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June 17th, 2015

Casio EF series Taobao I want to buy a piece of Cathy recently

        I recently wanted to buy a CASIO EF series of watches… Want to buy on Taobao… Don’t know what’s the thing…. Hope that people who have the experience of purchasing can give the next evaluation… Give me some advice…. If you bought a good… Want to tell me the price and …Continue reading


Casio Guangdong where there are sold to ask where to sell Cas Guangdong

        excuse me,, where is this watch that sells DBC-610GA-1D Casio in Guangdong? Thank you! This version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary,, please buy Premium. This stuff is quite difficult to find ah,, it is recommended you day shoot find excuse me Guangdong where there is …Continue reading


How is Casio How is Casio Who

        Casio? Who used it? Talk about!! This version does not support the Chinese English translation, such as the need, please buy the fee edition genuine words naturally good, large enterprise. But too much imitation goods. The most famous brand in the price of the most cost-effective in short – – Casio …Continue reading