Swiss watch dial printed on the Made SL Swiss what does that mean Is

        brand name strategy is the Swiss watch winning magic weapon, Swiss watch brand quality stability, performance and features. The renowned international famous brand did not give up the "Swiss made" logo,
Omega replica, famous brand and the "Swiss made" signs of mutual support, fire brand strategy is the Swiss watch magic weapon, Swiss watch brand quality is stable, reliable performance and has its own characteristics. Those famous brands are not giving up the "Swiss made" logo, the brand name and "Swiss manufacturing" sign each other, providing the best quality guarantee for the consumer. In the Swiss watch industry, in addition to the brand, to watch manufacturers production has become important symbol: or is on the watch marked "Swiss made" (Swiss made, or is more accurate to geographical position description such as Geneva. The brand name attracts the attention of buyers, the origin is more persuasive, and can prevent the manufacturers of other countries imitation products. The Swiss watch is the world is one of the largest counterfeit products, of course, this is the price of success. Piracy in a variety of ways, Pirates of the brand, stolen watches, Pirates of the metal quality certificate mark, Pirates of the "Swiss made" or the origin of the word even steal some technical terms, such as precision clock and other words. The fake products cause serious damage to the Swiss watch industry, which not only reduces the income, but also has a negative effect on the whole brand.. Not surprisingly, the entire Swiss watch industry has worked hard to protect its value and consumer confidence throughout the Swiss watch industry as a struggle to do so.. Protection of Swiss manufacturing logo,
Cartier watches, and anti – risk persons to fight is one of the main tasks of Swiss watch and Clock Association. The struggle required the use of national laws and international agreements to perform, including Switzerland and several European countries to reach bilateral agreement and the World Intellectual Property Organization and the WTO to develop multilateral agreements, trip protocol. The Swiss legislature is to lead by example, through legal weapons to exercise responsibility to protect, in August 1992 28 newly formulated "trademark and origin area indication protection law" strengthen the efforts of civil and criminal penalties. The Swiss Customs on the import and export of goods in transit and implement stricter regulation. How to make "Swiss" (Made), this is a very interesting and controversial topic. The Swiss made in Switzerland made in Switzerland or made Swiss, the name (Swiss or Swiss), which is not only a trademark of the manufacturer or seller of nationality. This sign (in legal terms should be "the origin mark") is a high reputation worldwide. For decades, "Swiss manufacturing" has been in the minds of people to establish a high quality image. It represents the trusted technical quality (accurate, reliable, waterproof, heat), and is beautiful (elegant and novel design) synonymous. It is the crystallization of the traditional technology and the modern technology.. Swiss law provides for the Swiss made a more detailed analysis. In the table class’ Swiss’ logo use regulations,, the detailed provisions of the Swiss made watch T