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July 24th, 2015

The first sixth chapters of the factory impression and other

       ; Zhang Wu and Zhang Xiaohua are now going on the job. Say ten o’clock in the morning to factory gate to line up, at eight o’clock, they set out, two people take note to see the again and again, Lian Tang Cun Lian Chi Road on the 13th, Fenghe garment factory …Continue reading


Watch Q & a search for new China Economic Growth Forum

        in charge of the people: the three have chosen deflation, Mr. Liu Jiren and Mr. Li Zuojun, the two chosen, I would like to ask, how do you see deflation? Liu Jiren: Although the global economic crisis,, I am not yet to see foreign zero export is in charge of …Continue reading


China Industrial Design Online

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; – Ding Wu Wei (Hunan University of Technology School of packaging design and art, Zhuzhou Hunan 412008) Abstract: Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa is put forward for the first time "no conscious design" theory,, that is, through the conscious design, to achieve the unconscious, to mean …Continue reading