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June 9th, 2015

Please polished glasses, the market sold 2 to 70 percent off of the CASIO watches, most of the

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; first of all,, there are many consumers believe that watch didn’t stay in the wild because its price is the emperor asked Rolex those low no people are so stupid to imitate do but now it seems this statement is not entirely correct first, be sure …Continue reading


Why Rolex watches Leather Watchband style rarely Buy

        to do automatic mechanical watches Rolex. Of course, he had a series of belt is designed to do, is called "Cellini" series, the series of table is basically manual chain, very thin, and the case is the 18 K gold. All watches Rolex / Rolex watch chain table to do automatic …Continue reading


The Rolex 16233 The table on the back of the upper right corner there is a R, the lower left

        the table on the back of the upper right corner there is a "R", the lower left corner with "18K" label. The surface of 12 and 3 no drill strap buckle there is "D12 STEBLHOX 62523N.18" mark excuse me? The price? Chinese English translation function is not supported in this version, …Continue reading