Casio watches how to identify the authenticity

& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Casio high-end watches, such as mountain climbing series, Ocean series, and the new G-shock watches and solar-type, no fakes! ! 1. can not make. Mountaineering and Ocean series due to triple-containing high-tech sensors, counterfeiters can not copy, simply try to get the table Casio high-end watches, such as mountain climbing series, Ocean series, and the new G-shock watches and solar-type, no fakes! ! 1. can not make. Mountaineering and Ocean series due to triple-containing high-tech sensors, counterfeiters can not copy, simply try again to get the table all the features, it is easy to identify. Therefore, no one knows better make this profit off the table. In addition, the new G-shock, counterfeiters are hard to mimic it in a short time. Even some of the old fake, it is very easy to distinguish visually. If you are not familiar with some friends for Casio, still want to buy parallel imports, the best buy I have mentioned high-end watches. 2. No artificial. No huge market demand, counterfeiters unprofitable. casio watches, even if more expensive, I think it will not be like the phone has a big market. Counterfeiters are not this scheming. In addition, then your casio watches, and only a few thousand dollars only, unlike the fake Rolex, there are huge profits desirable. Market, if you really exist casio false statement, also posted a brand watch factory sample loading, not deliberately forged. Such a table, it is easy to identify true and false. 3. The split could not have friends worried form the core being traded such things happen, is really no need for alarm. Casio watches, precision workmanship, most people will be unable to open the installation. Not like the phone like, can be removed removed. Since it can not be removed, do not worry about it happening refurbished the old table. Even the few who have split the table skills, nor do such a thankless task. Have you seen unlock the master to make money by stealing it? For these reasons, the purchase Casio watches to choose is to buy parallel or licensed, and not worry about fakes. Second, exactly parallel with the mainstream. 1.Casio watch is not set up factories in mainland China, watches origin distribution in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and other places. Watch the same model must come from the same plant. So, we buy watches, as long as the same model, it comes from a plant. Not because you purchased a different distinction of any kind. 2. Watch the absence of localization. Casio watches menus only in English and numbers, common throughout the world. Unlike the phone needs to be localized market. Such as, NOKIA mobile phones get sold in China, we must Simplified Chinese menu, to get Hong Kong to sell, you need Chinese Traditional menu, to get the Japanese to sell needs "cosmetic." Pickup the phone does not work well, because when exported to the mainland, to refresh chip character and so on. And this work was non-manufacturers was, so they would often phone functions can not be fully realized, and often crash. Moreover, the watch is isolated products, without outside support, not because of changes affect the use of location. At most, the product design award for the Japanese to get radio time when China does not grant it. Not because of issues such as the frequency standard can not be used. Therefore, no matter where we buy a table, use a table where all the same piece of Casio! Third, the moral problem many Casio Fans consider the purchase of parallel imports, escape tax, immoral. In fact,, Casio watch is the reason why the difference between mainstream and parallel imports and the poor, there are tax reasons, but this is not the main reason. Fundamental reason is that Japan’s Casio company sales to China strategy. The same products, distribution channels through its authorized price is not the same. Casio watches will be sold in China priced significantly higher than other regions. A convincing example is the male form G-shock, mountaineering series price disparity. Get licensed in Hong Kong compared with the mainland licensed, the difference basically more than doubled. The Baby-G series, pricing differences, but small. Minded friends can get online and mainstream parallel price comparison of what you will find, G-shock,, mountain range parallel price is generally less than 1/2 licensed; while the price Baby-G but little difference. Reverse thinking, if it is because of tax reasons lead to price differences, so the magnitude of the difference should be the same. National will not G-shock and Baby-G were developed tax, right? I do not want to put this marketing strategy and behavior defined as China "discrimination", but at least, we buy parallel imports, can cause Casio adjust its pricing strategy. So that more friends have Casio, make more friends spend less money wasted. This is a moral problem does not exist, why everyone on the table to Hong Kong to buy a soft spot, while the buy parallel scoff it? There is no difference between, if there is really nothing more than someone to help you buy from Hong Kong, to profit from it. Fourth,, maintenance as well as friends not to buy parallel imports, in fact, not so much concern is a: licensed warranty. That is not true, however, Casio reason beloved, its excellent quality is one of the main reasons. Many people are wearing a casio digital watches enough decade. Do not worry there will be quality problems within a year. However, nothing had absolute. In case, order form within a year of bad how to do? Solve There are two: 1. find the seller repair, the seller has to buy channels, there is warranty channels. Hong Kong to get the repair or Shenzhen. Because Hong Kong Bank is not without warranty repair is going to Hong Kong. By the same token, you have to buy in Hong Kong, Hong Kong repair table. Nobody worried about how to buy in Hong Kong within a year table broken it? 2. buy a new one cheaper than two tables. If you are within a year, buy two tables are broken, theoretical calculations based on reliability, which is impossible. Really happened, then I suggest you buy a lottery ticket! Fifth, later problems generally buy parallel imports are on the Internet, find reputable businesses, no problem. People will not lie to you once and lost credibility. Note that, be sure to ask him is mainstream or parallel imports. If he says the mainstream, certainly deceptive, find another seller; if, they say so is a parallel, it is honest and reliable.