 3. A place to see the subtle appearance of: first of all, to observe carefully watch the appearance, including the appearance of polished: watch grinding technique is exquisite, watches grinding very exquisite,, and false form process and the difference very far. Font: the true table of the font is full, the false table is a lack of confidence. Function: most of the false table will be in function, which is a breakthrough in the fake watch. Many false table functions are furnished (such as phase, calendar, Tourbillon etc.) is not the function. Pointer: genuine pointer can be identified from the length, thickness, shape and material and fake. For example, senior watch often use "blue steel hands", the truth table pointer color is full of quiet blue, the firing process of the complex and into, fake watch blue is brushing up. Disk: senior watch common disk technology with enamel surface, guilloche process, metal radiation disk, shell surface and, some watches also have their own unique technology, such as Rolex computer disc, Cartier Gold Silver Carved disk and so on. Diamond and mosaic technology: the quality and size of diamond. 4. Watch glass watch glass are all made by sapphire crystal glass, the simplest method to distinguish is with finger tapping on the glass surface, real sapphire table mirror will be issued by the crisp sound. 5. See icon mark including mark of the strap, buckle imprinting, table at the end of mark, ear mark and gold watch characteristic pattern and digital signature. 6 look at the digital number identification carefully look at the table at the end of all the name of the name of the logo, the usual rules of the false table, and even the real numbers are not corresponding to the real table. The truth table is each independent number. 7 see hiding place to observe all corners, such as inside strap (lead numbered). These are the most difficult to do, but also the most easy to ignore the buyers. 8. To see the traditional production process is the traditional process, such as screw shape, the bottom of the table the grinding and engraving,, and some watch factory on their watch special labeling..