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Just take a trip to AFC Champions League means the end of 2011 Greentown euthanasia

        this week,, it was the golden week of May in Japan. On the day of the competition (May 4th), it is Japan’s Green Day (Arbor Day). Yesterday in Nagoya at the arena,, Greentown Club vice president Bao Zhongliang said with a smile: "don’t know Green Day

this week, it is Japan’s golden week in May, the festival one after another. On the day of the competition (May 4th), it is Japan’s Green Day (Arbor Day). Yesterday in Nagoya Mizuho arena, Greentown Club vice total Bao Zhongliang laugh a said: "I do not know that green day can become Greentown win?"

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casualty list< p > only with a mean the end of the trip to the AFC Champions League, Greentown euthanasia 2011 June 1,
IWC Watches, Nagoya team and team Lvcheng present situation is quite similar, the two teams are dense schedule, resulting in injury. Stojkovic said: "the big earthquake has a great impact on the team."

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he said the impact, including his own. After the earthquake in Japan, J League lockout, Nagoya team foreign aid fled Japanese, Stojkovic is gold and silver valuables left. It was not until early 4 that he returned to Japan.

sevenfriday watch< p > because experienced such a suspension period, interrupted by the training, has not been fully restored the game state of Nagoya team ushered in the intensive competition, first played three games in the Champions League, followed by is two league games. Although Nagoya team gradually restored, the AFC Champions League two game winning streak and in the last round of league with a 2-0 win over the Kawasaki team, but they pay is a heavy price, Defender Tanaka hats Wang, in the AFC Champions League match scored three goals of Mu kanazaki and high foreign aid center Kennedy have been injured. Japan even called the Nagoya team for the field hospital".

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Kennedy’s injury makes me." Stojkovic said. Nagoya team of two foreign aid in the beginning of the season has been injured, if Kennedy can not play, Nagoya will become a team without foreign aid.

sevenfriday watch< p > but Greentown Club vice total Bao Corps said: "Kennedy is a muscle strain, tomorrow’s game he is likely to play, after all, the attack on the only high point for them is very important."

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Greentown considering the use of Yang

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< p > Greentown the same line-up is not the whole, Caichang training yesterday, Shen Long Yuan and Zheng Kewei still around the stadium laps in the recovery. "I feel like I’m on top of it.


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