About watches I read a few of Taobao Rolex ,

I & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I in Taobao saw several "Rolex" and "Tiansuo" watches, the price is very cheap, only to more than two thousand dollars, the owner said to be assembled, machine are imported from Switzerland original movement, do not know can not live, and genuine or imitation products have what distinction in Taobao to see a few "Rolex" and "Tiansuo" such as watches, the price is very cheap,
luxuryonstore.com, only to more than two thousand dollars, the owner said to be assembled, the movement is imported from Switzerland original movement, do not know can not live, and genuine or high imitation goods have what difference? I want to send my girlfriend a watch as a birthday present, I want a piece, what brand is appropriate? I was in Qingdao, a price of one thousand five or six on the line, if there is good, two thousand dollars will do. Ask everybody!, thank you ~~~~~~~~ this version does not support Chinese English translation, if necessary, please buy Premium. Alas, I talk about it, you watch brand Rolex thousands of pieces of affirmation is false, they say the machine is imported from Switzerland original movement. This is a concept secretly. They said the Swiss imported the original movement is the Swiss ETA production movement, is the production, many watches the appearance, for example swatch, bought this ETA the movement and the shell to produce a table. But you know, Rolex’s appearance and simple in a complete mess, said white is very soil (in addition to the sub), Rolex is simple, durable, accurate. Rolex is not ETA movement, the movement is produced, so you buy fake Rolex not interesting. As for the Tissot, originally is the ETA’s brand, a lot of watches with the ETA movement, with its brand originally is a low-end brand of Swiss, 2000 network will be able to buy genuine. But I still suggest you do not buy a fake, because Tissot to ETA movement with the past also after grinding and engraving, leave the table may be casual wear with a few good, back through the appearance of a big gap. I look at your appearance is to buy a mechanical watch,
Cartier watches, I respect, five or six one thousand can only buy domestic mechanical watches and Japan’s machine table. I personally feel that to buy a domestic bar. Mount Everest in Beijing is very good, you go to see. The cheapest genuine Rolex Table 3 million, thousands of yuan of table I have seen quite a few blocks are very bad, can not be used it is difficult to say, at least gold watch will soon fade. The original movement also has many kinds, the cheapest ETA movement also 3 yuan a hundred. Online common kind of 2 thousand fake Rolex table, Federer that advertising to do no less,
www.timeonstore.com, Sohu, ha ha. To tell the truth, hundreds of dollars to buy to play fortunately, a thousand on must buy a true table. The feeling of starting with it is not the same. Really the cheapest Tissot table, 1-2 thousand yuan Taobao can buy really watch. This is basically the cheapest Swiss original table. If the Japanese watch, more choices. Recommended that the landlord concerned, CITIZEN’s light kinetic energy series, solar power, 10 years do not need to change the battery, quartz drive when the time is also very accurate. I personally don’t recommend buying a mechanical watch, one is.