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June 19th, 2015

Casio how time my watch is Tel Casio

       ; my watch is telememo30’s Casio and there are four buttons on the edge.. Both the electronic table, and pointer, IWC Watches, but I will only adjust the electronic watch, pointer how to adjust the time I will not, how can adjust the pointer time. I’d like to make the pointer to …Continue reading


Casio on the Internet I want to buy block on the excellence or Taobao

        I want to buy the quality of the watches on the top of the Casio online. Why the counter so expensive on the Internet so cheap and is excellence and Taobao the website something more reliable Chinese English translation are not supported in this version, as I want to in excellence …Continue reading


The question of watches…. you say I am at the airport duty-free

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; everyone said I was at the airport duty-free shops to buy or go to Hong Kong to buy… This version does not support Chinese English translation function,, if necessary, please purchase premium edition to Hong Kong informal,, good after-sales service shop to Hong Kong ah! …Continue reading