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June 26th, 2015

Where there are watch BBS

        where there are watch forums? A lot of ah, ha ha,, I often go to a station recommended to the landlord. The beautiful orange watch service is good, three days, seven days replacement,, life-long repair! Service is very good! Search 88680 is them.! Each watch must have it where …Continue reading


Casio how time my watch is Tel Casio

       ; my watch is telememo30’s Casio and there are four buttons on the edge.. Both the electronic table,, and pointer, but I will only adjust the electronic watch, pointer how to adjust the time I will not,, how can adjust the pointer time. I’d like to make the pointer to …Continue reading


Zhuhai where to sell smuggled goods Casio CASIO official website, and the quality of the letter

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; LZ ah, the premise is you need to know what the market now,, now many sellers are the parallel and high imitation of European table participation together,, are not willing to to be divided into two types of high imitation and parallel imports, also is …Continue reading